How to style permed hair in the first 48 hours

Getting a perm is an exciting way to transform your hair into beautiful curls or waves. However, in the first 48 hours after getting a perm, it’s crucial to take special care of your hair to ensure long-lasting results. Styling permed hair during this time requires a gentle touch and specific techniques to enhance and maintain your new look.

1. Limit Washing: While it may be tempting to wash and style your freshly permed hair, it’s important to resist the urge. The first 48 hours are critical for the perm to set. Washing your hair can disrupt the chemical process and cause your curls to lose their shape. Instead, embrace dry shampoo and other non-washing alternatives to keep your hair feeling fresh without sacrificing your new style.

2. Embrace Products: To keep your permed hair looking its best, make sure to use hair products specifically designed for curly hair. These products provide the necessary moisture and nourishment your curls need while helping to maintain their shape. Look for products containing ingredients like argan oil or shea butter to keep your curls hydrated and frizz-free.

3. Avoid Heat Styling: During the first 48 hours after getting a perm, it’s essential to steer clear of heat styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons. The chemicals from the perm need time to bond, and heat can disrupt this process. For a quick, heat-free styling option, try using bobby pins or hair rollers to create soft, natural-looking curls.

In conclusion, the first 48 hours after getting a perm are crucial for ensuring the longevity and beauty of your new curls. By limiting washing, using the right products, and avoiding heat styling, you can style your permed hair with confidence and enjoy the gorgeous results for weeks to come.

Pre-Wash Preparations for Styling Permed Hair

Before diving into the world of styling your newly permed hair, it’s essential to make a few pre-wash preparations to ensure your curls turn out perfect. Follow these steps to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of your permed hairstyle:

  1. Gather your hair styling tools: Before getting started, gather all the necessary tools such as a wide-toothed comb, styling gel or mousse, heat protectant spray, a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer, and any other products you frequently use for styling.
  2. Plan your hair wash schedule: The first 48 hours after perming are crucial for allowing the bonds to set, so it’s imperative to plan your hair wash schedule accordingly. Avoid washing your hair for at least the first 24 to 48 hours after getting a perm to allow the curls to set and ensure optimal results.
  3. Protect your permed hair: Before stepping into the shower, you’ll want to protect your permed hair from excessive moisture. Gently wrap your hair in a shower cap to shield it from getting wet during the process. This will help maintain the shape of your curls and prevent any unwanted frizz.
  4. Treat your permed hair with care: When perming, the chemicals used can weaken your hair, making it more delicate and susceptible to damage. To ensure the longevity of your permed hair, be gentle when handling it. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair, avoiding any harsh pulling or tugging that could lead to breakage.
  5. Avoid heat styling: Excessive heat styling can cause damage to permed hair. It’s best to avoid using heated styling tools like straighteners or curling irons for the first few weeks after perming. If you must style your hair otherwise, make sure to use a heat protectant spray before exposing your hair to any heat.
  6. Use the right products: Once your hair is ready for the wash, choose hair care products specifically made for permed hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and moisturizing to maintain the health and integrity of your curls.
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By following these pre-wash preparations, you’ll be well on your way to achieving beautifully styled permed hair that lasts. Remember, taking proper care of your hair before washing is key to ensuring the success and longevity of your permed hairstyle.

Protect the Perm in the Early Stages

After getting a perm, it is essential to take extra care of your hair in the first 48 hours to ensure the best results. Follow these tips to protect and maintain your permed hair:

Avoid Washing

During the initial 48 hours, it is crucial to avoid washing your hair to allow the perm to set properly. Shampooing can disrupt the chemical process, causing your perm to weaken or result in uneven curls. If your scalp becomes oily, use dry shampoo or apply a small amount of baby powder to absorb excess oils.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat can be damaging to your freshly permed hair, so it’s best to avoid heat styling tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers during this time. Instead, opt for air drying or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to gently dry your hair.

