Discover the Various New Ways to Use the Wrench in Granny

Granny is a popular horror game where players are trapped in a creepy house and must find a way to escape before being caught by Granny, the main antagonist. In this thrilling game, one of the key items players can use is the wrench. Originally, the wrench was used to remove bolts and open certain doors, but over time, players have discovered new and creative ways to utilize this versatile tool.

One of the new uses for the wrench is as a distraction. Players have realized that throwing the wrench in a different direction can divert Granny’s attention, allowing them to make a quick escape to another area of the house. This strategy requires careful timing and precision, as players must calculate Granny’s movement patterns and predict where she will go after hearing the sound of the wrench hitting the ground.

Another clever way players have found to use the wrench is as a weapon. By swinging the wrench at Granny, players can stun her for a brief moment, buying them time to search for necessary items or complete critical objectives. This tactic requires quick reflexes and accurate aim, as players must strike Granny at just the right moment to render her temporarily immobile.

Furthermore, the wrench can also be used to interact with certain objects in the game. For example, players can use the wrench to unscrew vents, revealing hidden passageways or valuable items. The wrench can also be used to pry open locked cabinets or crates, allowing players to access useful tools or escape routes. This adds an element of exploration and problem-solving to the game, as players must carefully examine their surroundings and experiment with different interactions using the wrench.

In conclusion, the wrench in Granny is much more than just a simple tool to loosen bolts. With its versatile functionality, it has become an essential item for players to strategize, distract, defend, and explore. Whether it’s throwing it to divert Granny’s attention, using it as a temporary weapon, or interacting with various objects, players continue to discover new and innovative ways to make the most of this trusty tool in their quest for survival in the haunting world of Granny.

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The Basics of Granny Game

The Basics of Granny Game

In the Granny game, the player takes on the role of a character who is trapped inside a haunted house with an insane Granny. The goal is to escape the house within five days while avoiding Granny’s relentless pursuit. Here are some key points to know about the basics of the game:

1. Gameplay

1. Gameplay

  • The player is initially placed in a room inside the house and must explore their surroundings to find useful items and clues.
  • The player can move around the house by using directional controls.
  • Granny moves around the house, listening for any noises the player makes.
  • If Granny hears the player, she will chase after them and try to catch them.
  • The player can hide inside furniture or under beds to escape Granny’s sight.
  • Various puzzles and obstacles must be overcome in order to progress and find an escape route.
  • The player has five days to escape the house.

2. Items and Interactions

The house is filled with various items that the player can interact with. Some important items include:

  • Keys: Keys are used to unlock locked doors and access new areas of the house.
  • Hammer: The player can use a hammer to break objects and open up new paths.
  • Bear Traps: Bear traps can be used to trap Granny temporarily, giving the player a chance to escape.
  • Weapons: The player can find weapons like a shotgun or crossbow to defend themselves against Granny.

3. Difficulty Levels

The Granny game offers different difficulty levels to cater to players of varying skill levels:

  • Easy: Recommended for beginners, Granny moves slower and the player has more starting items.
  • Normal: The default difficulty level with balanced gameplay.
  • Hard: Granny moves faster and the player has fewer starting items.
  • Extreme: An even more challenging difficulty level, with Granny moving extremely fast and minimal starting items.

4. Endings

There are multiple endings in the Granny game, depending on the player’s actions and choices made throughout the gameplay:

  • Normal Ending: The player successfully escapes the house within the five days.
  • Alternative Endings: There are various alternative endings that can be achieved by completing certain objectives or making specific choices.
  • Bad Ending: If the player fails to escape within the five days, Granny catches them and the game ends.

5. Updates and Additional Content

5. Updates and Additional Content

The Granny game has seen several updates since its release, introducing new rooms, items, and gameplay mechanics. The developers continue to add new content to enhance the game’s replay value and keep players engaged.

Now that you have an understanding of the basics of Granny game, you can start exploring the haunted house and try to outwit Granny to make your escape!

Unlocking New Wrench Abilities

The wrench is a versatile tool in Granny that can be used for a variety of tasks. In addition to its basic function of opening locked doors, there are several new abilities that players can unlock to make the most of the wrench’s potential. Here are some of the new wrench abilities in Granny:

1. Breaking Glass

The wrench can now be used to break glass windows and other breakable objects. This can be useful for creating new escape routes or accessing hidden areas. To break glass with the wrench, simply swing it at the window or object with enough force.

2. Disabling Traps

Many traps in Granny can be disarmed using the wrench. By carefully using the wrench to disable traps, players can move around more freely without fear of triggering them. This is especially useful when trying to navigate through dangerous areas or when attempting to collect hidden items.

