How many stone is 85kg

An Overview

Converting between different measurement units can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the particular system used. If you live in a country that uses the metric system, you might not have a good understanding of the stone measurement unit and how it relates to kilograms. In this article, we will explore how many stone 85 kilograms is.

The Stone Measurement Unit

The stone is a traditional unit of weight primarily used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is equal to 14 pounds or approximately 6.35 kilograms. The stone measurement unit is still commonly used in these countries for measuring body weight.

Converting 85 Kilograms to Stone

To convert kilograms to stone, you need to divide the weight in kilograms by 6.35. So, in the case of 85 kilograms, the conversion is as follows:

85 kg = 85 / 6.35 stone

After performing the calculation, we find that 85 kilograms is approximately equal to 13.38 stone.


Now you know that 85 kilograms is equivalent to around 13.38 stones. Remember that the stone measurement unit is not commonly used in most countries, so it might be helpful to convert the weight into a more familiar unit for better understanding.

Understanding Stone Measurements

In the United Kingdom, stone is a common unit of measurement used to describe weight. It is particularly prevalent when discussing body weight. Understanding how stone is measured can help you convert between different measurement systems.

What is a Stone?

A stone is equal to 14 pounds or approximately 6.35 kilograms. This measurement unit is seldom used in countries other than the UK and Ireland. Interestingly, the stone is still widely used in various aspects of British life, such as estimating body weight and sometimes even pricing goods.

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Converting Kilograms to Stones

To convert kilograms to stone, divide the weight in kilograms by 6.35. For example, 85 kilograms would be equal to:

85 kilograms / 6.35 = 13.39 stones

This means that 85 kilograms would be approximately 13.39 stones.

It is important to note that while 85 kilograms is equal to roughly 187.4 pounds, it is more commonly referred to as 13 stones and 4 pounds in the UK.

Understanding how stone measurements work can be helpful when discussing weight in the UK. Knowing how to convert between kilograms and stones allows for easy understanding of weight comparisons in different measurement systems.

So, if you ever come across the question “How many stone is 85kg?” you can now confidently answer that it is approximately 13.39 stones.

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