Avoid Tucking Hair Behind Your Ears

During the early stages of your perm, it’s essential to avoid tucking your hair behind your ears. This can cause the curls to flatten or create unwanted dents. Instead, try using hair clips or bobby pins to keep strands away from your face.

Avoid Brushing

Brushing your permed hair too soon can disturb the curl pattern and cause frizz. It’s best to avoid brushing and instead use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to gently detangle your hair when necessary.

Avoid Tying Up Your Hair

Tying up your permed hair tightly can lead to indentations or flatten the curls. Keep your hair down or loosely tied using soft, non-damaging accessories like scrunchies to maintain the shape and integrity of your curls.

  • Avoid excessive sweating, as it can cause the perm to loosen or result in frizz. If you anticipate sweating, consider wearing a sweatband to absorb moisture.
  • Avoid harsh chemical treatments such as coloring or relaxing your hair during the early stages to prevent damage and maintain the integrity of your curls.
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and minimize frizz while sleeping.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing cream to keep your curls moisturized and defined.

Following these tips during the early stages of your perm will help ensure that your curls set properly and last longer. Always consult with your stylist for personalized instructions based on your hair type and specific perm. Enjoy your beautiful, permed hair!

Choose the Right Hair Care Products

When it comes to styling your freshly permed hair in the first 48 hours, using the right hair care products is crucial for maintaining the longevity and health of your curls. Here are some essential products to incorporate into your routine:

1. Shampoo: Look for a shampoo specifically formulated for permed hair. These shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair gently while keeping your curls intact. Avoid shampoos that contain harsh sulfates as they can strip the moisture from your hair.

2. Conditioner: Invest in a rich and moisturizing conditioner that is specifically designed for permed hair. Conditioners help to nourish and hydrate your curls, preventing frizz and keeping them soft and bouncy.

3. Leave-in conditioner: Applying a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair can provide extra moisture and protection for your newly permed hair. This step is especially crucial to keep your curls hydrated and reduce any dryness or frizz.

4. Curl-defining cream or gel: To enhance and define your curls, use a curl-defining cream or gel. These products help to enhance the shape and texture of your curly hair while adding a layer of protection and reducing frizz.

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5. Heat protectant: If you plan on using heat styling tools on your permed hair, it is essential to use a heat protectant spray or serum. This will help to minimize damage from heat and keep your curls looking healthy.

6. Wide-tooth comb: Instead of using a brush, opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. This will prevent unnecessary breakage and preserve the shape of your curls.

7. Silk or satin pillowcase: Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase can help reduce friction and minimize frizz while you sleep. These materials are gentler on your curls and prevent them from getting tangled or flattened.

Remember: Every person’s hair is unique, so it’s important to find the right combination of products that works best for you. Consult with your hairstylist for personalized recommendations and advice on how to care for and style your permed hair in the first 48 hours.

Post-Wash Styling Tips for Permed Hair

After getting a perm, it’s important to properly care for and style your permed hair to maintain its shape and texture. The first 48 hours after a perm are crucial for setting the curls and ensuring long-lasting results. Here are some post-wash styling tips to help you achieve the best results:

1. Handle with Care

Be gentle when handling your permed hair, especially when it’s wet. Avoid vigorous towel-drying or rubbing, as it can cause frizziness and disrupt the curl pattern. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water using a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt.

2. Apply a Leave-In Conditioner

After washing your permed hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to help hydrate and nourish your curls. Look for a lightweight, water-based formula that won’t weigh down your hair. Apply the leave-in conditioner evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the lengths and ends.

3. Define Your Curls

While your hair is still damp, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle any knots or tangles. Avoid using brushes or fine-toothed combs, as they can disrupt the curl pattern. Once your hair is detangled, scrunch it upwards towards your scalp to enhance the curl formation.