3. Repairing Broken Objects

In some instances, the wrench can be used to repair broken objects, such as broken pipes or electrical circuits. By using the wrench to fix these objects, players can restore functionality to certain areas of the game and access new pathways or items.

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4. Manipulating Objects

The wrench can also be used to manipulate objects in the game world. For example, players can use the wrench to reach and retrieve items that are out of reach or to move obstacles blocking their path. This allows for creative problem-solving and can help players progress in the game.

5. Crafting New Items

5. Crafting New Items

By combining the wrench with other items, players can craft new tools or weapons to use against Granny and other enemies. This adds an additional layer of gameplay and strategy, as players must collect the necessary items and experiment with different combinations to create new and powerful tools.

Overall, the wrench in Granny is not just a simple tool for unlocking doors. With its new abilities, it becomes a valuable asset that players can use to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and outsmart their enemies. Experimenting with these abilities and finding new ways to use the wrench can greatly enhance the gameplay experience in Granny.

Exploring the Toolbox

In the game Granny, the wrench is a versatile tool that can be used to open various types of containers and unlock new areas. With the wrench in your hands, you hold the power to uncover hidden secrets and find the key to your escape.

Opening Locked Doors

One of the main uses of the wrench is to open locked doors. Many doors in Granny’s house are locked, preventing you from exploring certain areas. By using the wrench, you can unlock these doors and gain access to new rooms and corridors.

Unlocking Hidden Compartments

The wrench can also be used to unlock hidden compartments within furniture and other objects. These compartments may contain crucial items, such as keys or tools, that are necessary for your escape. Make sure to thoroughly examine each object and use the wrench to unlock any hidden compartments.

Disabling Traps

Granny is known for setting up traps to catch you off guard. The wrench can help you disable these traps and make your way through the house safely. Whether it’s disarming a bear trap or loosening a rope, the wrench is a valuable tool for staying one step ahead of Granny.

Revealing Secret Passageways

The wrench can also be used to reveal secret passageways and hidden routes throughout Granny’s house. By carefully inspecting the environment and using the wrench on suspicious objects, you may discover hidden doors, panels, or switches that can lead you to freedom.


The wrench is a crucial tool in Granny that allows you to explore new areas, unlock hidden compartments, disable traps, and reveal secret passageways. By utilizing the wrench effectively, you can increase your chances of escaping Granny’s clutches and completing the game.

Finding Hidden Wrench Upgrades

Granny is a popular horror game where players must find a way to escape from a house without being caught by an evil old lady. One of the key items players can use to their advantage is the wrench. While it is primarily used to unscrew various bolts and open doors, there are also hidden upgrades for the wrench that can help players solve puzzles and escape more easily.

1. Check Hidden Cabinets and Drawers

Throughout the house, there are numerous hidden cabinets and drawers that may contain wrench upgrades. These upgrades can range from improved durability to special attachments that allow you to interact with certain objects in the game. Make sure to thoroughly search each room and interact with any object that looks suspicious to find these hidden upgrades.

2. Solve Puzzles to Unlock Upgrades

In Granny, there are several puzzles that players must solve to progress further in the game. These puzzles often require the use of multiple items, including the wrench. By successfully solving these puzzles, players can unlock hidden upgrades for the wrench. These upgrades can provide additional abilities, such as the ability to break through certain barriers or disable security systems.

3. Explore Secret Passages

The house in Granny is filled with secret passages and hidden rooms that players can discover. These secret areas may contain hidden upgrades for the wrench. Search for bookshelves that can be moved, hidden switches, or loose bricks that can be removed to reveal these secret passages. Once inside, thoroughly explore these areas to find any hidden wrench upgrades.

4. Complete Achievements

Granny has a system of achievements that players can complete for various rewards. Some of these achievements are related to finding hidden wrench upgrades. By completing certain tasks or objectives in the game, players can unlock these upgrades. Make sure to check the list of achievements and focus on those that are related to the wrench to find these hidden upgrades.

5. Use the Wrench on Unusual Objects

As mentioned before, the wrench is primarily used to unscrew bolts and open doors. However, there may be unusual objects scattered throughout the house that can also be interacted with using the wrench. These objects may contain hidden wrench upgrades or provide clues to finding them. Try using the wrench on any object that seems out of place or doesn’t fit the typical use for a wrench.

By following these tips, players can discover hidden upgrades for the wrench in Granny. These upgrades can provide additional abilities and make the game easier to navigate. Remember to thoroughly explore the house, solve puzzles, and interact with objects to find these hidden upgrades.

