How to climb in gang beasts

If you are a fan of the popular multiplayer beat ’em up game Gang Beasts, you may have noticed that one of the most useful techniques is the ability to climb. Climbing can help you escape dangerous situations, reach higher platforms, or even surprise your opponents from above. In this article, we will guide you on how to master the art of climbing in Gang Beasts, giving you an edge over your opponents.

1. Jump and Grab: The basic technique to climb in Gang Beasts is to jump and grab onto ledges or surfaces above you. To do this, press the jump button and quickly press and hold the grab button when you are close to the object you want to climb. Keep in mind that not all surfaces are climbable, so make sure to look for edges or objects with a different texture that can be grabbed.

2. Pull Yourself Up: Once you have grabbed onto the ledge or surface, you need to pull yourself up. To do this, simply hold the grab button. The character will automatically start pulling themselves up. Be careful, as this process takes time and can leave you vulnerable to attacks from other players. Make sure you have a safe position and watch out for any incoming threats while climbing.

3. Swing and Jump: Another advanced climbing technique in Gang Beasts is using swings to reach higher platforms. Look for objects that can be swung, such as ropes or poles, and grab onto them. Once you are hanging, you can swing back and forth to gain momentum and then jump to reach higher platforms. Mastering this technique will give you access to previously inaccessible areas and can provide tactical advantages during fights.

4. Take Advantage of Your Environment: The game’s dynamic environments are full of opportunities for climbing. Look for structures, objects, or even other players that can be used as stepping stones to reach higher ground. Pay attention to your surroundings and think creatively to find unique ways to climb and gain an advantage over your opponents.

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Remember, climbing is just one of the many techniques available to you in Gang Beasts. Practice your climbing skills, experiment with different strategies, and most importantly, have fun! Whether you are playing with friends or competing online, mastering climbing will surely elevate your gameplay and make you a formidable opponent.

Learn to climb like a pro in Gang Beasts

If you want to dominate in Gang Beasts, learning how to climb is essential. Climbing allows you to reach new heights, gain a tactical advantage, and surprise your opponents. Follow these tips to climb like a pro:

1. Find climbable surfaces: Look for walls, pillars, fences, and other objects that have a texture you can grip onto. Not all surfaces are climbable, so keep an eye out for those that have a rough or jagged edge.

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2. Approach the surface: Walk, run, or jump towards the surface you want to climb. Get as close as possible before attempting to climb.

3. Position your character: Face the surface and align your character with it. Make sure your character’s hands are grabbing onto the surface. The character’s legs should be slightly bent, ready to push off or climb higher.

4. Climb and pull: Press and hold both the grab buttons to climb up the surface. As you ascend, hold the buttons to ensure a strong grip. If you encounter another climbable section, release one button and reach for the next grip, then hold both buttons again to continue climbing.

5. Adjust your grip: Sometimes, you might lose your footing and slip down a bit. In such cases, quickly adjust your grip by releasing and holding the buttons again to prevent falling further.

6. Watch out for obstacles: Certain levels may have obstacles or hazards, such as collapsing platforms or swinging wrecking balls. Be mindful of your surroundings and time your climbs carefully to avoid getting knocked off.

7. Use climbing strategically: Climbing can be a great way to surprise unsuspecting opponents or escape from dangerous situations. Use this skill to your advantage by climbing strategically and catching your opponents off guard.

Mastering climbing in Gang Beasts takes practice, timing, and situational awareness. Keep these tips in mind and channel your inner acrobat to become a pro climber! Good luck!

How to Climb in Gang Beasts

Getting Started

If you’re new to Gang Beasts, this guide will help you get started on climbing obstacles and structures in the game.

1. Understand the Controls

Before you can start climbing in Gang Beasts, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the controls. The basic controls for climbing involve using the left and right thumbsticks/thumbpads on your controller to control your character’s movement.

2. Approach the Obstacle

Once you have a good understanding of the controls, approach the obstacle or structure you want to climb. This can be a ledge, wall, or any vertical surface.

3. Grab onto the Surface

To start climbing, you’ll need to grab onto the surface. Move your character closer to the surface until their hands make contact with it. Press and hold the grab button to secure your character’s grip on the surface.

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4. Ascend the Surface

With a firm grip on the surface, start ascending by using your thumbsticks/thumbpads. Push upward to lift your character’s body and move higher. Coordinate both thumbsticks/thumbpads to maintain your balance and prevent your character from falling down.

