Best pre season football drills

Pre season is a crucial time for football players and teams to prepare for the upcoming season. It is a time to build strength, improve skills, and enhance teamwork. To make the most out of this period, it is important to incorporate effective and dynamic drills into the training routine. These drills not only help players develop their physical abilities, but also improve their technical skills, tactical awareness, and mental resilience.

One of the best pre season football drills is the agility ladder drill. This drill focuses on enhancing players’ speed, agility, and coordination. It involves a series of ladder-like steps that players must navigate as quickly as possible, using precise footwork and fast movements. The agility ladder drill not only improves players’ ability to change direction and accelerate quickly, but also enhances their overall body control and balance.

In addition to agility, strength and power are crucial elements in football. The medicine ball slam is an excellent drill for developing explosive power and core strength. In this drill, players generate power by lifting a medicine ball overhead and then forcefully slamming it into the ground. This exercise targets multiple muscle groups, including the shoulders, core, and legs, and helps transfer power from the lower body to the upper body, which is essential for activities such as shooting and tackling in football.

Another important aspect of pre season training is team bonding and communication. The small-sided game is an ideal drill for fostering teamwork and improving players’ understanding of each other’s movements on the field. In this drill, players are divided into two teams and compete in a smaller field with fewer players. This encourages more touches on the ball, faster decision-making, and increased communication among teammates. By participating in small-sided games, players can work on their passing, dribbling, and shooting skills, while also developing a strong sense of unity and camaraderie.

Overall, incorporating these best pre season football drills into the training routine can greatly benefit players and teams. They help improve players’ physical attributes, technical skills, and tactical awareness, while also enhancing teamwork and communication. By dedicating time and effort to these drills, players can better prepare themselves for the challenges of the upcoming season and maximize their performance on the football field.

The Most Effective Pre-Season Football Drills Every Team Should Incorporate

Pre-season is a crucial time for football teams to prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming season. To ensure players are ready to perform at their best, coaches must incorporate a variety of effective drills into their training sessions. These drills focus on improving players’ speed, agility, strength, and teamwork. Here are some of the best pre-season football drills that every team should consider:

1. Cone Drills for Speed and Agility

Cone drills are a great way to improve players’ speed, agility, and quickness on the field. Set up a series of cones in different patterns and have players sprint, change direction, and react quickly to the changes. These drills help players develop their footwork, acceleration, and change of direction skills, which are essential for success in football.

2. Sled Pushes and Pulls for Strength and Power

Sled pushes and pulls are excellent exercises to develop players’ lower body strength and power. Attach a weighted sled to a harness worn by the players and have them push or pull the sled across a specified distance. This drill targets the muscles used for explosive movements on the field, such as acceleration, tackling, and blocking. It helps players build overall strength and power in their legs, hips, and core.

3. Team Scrimmages for Game-Like Situations

Team scrimmages are essential for simulating game-like situations and preparing players for real match conditions. Divide the team into two or more squads and have them compete against each other in a controlled scrimmage. This drill allows players to work on their teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills. It also helps them understand their positions and develop their game strategies.

4. Circuit Training for Endurance and Stamina

Circuit training involves a series of exercises performed one after another with minimal rest in between. It is an effective way to improve players’ endurance, stamina, and overall cardiovascular fitness. Design a circuit that targets different muscle groups and includes exercises such as burpees, push-ups, jumping jacks, and sprints. This drill helps players build the physical fitness required to sustain their performance throughout the entire game.

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By incorporating these best pre-season football drills into their training program, coaches can ensure that their players are prepared physically and mentally for the challenges of the upcoming season. These drills help improve players’ speed, agility, strength, endurance, and teamwork, ultimately enhancing their performance on the field.

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Dynamic Warm-Up Drills

Dynamic warm-up drills are an essential part of pre-season football training. These drills involve moving the body through a series of dynamic stretches and exercises that help to increase blood flow, raise the heart rate, and prepare the muscles for the intense physical activity that follows. Here are some effective dynamic warm-up drills that every football player should incorporate into their pre-season training routine:

1. High Knees

High knees are a great way to warm up the lower body and increase flexibility in the hips and knees. To perform this drill, start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Lift one knee up towards your chest as high as you can while driving your opposite arm forward. Alternate legs in a jogging motion, lifting the knees as high as you can with each step. This drill helps to engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

2. Butt Kicks

2. Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are another dynamic warm-up drill that targets the major muscles of the lower body. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by your sides. Kick your heels up towards your glutes while maintaining an upright posture. Focus on keeping a quick pace and landing softly on the balls of your feet. This drill helps to stretch the quadriceps and activate the hamstrings.

3. Lateral Shuffles

Lateral shuffles help to warm up the muscles of the lower body and improve lateral movement and agility. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Shift your weight to one side and take a step to the side with your lead foot, followed by your trailing foot. Continue moving laterally by alternating your lead foot with each step. This drill helps to engage the glutes, hip abductors, and quadriceps.

