How many johnny english films are there

Johnny English is a beloved British spy character known for his comical mishaps and uncanny ability to save the day. Portrayed by the talented actor Rowan Atkinson, this iconic character captivated audiences from the very first film.

Released in 2003, “Johnny English” introduced us to this bumbling spy as he was reluctantly and hilariously thrust into the world of international espionage. The film was an instant hit, delighting viewers with its mix of slapstick comedy and witty dialogue.

Following the success of the first film, two more installments were released to further indulge fans in the adventures of Johnny English. In 2011, “Johnny English Reborn” hit the screens, once again gifting audiences with laugh-out-loud moments and memorable one-liners.

The most recent addition to the series is “Johnny English Strikes Again”, released in 2018. This film takes the humor and charm of its predecessors and adds a contemporary twist, as Johnny English finds himself navigating the modern world of technology and cybercrime.

Each Johnny English film brings a delightful mix of action, comedy, and a hefty dose of British charm. Whether you’re a fan of Atkinson’s comedic talent or simply enjoy a good spy romp, the Johnny English films are a must-watch for their entertainment value and light-hearted fun.

Johnny English Films

Johnny English is a British spy comedy film series starring Rowan Atkinson as the titular character, Johnny English. Created by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the series follows Johnny English, a clumsy and inept secret agent who is tasked with saving the world from dangerous threats. The films are known for their slapstick humor and parody of the spy genre.

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Johnny English (2003)

The first film in the series, Johnny English, was released in 2003. In this film, Johnny English is called out of retirement after a cyber attack reveals the identity of all active undercover agents in Britain. He must uncover the identity of the hacker and save the country from further attack.

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

The second film, Johnny English Reborn, was released in 2011. In this film, Johnny English comes out of hiding after a mission gone wrong to help prevent the assassination of the Chinese Premier. With the fate of the world in his hands, Johnny English must rely on his bumbling instincts to save the day.

These two films have been a hit with audiences, thanks to the comedic genius of Rowan Atkinson and the clever writing of Purvis and Wade. Fans of spy comedies will surely enjoy the adventures of Johnny English as he fumbles his way through dangerous missions to save the world.

Film Series

The “Johnny English” film series consists of several spy comedy movies. The main protagonist, Johnny English, is a bumbling British intelligence officer who becomes involved in unlikely, comical spy adventures.

1. “Johnny English” (2003)

Directed by Peter Howitt and starring Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English, this is the first film of the series. In this movie, Johnny English must save England from the evil plot of French philanthropist, Pascal Sauvage.

2. “Johnny English Reborn” (2011)

Directed by Oliver Parker, this is the second film of the series. In “Johnny English Reborn,” Johnny English is brought out of retirement to save the Chinese Premier from a plot against him.

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3. “Johnny English Strikes Again” (2018)

Directed by David Kerr, this is the third film of the series. In this movie, Johnny English is once again called back into action after a cyber-attack exposes all active undercover agents in Britain.

Note: As of now, there are three films in the “Johnny English” series. However, future additions to the series have not been announced.

Number of Films

As of now, there are three Johnny English films that have been released. The first film, titled “Johnny English”, was released in the year 2003. It introduced audiences to the hilarious yet bumbling British secret agent, Johnny English, portrayed by Rowan Atkinson.

The second installment, “Johnny English Reborn”, was released in 2011. In this film, Johnny English is called back into action to stop a group of international assassins. Just like the first film, “Johnny English Reborn” is filled with comical moments and slapstick humor.

The most recent film in the franchise is “Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn is the second movie in the Johnny English film series. It is a spy action comedy film that was released in 2011. The movie stars Rowan Atkinson as the main character, Johnny English, a clumsy and inept British secret agent.

In Johnny English Reborn, Johnny English is called out of retirement after a cyberattack reveals the identities of all British undercover agents. He is tasked with finding and stopping the mastermind behind the attack, as well as protecting the Chinese Premier.

The movie takes Johnny English on an adventure across London, Hong Kong, and the Swiss Alps. Along the way, he encounters various challenges and comedic situations, showcasing his unconventional and often hilarious spy techniques.

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Johnny English Reborn received mixed reviews from critics but was generally praised for its humor and Atkinson’s performance. It was a commercial success, grossing over $160 million worldwide.

If you enjoyed the first Johnny English film, you will definitely find Johnny English Reborn entertaining. It is a fun and lighthearted comedy that combines action and humor in a unique way. Overall, it is a worthy addition to the Johnny English film series.

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