Using the Wrench for Defense

The wrench in the game Granny can be a useful tool for defense against Granny and other enemies. Here are some ways you can use the wrench for defense:

1. Melee Attacks

The wrench is a powerful melee weapon that can be used to attack Granny and other enemies. By getting close to them, you can swing the wrench and strike them, causing damage and temporarily stunning them. This can be a great way to buy yourself some time or even incapacitate them momentarily.

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2. Distraction

Another way to use the wrench for defense is by throwing it as a distraction. You can throw the wrench in a direction away from you to divert the attention of Granny or other enemies. This can be particularly useful if you need to make a quick escape or if you want to lead them away from an area you need to access.

3. Blocking Doors

3. Blocking Doors

The wrench can also be used to block doors and prevent enemies from entering a room. By placing the wrench in between the door and the door frame, you can jam it and make it difficult for Granny or other enemies to open the door. This can give you some extra time to prepare a defense or find an escape route.

4. Hanging Traps

One less conventional way to use the wrench for defense is by setting up hanging traps. By tying a rope or string to the wrench and suspending it from the ceiling, you can create a tripwire that, when triggered, will drop the wrench on the enemy below. This can be a surprising and effective way to deal damage to enemies and catch them off guard.

5. Environmental Interactions

5. Environmental Interactions

The wrench can also be used to interact with the environment and set off traps. For example, you can use the wrench to turn off electricity or open hidden compartments that may contain useful items or serve as traps for enemies. Be observant of your surroundings and experiment with using the wrench to interact with different objects in the game.

Overall, the wrench in Granny is a versatile tool that can be used for defense in various ways. Whether it’s through melee attacks, distraction, blocking doors, setting traps, or interacting with the environment, the wrench can give you an upper hand against Granny and other enemies. Use your creativity and strategic thinking to make the most of this powerful tool.

Creating Traps and Obstacles

One of the most interesting ways to use the wrench in Granny is by creating traps and obstacles. This can help you to slow down or even trap Granny, giving you more time to explore the house and complete your objectives.

1. Door Traps

One of the simplest traps you can create with the wrench is a door trap. By using the wrench to remove the door handle, Granny won’t be able to open the door from that side. This can be especially useful if you want to create an obstacle between you and Granny.

2. Floor Traps

Another great way to use the wrench is by creating floor traps. By removing a floorboard with the wrench, you can create a hole in the floor that Granny can fall into. This can be a great way to temporarily disable her and allow you to explore other areas of the house.

3. Stair Traps

If you want to make it more difficult for Granny to navigate the stairs, you can use the wrench to remove some of the steps. This will create a gap that Granny will struggle to jump over, giving you more time to escape or complete your objectives.

4. Table Traps

The wrench can also be used to create traps on tables. By loosening the screws on a table leg, you can make the table unstable and cause it to collapse when Granny tries to lean on it. This can be a great way to startle her or distract her while you make your escape.

5. Lock Traps

Lastly, the wrench can be used to create traps on locked doors. By using the wrench to remove or damage the lock mechanism, you can make it more difficult for Granny to open the door. This can give you precious seconds to hide or find a better escape route.

Remember, the wrench is a versatile tool that can be used in many different ways to create traps and obstacles in Granny. Use your creativity and strategic thinking to come up with unique ways to outsmart Granny and complete the game!

Defending Against Granny’s Attacks

Granny is not an easy opponent to defeat in the game, and her attacks can be deadly if you’re not prepared. Here are some strategies to defend yourself against Granny’s attacks:

1. Hide in Safes Spots

Granny wanders around the house and can quickly surprise you if you’re not careful. To defend against her, look for safe spots to hide. These are usually closets, cabinets, or even under the bed. Hiding in these spots can buy you some time and make it harder for Granny to catch you.

2. Use Distractions

Granny is attracted to noise, so using distractions can be a helpful strategy. You can find various items in the house, such as a vase or a radio, that you can throw to create noise and divert Granny’s attention away from you. Just make sure to use them wisely and plan your escape route carefully.

3. Utilize the Wrench

The wrench is a versatile tool that can be used both defensively and offensively. It can be used to break open locks and unlock doors, allowing you to access new areas and escape Granny’s pursuit. Additionally, you can also use the wrench to attack Granny when she gets too close, giving you a chance to stun her and make your escape.

4. Stay Silent

Granny relies on her hearing to locate you, so staying silent can be an effective defense strategy. Avoid running or making loud noises that can alert Granny to your location. Move slowly and carefully to minimize the sound you make, allowing you to stealthily explore the house and evade Granny’s attacks.

