Best putting drills for speed control

Speed control is a key factor in becoming a successful putter. Being able to control the speed of your putts will help you avoid three-putts and give you a better chance of sinking those crucial birdie putts. To improve your speed control, it is important to practice with purpose and incorporate drills into your training routine.

One of the best drills for speed control is the ladder drill. To perform this drill, set up a series of tees at varying distances from the hole, forming a ladder shape. Start with a putt from the shortest distance and work your way up the ladder, taking one stroke from each tee. The goal is to get each putt to finish at or near the hole, without going past it. This drill will help you develop a feel for different putt distances and train your touch.

Another effective drill is the clock drill. Set up four tees around the hole, representing the 3, 6, 9, and 12 positions on a clock. Start with a putt from one tee, then move to the next in a clockwise direction. The goal is to get each putt to finish at the hole, without going past it. This drill will help you work on your speed control from different angles and distances, simulating the varying putts you may face on the course.

Lastly, practicing distance control drills can also help improve your speed control. Set up a series of tees at different distances from the hole and try to land your putts within a specific target zone. This can be a circle around the hole or a specific distance past the hole. By focusing on hitting specific targets, you will develop a better feel for distance and be able to better gauge the speed of your putts.

By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you can improve your speed control and become a more consistent putter. Remember to focus on your technique and maintain a smooth stroke while performing these drills. With time and dedication, your speed control on the greens will greatly improve, leading to lower scores and more successful rounds.

Why speed control is crucial in putting

Speed control is a critical aspect of putting in golf. It refers to the ability of a golfer to regulate the pace at which they strike the ball with their putter. Proper speed control is crucial because it directly affects the distance the ball travels and ultimately determines if the ball will reach the desired target.

One reason why speed control is so important in putting is because it allows golfers to better judge the break and slope of the putting green. By hitting the ball with the appropriate speed, golfers can accurately predict how the ball will react to the contours of the green. This enables them to make strategic decisions on the line and amount of break required to sink the putt.

Additionally, speed control helps prevent three-putts, which is when a golfer needs three strokes to successfully hole out on the green. By having good speed control, golfers can avoid hitting the ball too hard and having it roll past the hole, as well as prevent hitting the ball too softly, causing it to fall short of the target. This reduces the likelihood of needing an additional stroke to finish the hole.

Overall, speed control is a crucial skill for golfers to master in order to succeed in putting. It allows golfers to accurately judge the contours of the green, make strategic decisions on line and break, and minimize the risk of three-putting. Practice drills that focus on speed control can help golfers improve their putting accuracy and enhance their overall performance on the green.

Importance of practicing putting drills

Putting is considered one of the most crucial aspects of golf. Having good speed control during putting can significantly improve a golfer’s overall game. It is essential to regularly practice putting drills to develop this skill and achieve better results on the green.

Putting drills help golfers improve their ability to judge the speed of the ball and make more precise putts. By practicing these drills, golfers can develop a better feel for the greens and learn how to read slopes and breaks effectively. This, in turn, can help them adjust their stroke and alignment to ensure a smoother and more accurate putt.

Consistency is key when it comes to putting, and practicing drills can help golfers achieve a more consistent stroke. Through repetition and focused training, golfers can hone their muscle memory and develop a repeatable stroke that consistently produces the desired results. Additionally, practicing drills allows golfers to identify and correct any flaws or inconsistencies in their technique, helping them develop a more reliable and confident putting stroke.

Overall, putting drills are vital for improving speed control and achieving better results on the greens. By regularly practicing these drills, golfers can develop a more precise and consistent putting stroke, enhancing their overall game and ultimately lowering their scores.

Benefits of putting drills for speed control

Putting drills for speed control are an essential part of improving your putting skills. These drills help you develop the ability to accurately judge the speed of the greens, which is crucial for sinking putts. By practicing these drills, you can improve your feel for the speed of the greens and make more consistent putts.

One of the benefits of putting drills for speed control is that they can help you become more confident on the greens. By regularly practicing these drills, you can develop a better understanding of how to adjust your stroke to match the speed of the greens. This confidence can translate into more successful putts and lower scores on the golf course.

Another benefit of putting drills for speed control is that they can help you improve your distance control. By practicing these drills, you can learn to control the distance of your putts more effectively. This skill is especially important when faced with long putts or tricky downhill putts, where speed control is crucial to avoid leaving yourself with a difficult second putt.

In addition, putting drills for speed control can also help you improve your overall putting technique. By focusing on the speed of your putts, you can develop a smoother and more consistent stroke. This can lead to more accurate and controlled putts, resulting in fewer three-putts and lower scores.

Overall, incorporating putting drills for speed control into your practice routine can have numerous benefits for your putting performance. These drills can improve your feel for the speed of the greens, make you more confident on the greens, improve your distance control, and enhance your overall putting technique. By dedicating time to these drills, you can take your putting skills to the next level and become a more consistent and successful putter.

