Best putting drills for pace

Putting is often regarded as one of the most important aspects of a golfer’s game. While accuracy is crucial, the ability to control the pace of a putt is equally vital. Consistency in pace can greatly improve a golfer’s chances of sinking putts and lowering their scores. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or a seasoned player hoping to fine-tune your putting skills, incorporating these best putting drills for pace into your practice routine can make a significant difference.

One effective drill to develop a better feel for pace is the “Clock Drill.” Set up six tees in a circular pattern around the hole, with each tee representing a number on a clock face. Start from a particular tee and hit putts to the hole, trying to vary the distance each time. This drill helps train your muscles to control the speed of your putts and improve your distance judgement.

Another useful drill is the “Gate Drill.” Place two alignment sticks or tees about 1-2 feet apart in front of the hole. Then, take your putting stance and focus on rolling the ball through the gate without touching it. This drill helps improve your aim and encourages a consistent, smooth putting stroke. By mastering the ability to roll the ball through the gate, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to control the pace of your putts.

Best Putting Drills for Improving Pace Control

Pace control is a crucial skill in putting that can greatly affect the outcome of your round. It is essential to have the ability to judge the speed of the greens and consistently roll the ball the correct distance towards the hole. Here are some of the best putting drills to help you improve your pace control:

  • Line Drill: Set up a series of tee markers or alignment sticks in a straight line on the putting green. Start from a short distance and try to roll the ball along the line, focusing on keeping a consistent pace. Gradually increase the distance as you become more comfortable with the drill.
  • Gate Drill: Place two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, creating a “gate” just wider than the width of your putter. Set up a target hole a short distance away. Practice hitting putts through the gate, focusing on maintaining a smooth and consistent pace to avoid hitting the sticks.
  • Carpet Drill: Find a flat section of the putting green or use a piece of carpet. Set up a target hole at a certain distance and practice rolling putts towards it. Pay attention to the speed at which the ball reaches the hole and try to consistently get it to stop within a short distance past the hole.
  • Grid Drill: Set up a grid on the putting green using alignment sticks or string. Each square in the grid should be a certain distance apart. Practice hitting putts from different squares, focusing on rolling the ball with the correct pace to reach the target hole in each square.

Remember, practice is key when it comes to improving your pace control in putting. These drills can help you develop a consistent feel for distance and improve your ability to judge the speed of the greens. Experiment with different drills and incorporate them into your practice routine to see steady improvement in your putting game.

Putting Gate Drill

The Putting Gate Drill is an effective practice exercise that helps golfers improve their putting accuracy and distance control. This drill involves setting up two alignment rods or other objects to create a “gate” or narrow pathway for the ball to pass through toward the hole. The goal of the drill is to consistently roll the ball through the gate with the right pace.

To perform the Putting Gate Drill, start by placing two alignment rods or objects on the green, a few inches apart and perpendicular to the target line. The distance between the rods should be wide enough to allow the ball to pass through without hitting them. Choose a target hole on the green and position yourself a few feet away.

With a putter in hand, address the ball and take your normal putting stance. Focus on aligning the putter face with the target line and visualize the ball rolling through the gate toward the hole. Take a smooth stroke, aiming to roll the ball through the gate and toward the target hole. Pay close attention to the pace of your putt, as the goal is to have the ball end up near the hole with the right speed.

Repeating the Putting Gate Drill regularly can help golfers develop a smooth and consistent putting stroke, as well as improve their distance control. By practicing with a narrow target area, golfers can train their eyes to better align the club face and develop a feel for the right pace. This drill can be especially helpful for golfers who struggle with hitting putts too hard or too soft.

Pace Control and Consistency with the Clock Drill

Pace Control and Consistency with the Clock Drill

The Clock Drill is a popular putting drill that helps golfers improve their pace control and consistency on the greens. This drill simulates a clock face on the putting green, with different distances representing the hours on the clock.

To set up the drill, place tees or markers at each hour on the imaginary clock, starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise. Each tee should represent a different distance, ranging from short putts to longer lag putts.

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The goal of the Clock Drill is to putt the ball to each tee with the correct pace, aiming to stop the ball close to the markers. Start by putting from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock, focusing on hitting each putt with the appropriate amount of speed to reach the target. Gradually work your way around the clock, putting to the different distances and adjusting your stroke as necessary to achieve the desired pace.

This drill allows golfers to develop a better feel for distance and gain more control over their putts. It helps them learn to read the green, adjust for slope and grain, and make more confident stroke choices. By practicing the Clock Drill regularly, golfers can improve their ability to judge and control the pace of their putts, leading to more consistent performance on the greens.

Mirror Drill

The Mirror Drill is a great putting drill that can help golfers improve their pace and distance control on the green. This drill involves using a mirror or any reflective surface to monitor and assess the golfer’s putting stroke and alignment. By watching their reflection and comparing it to a desired stroke and alignment, golfers can make necessary adjustments to improve their putt.

To perform the Mirror Drill, a golfer can set up a mirror or reflective surface behind them while they practice their putting stroke. The golfer should position themselves so that they can see their reflection in the mirror, allowing them to observe their stroke and alignment. By watching their reflection, golfers can identify any flaws or inconsistencies in their stroke and make adjustments accordingly.