5. Be Prepared

Lastly, being prepared is essential to defending against Granny’s attacks. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the house, know where the items and hiding spots are, and plan your escape routes in advance. The more you know about the environment, the better equipped you’ll be to defend against Granny and survive her relentless pursuit.

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Using the Wrench for Navigation

The Wrench is a versatile tool in the game Granny and can be used in various ways to navigate through the house and escape Granny’s clutches. Here are some ways you can use the Wrench for navigation:

Unlocking Doors

One of the primary uses of the Wrench is unlocking doors. Many doors in the house are locked and require a specific key to open. However, if you have the Wrench, you can use it to unlock these doors without needing the key. Simply approach the door and interact with it using the Wrench to unlock it.

Activating Mechanisms

In addition to unlocking doors, the Wrench can also be used to activate certain mechanisms in the house. For example, there may be hidden passages or secret rooms that can be accessed by interacting with a switch or lever. If you come across such a mechanism, try using the Wrench to interact with it and see what happens.

Breaking Barricades

Another use of the Wrench is breaking barricades. Granny often places wooden boards or other obstacles to block your path. Instead of trying to find a way around these barricades, you can use the Wrench to break them down and clear your way. Approach the barricade and interact with it using the Wrench to break it.

Creating Distractions

The Wrench can also be used as a tool for creating distractions. If you find yourself in a situation where Granny is nearby and you need to divert her attention, try throwing the Wrench in a different direction. It will create a noise that will attract Granny’s attention, giving you an opportunity to escape or hide.

Using the Wrench in Combination with Other Items

The Wrench can also be used in combination with other items to find hidden items or solve puzzles. For example, you may need to use the Wrench to loosen a bolt, which will reveal a hidden object or open a secret compartment. Pay attention to your surroundings and look for clues or hints that indicate the use of the Wrench with other items.

Overall, the Wrench is a critical tool for navigation in Granny. It allows you to unlock doors, activate mechanisms, break barricades, create distractions, and solve puzzles. Make sure to keep it with you at all times and experiment with its various uses to increase your chances of escape.

Opening Locked Doors

One of the main uses of the wrench in Granny is opening locked doors. The Granny game features several locked doors throughout the house, and the wrench is a valuable tool to unlock them.

Locating Locked Doors

Locating Locked Doors

Locked doors can be found in various rooms of Granny’s house. They are usually marked with a red padlock symbol or have a metal bar across them, indicating that they are locked and cannot be entered without the proper key or tool.

Using the Wrench

The wrench can be used to unlock these doors. To use the wrench, you need to locate a locked door and interact with it. When you interact with the door, a menu will appear with the wrench as an option. Select the wrench from the menu to unlock the door.

Other Tips

  • Some doors may require additional tools or keys to unlock, so be sure to explore the house thoroughly to find all the necessary items.
  • Be careful when using the wrench, as the sound it makes when unlocking a door can attract Granny’s attention. Make sure to time your actions wisely and be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you are being chased by Granny and need to unlock a door quickly, you can use the tranquilizer dart to temporarily immobilize her and buy yourself some time to unlock the door with the wrench.


The wrench is a versatile tool in Granny that allows players to open locked doors and access new areas of the house. Use it wisely and strategically to outsmart Granny and escape her clutches.

Revealing Secret Passages

In Granny, the wrench is not only a tool for opening locks and fixing objects but can also be used to reveal secret passages. These passages often lead to hidden rooms or areas where valuable items or escape routes can be found.

1. Cracked Walls and Loose Bricks: Look out for cracked walls or loose bricks in the game. These weak spots can be destroyed using the wrench, revealing secret passages behind them.

2. Floor Grates: Some areas of the game may have floor grates that can be removed with the wrench. These grates can lead to hidden tunnels or underground areas that players can explore.

3. Vents: Vents can serve as secret passages in Granny. Players can use the wrench to remove vent covers and access hidden areas of the house.

4. Bookshelves: Bookshelves can sometimes hide secret passages behind them. By using the wrench to interact with the bookshelf, players can reveal hidden rooms or escape routes.

5. Switches and Levers: The wrench can also be used to activate switches or levers that open secret passages. Look for these controls throughout the game and use the wrench to interact with them.

6. Combination Locks: Some secret passages may be locked with combination locks. Players can use the wrench to interact with the lock and try different combinations until it opens, revealing the hidden area.

7. Safe Mechanisms: In some cases, the wrench can be used to solve puzzles associated with safes. By turning a specific set of dials or screws with the wrench, players can unlock the safe and access the secret passage hidden inside.

Remember to always keep an eye out for any signs or clues that may indicate the presence of a secret passage. Explore thoroughly and use the wrench wisely to uncover all the hidden secrets that Granny has to offer.



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