4. Skipping

Skipping is a fun and effective warm-up drill that targets the lower body and improves coordination and balance. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Lift one knee up towards your chest while simultaneously hopping off the other foot. Land softly and repeat the motion with the opposite leg. This drill helps to engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and the core.

Incorporating dynamic warm-up drills into your pre-season football training routine can help to prevent injuries, improve performance, and enhance flexibility and mobility. It is important to perform these drills properly, with good form and control, and gradually increase the intensity as your muscles warm up. Remember to listen to your body and adjust the drills as needed to suit your individual needs and abilities.

Speed and Agility Drills

Speed and agility are essential for football players during pre-season training. These drills help improve players’ quickness, reaction time, and change of direction abilities on the field.

1. Cone Drills: Cone drills are a popular choice for improving speed and agility. Set up a series of cones in different formations and have players sprint, backpedal, shuffle, or make quick cuts around them. This helps improve their speed, footwork, and ability to change direction rapidly.

2. Ladder Drills: Ladder drills involve using a speed ladder to perform quick footwork exercises. Players step in and out of the ladder, perform lateral shuffles, or hop through it. These drills enhance coordination, agility, and foot speed.

3. Shuttle Runs: Shuttle runs require players to sprint back and forth between two points. This drill helps develop acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction abilities. It also improves players’ speed endurance and mental toughness.

4. Reaction Drills: Reaction drills focus on improving players’ reaction time and quick decision-making skills. These drills involve a coach shouting commands or using visual cues, and players have to react accordingly by sprinting, changing direction, or performing specific movements.

5. Mirror Drills: Mirror drills are partner drills where one player leads while the other player mirrors their movements. The leader tries to evade and change direction quickly, while the follower tries to match their movements. This drill improves agility, coordination, and reaction time.

By incorporating these speed and agility drills into pre-season training, football players can enhance their overall performance on the field and gain a competitive edge over their opponents.

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Plyometric Training

Plyometric training, also known as jump training, is a form of exercise that focuses on developing explosiveness and power in athletes. It involves quick, powerful movements that stretch and then rapidly contract muscles, using the body’s natural elasticity to produce force. Plyometric drills are popular in pre-season football training as they help improve speed, agility, and jumping ability on the field.

There are several plyometric exercises that football players can incorporate into their pre-season training regimen. One common drill is the box jump, which involves jumping onto an elevated platform and then immediately jumping off. This exercise helps improve lower body strength and explosiveness, which are crucial for jumping and changing direction quickly on the football field.

Another effective plyometric exercise for football players is the lateral bound. This exercise involves jumping to the side, as far as possible, from one leg to the other. The lateral bound helps improve lateral quickness, which is essential for evading defenders and maintaining agility on the football field.

In addition to these exercises, plyometric training can also include exercises such as depth jumps, tuck jumps, and hurdle hops. These exercises challenge the athlete’s muscles to contract quickly and powerfully, helping to improve their overall explosive power and athleticism.

When incorporating plyometric training into a pre-season football program, it is important to start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced exercises. It is also essential to warm up properly and stretch before performing plyometric drills, as they put a significant amount of stress on the muscles and joints. By incorporating plyometric training into their pre-season routine, football players can enhance their speed, power, and agility, ultimately improving their performance on the field.

5 Best pre season football drills

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Question and answer:

What is plyometric training?

Plyometric training, also known as jump training, is a type of exercise that involves explosive movements to increase muscle power and strength. It involves rapid stretching and contracting of muscles, aiming to improve athletic performance.

What are the benefits of plyometric training?

Plyometric training can provide several benefits including improved power, speed, and agility. It can also enhance neuromuscular coordination, increase bone density, and help prevent injuries by strengthening muscles and connective tissues.

Who can benefit from plyometric training?

Plyometric training can benefit a wide range of athletes and individuals looking to improve their athletic performance. It can be particularly effective for sports requiring explosive movements such as basketball, football, and sprinting. However, it is important to properly assess individual fitness levels and gradually progress the intensity of plyometric exercises to avoid injuries.

What are some common plyometric exercises?

Some common plyometric exercises include box jumps, depth jumps, plyometric push-ups, medicine ball throws, and squat jumps. These exercises involve jumping, bounding, and explosive movements that engage various muscle groups.


In conclusion, plyometric training is a valuable tool for athletes and individuals looking to improve their explosive power, speed, and strength. It involves dynamic movements that engage the muscles and connective tissues in a way that traditional training methods cannot. The benefits of plyometric training include improved athletic performance, increased muscular power, enhanced agility, and reduced risk of injury. However, it is crucial to approach plyometric training with caution, as improper form, excessive volume, or inadequate rest can lead to injuries. It is recommended to consult with a qualified trainer or coach to develop a safe and effective plyometric training program that addresses individual needs and goals. By incorporating plyometric exercises into their training routine, individuals can reap the numerous benefits and take their performance to the next level.

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