4. Air Dry or Diffuse

Avoid using heat tools like blow dryers or styling irons on your permed hair, especially during the first 48 hours. Air drying is the gentlest option for preserving the shape and texture of your curls. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a diffuser attachment on a low heat setting to speed up the drying process.

5. Avoid Touching Your Hair

Try to avoid touching and manipulating your permed hair too much, especially during the first 48 hours when the curls are setting. Constantly touching your hair can cause frizz and disrupt the curl pattern. Allow your hair to naturally set and avoid excessively tousling or playing with your curls.

  • Avoid using hair ties or accessories that can create tension and strain on your curls. Opt for soft scrunchies or hairpins instead.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and minimize frizz.
  • Avoid applying heavy oils or styling products that can weigh down your curls. Look for lightweight products specifically designed for permed hair.
  • Once your hair is completely dry, you can use a small amount of curl-enhancing cream or gel to add definition and hold to your curls.

By following these post-wash styling tips, you can help maintain the shape and texture of your permed hair, resulting in beautiful, defined curls that last.

Air Dry or Use a Diffuser for Natural Waves

One of the best things about having permed hair is the natural waves it creates. To enhance and show off those gorgeous waves, you have two options for styling your hair in the first 48 hours: air drying or using a diffuser.

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Air drying: This is a simple and low maintenance method that requires no heat. After washing your hair, gently squeeze out any excess water from your strands. Then, using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, comb through your hair to separate the waves and help them dry evenly. It’s important not to rub your hair with a towel as this can cause frizz. Allow your hair to air dry naturally, and you’ll be left with soft, bouncy waves.

Using a diffuser: If you’re short on time or prefer a quicker drying method, you can use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. Start by applying a heat protectant or styling spray to your damp hair. Flip your head upside down and gather sections of your hair into the diffuser, allowing the warm air to gently dry your strands while enhancing your natural waves. Move the diffuser in a circular motion around your head to create volume and definition. Once your hair is about 80% dry, turn off the dryer and let the rest air dry to avoid overheating your hair.

Whether you choose to air dry or use a diffuser, avoid touching your hair too much while it’s drying as this can cause frizz. Once your hair is completely dry, you can scrunch it lightly to add volume or apply a styling product for hold if desired. Embrace your natural waves and enjoy the effortless beauty of permed hair!

Create Volume with a Round Brush and Hairdryer

To create volume with your permed hair, a round brush and a hairdryer are your best friends. This technique will help you achieve a salon-like blowout look that adds body and bounce to your hair.

Start by applying a heat protectant spray to your permed hair to prevent any heat damage. Then, using a sectioning clip, divide your hair into manageable sections. Working with smaller sections will make it easier to mold and style your hair.

Take a round brush with a diameter that suits the length of your hair. The smaller the brush’s diameter, the more volume you will achieve. Begin by placing the brush at the roots of the sectioned hair. Then, use the hairdryer on low heat and high speed to blow-dry your hair while pulling the brush downwards towards the ends. This technique will add volume and shape to your hair.

Continue this process with each section of your hair, focusing on the roots to add lift and volume. As you work through each section, remember to keep the hairdryer moving to avoid overheating and causing damage to your permed hair.

For extra volume, you can apply a volumizing mousse or spray to your roots before blow-drying. This will give your permed hair even more lift and fullness. Additionally, if you prefer a more curled look, you can use the round brush to curl your hair towards your face while blow-drying.

Once you have finished blow-drying and creating volume with the round brush, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently style and separate the curls. This will give your permed hair a more natural and relaxed look, while still keeping the volume intact.

Remember to avoid using heavy styling products that can weigh down your permed hair and make it appear flat. Instead, opt for lightweight mousses, leave-in conditioners, or texturizing sprays to enhance the volume and movement of your curls.

By incorporating a round brush and a hairdryer into your styling routine, you can easily create volume and body in your permed hair. Follow these steps and enjoy your bouncy, voluminous locks in the first 48 hours after getting a perm!

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