5. Be Strategic

As you climb, pay attention to your surroundings and the movements of other players. Climbing in Gang Beasts is not always a solo activity. Other players may try to knock you off or use unique strategies to hinder your progress. Anticipate their moves and adjust your climbing accordingly.

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Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if you stumble or fall during your first attempts. Keep practicing and refining your climbing skills, and soon you’ll be able to conquer even the tallest structures in Gang Beasts.

Master the basic controls

To climb in Gang Beasts, you need to have a good understanding of the basic controls. Being able to navigate the environment and handle your character effectively is key to climbing successfully.

Here are the basic controls you need to master:

Control Action
Left Stick Move your character
A Button Jump
To climb a ledge:
Left Stick Align yourself with the ledge
Left Stick Up Reach up and grab the ledge
Left Stick Up + Left Stick Right/Left Swing your legs on top of the ledge

Remember to practice these controls in different situations and environments to become comfortable with them. Understanding and mastering the basic controls will give you a solid foundation for climbing in Gang Beasts and open up new strategies and possibilities as you navigate the game’s challenging levels.


Mastering the climbing mechanics in Gang Beasts can give you a significant advantage in the game. Here are some techniques that can help you improve your climbing skills:

1. Timing your jumps

Timing is key when it comes to climbing in Gang Beasts. Make sure to time your jumps accurately to avoid missing a grip on a ledge or falling off. Take a moment to assess the distance between you and the object you want to climb and time your jump accordingly.

2. Using your environment

Look for objects or structures in the environment that can serve as climbing aids. This can include ledges, platforms, or even other players. Use these objects strategically to climb higher and gain an advantage over your opponents. Keep in mind that some objects may be unstable or can break, so be cautious while using them.

Object Type Advantages
Ledges Ledges provide a stable and reliable climbing surface.
Platforms Platforms offer elevated positions that give you a better vantage point.
Other Players You can try to climb on other players to reach higher places, but be careful not to accidentally knock them off.

By leveraging your environment effectively, you can increase your chances of climbing successfully and outmaneuvering your opponents.

Remember, practice is key to improving your climbing skills in Gang Beasts. Experiment with different techniques and adapt your strategy to the dynamic gameplay of the game. With time and practice, you’ll become a skilled climber capable of dominating the competition!

Try different climbing techniques

One of the key skills to master in Gang Beasts is climbing. Being able to navigate and climb different structures can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. Here are some climbing techniques to try:

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1. Wall Jump:

The wall jump is a useful technique for scaling vertical walls or objects. To perform a wall jump, approach the wall and make sure you are facing it. Then, press the jump button and quickly press it again while pushing against the wall. This will allow you to bounce off the wall and reach higher platforms or ledges.

2. Grab and Climb:

Another way to climb is by grabbing onto ledges or other parts of the environment. When near a ledge, press the grab button to hang on. Then, use the control stick or directional buttons to move your character upwards or sideways. Experiment with different combinations of climbing movements to find the most efficient way to reach your destination.

3. Monkey Swing:

Sometimes, climbing a wall may not be possible due to its height or structure. In such cases, look for opportunities to swing across gaps using monkey bars or hanging structures. Approach the bars, press the grab button, and then use the control stick or directional buttons to swing your character forward. Release the grab button at the right moment to let go and land on the other side.

Remember, mastering climbing techniques requires practice and timing. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Keep experimenting and trying different approaches to become a skilled climber in Gang Beasts!


If you’re looking to climb your way to victory in Gang Beasts, consider these helpful tips:

1. Grab Onto Surfaces

When trying to climb objects, you can grab onto surfaces with the grab button. This allows you to pull yourself up onto platforms, ledges, and more.

2. Look for Handholds

While climbing, keep an eye out for handholds or objects you can grab onto. These are typically highlighted or have a distinctive visual appearance.

3. Plan Your Path

Before attempting a climb, it’s important to plan your path. Look for the most direct route and consider the obstacles you may face along the way.

4. Time Your Jumps

When climbing, timing your jumps is crucial. Figure out the best moments to jump between surfaces to maintain your momentum and avoid falling.

5. Watch Out for Others

Remember that Gang Beasts is a multiplayer game, and others may try to interfere with your climb. Keep an eye out for opponents and be prepared to defend yourself.

  • Be ready to counter their grabs and throws.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage.
  • Push others off ledges to secure your position.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Becoming skilled at climbing in Gang Beasts takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed right away. Keep playing and you’ll steadily improve.

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