This drill is especially useful for improving pace and distance control on the green. Golfers can use the mirror to assess the length of their backswing and follow-through, ensuring that they are consistently hitting the ball with the right amount of force. By practicing the Mirror Drill regularly, golfers can develop a better feel for their stroke and improve their ability to judge distances on the green.

The Mirror Drill can be a valuable tool for golfers who want to improve their putting skills and become more confident on the green. By using a mirror or reflective surface to monitor their stroke and alignment, golfers can identify and correct any flaws or inconsistencies in their putting technique. With regular practice, this drill can help golfers develop better pace and distance control, leading to more accurate and successful putts on the green.

10-Foot Circle Drill

The 10-Foot Circle Drill is a popular putting drill that helps golfers improve their pace control. In this drill, the golfer sets up a circle with a 10-foot radius around the hole and tries to putt the ball to different points on the circle. The objective is to consistently get the ball to stop within a specific distance from the hole, which helps to develop a better feel for distance and improve overall putting performance.

To practice the 10-Foot Circle Drill, golfers can start by placing a set of cones or markers around the hole to form a perfect circle with a 10-foot radius. They can then practice putting from different distances and angles to various points on the circle. The goal is to putt the ball so that it stops within a designated distance, such as 1 or 2 feet, from the hole. This drill can be done alone or with a partner, and it can be adjusted to different skill levels by increasing or decreasing the target distance.

This drill is particularly effective for improving pace control because it forces golfers to focus on speed and distance rather than just aiming for the hole. By practicing putting to specific points on the circle, golfers can develop a better sense of how hard they need to hit the ball to reach certain distances. This translates to improved pace control on the course, where accurate distance control can make a significant difference in putting performance.

In summary, the 10-Foot Circle Drill is a valuable putting drill for improving pace control. By placing markers around the hole and practicing putting to specific points on the circle, golfers can develop a better feel for distance and improve their overall putting performance. This drill can be adjusted to different skill levels and is an effective way to focus on speed and distance rather than just aiming for the hole.

Uphill/Downhill Drill

One of the best putting drills for improving pace control is the Uphill/Downhill Drill. This drill focuses on practicing the ability to judge the speed and break of putts on uphill and downhill slopes. It is essential for golfers to be able to adjust their stroke and read the greens accurately, especially when dealing with different elevations.

To set up the Uphill/Downhill Drill, find a putting green with a slope that allows for uphill and downhill putts. Place several tees or markers at different distances around the slope, creating a variety of uphill and downhill putts. Start with shorter distances and gradually increase the length of the putts as you become more comfortable with the drill.

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When practicing uphill putts, focus on striking the ball with enough force to reach the target but not too much that it rolls too far past. Maintain a smooth and controlled stroke, keeping in mind that the ball will slow down as it moves uphill. Pay attention to the break of the putt and adjust your aim accordingly.

When practicing downhill putts, it is crucial to be gentle with your stroke. The ball will naturally pick up speed as it moves downhill, so be careful not to hit it too hard. Focus on maintaining the same rhythm and tempo as with uphill putts, and take into account the break of the putt when lining up your shot.

The Uphill/Downhill Drill will help you develop a better feel for different putt speeds and slopes. By practicing these challenging situations, you will become more confident in judging the right amount of force and aim needed to make successful putts on uphill and downhill slopes.

5 Best putting drills for pace

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Question and answer:

What is an Uphill/Downhill Drill?

An Uphill/Downhill Drill is a training exercise that involves running or cycling uphill and downhill to improve endurance, strength, and speed.

What are the benefits of Uphill/Downhill Drills?

Uphill/Downhill Drills help to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase leg strength, build muscle endurance, enhance agility and coordination, and improve overall running or cycling performance.

How do Uphill/Downhill Drills improve endurance?

Uphill/Downhill Drills challenge the cardiovascular system by making it work harder to provide the muscles with oxygen and fuel. This, in turn, increases the endurance capacity of the body.

Can Uphill/Downhill Drills help with weight loss?

Yes, Uphill/Downhill Drills can aid in weight loss as they burn a high amount of calories due to the increased effort required to run or cycle uphill. Additionally, these drills help to tone and strengthen the muscles, which can lead to improved body composition.

Are Uphill/Downhill Drills suitable for beginners?

While Uphill/Downhill Drills can be intense, they can be adapted to suit different fitness levels. Beginners may start with gentle inclines and shorter durations, gradually increasing the difficulty and intensity as their fitness improves.

What is an Uphill/Downhill Drill?

An Uphill/Downhill Drill is a training exercise commonly used in sports such as running, cycling, or skiing. It involves running or cycling up a steep incline (uphill) or descending down a steep decline (downhill) repeatedly to improve cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, and overall endurance.


In conclusion, the uphill/downhill drill is an effective training method for athletes looking to improve their agility, speed, and endurance. This drill simulates the challenges of running on uneven terrain and helps athletes develop the necessary strength and balance to navigate uphill and downhill sections. By incorporating this drill into their training routine, athletes can improve their overall performance and enhance their ability to handle different running conditions. Whether training for a cross-country race, trail running, or any other sport that involves running on varied terrains, the uphill/downhill drill is a valuable addition to any athlete’s training regimen.

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