Choosing the right putting drills

Improving speed control is one of the most important aspects of putting in golf. To achieve this, golfers often use a variety of putting drills that focus on developing a consistent stroke and touch. However, it is essential to choose the right putting drills that specifically target speed control to maximize improvement and enhance performance on the greens.

One effective putting drill for speed control is the ladder drill. This drill involves placing four or five balls at different distances around the hole, creating a ladder-like pattern. The goal is to stroke each ball with the same speed, so they all finish in the same spot. This drill helps golfers develop the ability to control the distance and roll of their putts, promoting better speed control and accuracy.

Another useful putting drill is the clock drill. In this drill, golfers set up twelve balls around the hole at different distances, just like the numbers on a clock face. Starting from 12 o’clock, golfers putt each ball in order to different targets. The emphasis is on maintaining consistent speed and distance control throughout the drill. This drill can be adjusted to focus on shorter or longer putts, allowing golfers to work on specific areas of their speed control game.

Choosing the right putting drills for speed control is crucial in a golfer’s training regime. By selecting drills that target consistent stroke and touch, such as the ladder drill and the clock drill, golfers can improve their ability to control the speed and distance of their putts, ultimately enhancing their overall performance on the greens.

Considerations for selecting putting drills

When it comes to improving your speed control in putting, selecting the right drills can make a significant difference in your progress. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing which putting drills to incorporate into your practice routine.

Variety of distances

Variety of distances

One important factor to consider is including putting drills that cover a range of distances. This will help you develop a better sense of how much force to apply to the ball based on the distance to the hole. Start with shorter putts to focus on accuracy, then gradually increase the distance to work on your speed control. By practicing a variety of distances, you will be better prepared for different situations on the course.

Varying green slopes

Putting drills that involve different green slopes are also essential for improving speed control. Ideally, you should practice on greens with slopes ranging from uphill to downhill and from left to right or right to left. This will help you develop your feel for adjusting your speed based on the slope. Working on different green slopes will enable you to make more accurate judgments and adjust your putting stroke accordingly.

Incorporating target practice

Another consideration is including putting drills that focus on target practice. This can be done by setting up targets or using alignment guides to improve your aim and precision. By incorporating target practice, you will develop better control over your speed as you strive to hit your desired target consistently. It is also a great way to simulate the pressure of real-game situations and improve your ability to handle them effectively.

In summary, when selecting putting drills for speed control, it is important to choose exercises that cover a variety of distances, include varying green slopes, and incorporate target practice. By incorporating these considerations into your practice routine, you will enhance your ability to control the speed of your putts and, ultimately, improve your overall putting performance on the golf course.

5 Best putting drills for speed control

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Question and answer:

What are some considerations for selecting putting drills?

When selecting putting drills, it is important to consider your current putting skill level, the specific aspects of your putting that need improvement, the time and resources available for practice, and the type of drills that align with your preferred learning style.

How can I determine my current putting skill level?

To determine your current putting skill level, you can assess your overall consistency, accuracy, and distance control on the putting green. You can also track your putting statistics during practice rounds or when playing with others to get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

What aspects of putting should I focus on for improvement?

The aspects of putting that you should focus on for improvement can vary depending on your individual needs, but some common areas to address include alignment, setup and stance, stroke mechanics, green reading, speed control, and maintaining a consistent tempo.

Are there specific putting drills for different skill levels?

Yes, there are putting drills designed for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced golfers. Beginners may benefit from simple drills that focus on basic fundamentals, while intermediate and advanced players may benefit from more complex drills that challenge their skill and creativity.

How often should I practice putting drills?

The frequency of practice for putting drills can vary depending on your schedule and goals. Ideally, it is recommended to practice putting drills at least a few times a week to maintain consistency and make progress. However, even practicing for a few minutes daily can be beneficial.

What are some considerations for selecting putting drills?

When selecting putting drills, it is important to consider the specific areas of your putting game that need improvement. This can include accuracy, distance control, reading greens, and putting under pressure. Additionally, you should consider the available space and resources you have for practicing, as well as your personal preferences and learning style. It is also helpful to consult with a golf instructor or coach to get recommendations on drills that are best suited for your individual needs.


In conclusion, selecting the right putting drills can greatly improve one’s golf game. It is important to consider the specific areas of weakness and address them with targeted drills. The type of drill should also be tailored to the individual’s skill level and goals. Furthermore, consistency and repetition are key to mastering putting. By consistently practicing drills that focus on alignment, speed control, and pressure situations, golfers can develop a reliable and effective putting technique. Putting drills should be viewed as an essential part of any golfer’s practice routine, and by incorporating them regularly, one can see significant improvements on the green.

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