Best small lathe mill combo

If you’re a hobbyist or a small-scale machinist looking for the perfect machine to fit in your limited workspace, a small lathe mill combo could be the ideal solution. These versatile machines combine the capabilities of both a lathe and a mill, allowing you to perform a wide range of operations with just one machine.

When it comes to choosing the best small lathe mill combo, several factors need to be considered. First and foremost is the size and weight of the machine. You want a compact and lightweight machine that can easily be moved around your workshop if needed. Additionally, the machine should have a solid and sturdy construction to ensure stability and precision during operation.

Another important aspect to consider is the power and speed options of the machine. The motor should be powerful enough to handle various materials, while the speed settings should be adjustable to accommodate different types of machining operations. A machine with variable speed control will give you more flexibility and control over your work.

Factors to consider when choosing a small lathe mill combo

Choosing the best small lathe mill combo requires careful consideration of several important factors. These factors include the power and capacity of the machine, the versatility of its functions, the quality and durability of its components, and its overall ease of use and maintenance.

Power and capacity: One of the first factors to consider is the power and capacity of the small lathe mill combo. It is important to determine the size and type of project you will be working on, as this will dictate the power and capacity requirements. Look for a machine that has sufficient horsepower and a suitable spindle speed range to handle your specific needs.

Versatility: Another important factor to consider is the versatility of functions offered by the small lathe mill combo. Look for a machine that can perform a variety of operations, such as milling, drilling, and turning. This will allow you to tackle a wide range of projects without the need for multiple machines.

Quality and durability: It is also crucial to consider the quality and durability of the components used in the small lathe mill combo. Look for a machine that is built with high-quality materials and features sturdy construction. This will ensure that the machine can withstand heavy use and last for a long time without frequent breakdowns or repairs.

Ease of use and maintenance: Lastly, consider the overall ease of use and maintenance of the small lathe mill combo. Look for a machine that is user-friendly and comes with clear instructions for operation and maintenance. Additionally, consider the availability of spare parts and customer support, as these factors can make a significant difference in your overall experience with the machine.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the best small lathe mill combo that meets your specific needs and provides you with reliable and efficient performance for years to come.


The price of a small lathe mill combo is an important factor to consider when making a purchasing decision. These machines can vary in price depending on their features, quality, and brand. It is important to find a balance between price and quality to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

There are budget-friendly options available for those who are on a tight budget. These machines may have fewer features and a lower quality build, but they can still provide decent performance for basic milling and turning tasks. On the other hand, there are also high-end models available that are more expensive but offer superior precision, durability, and advanced features.

It is recommended to set a budget and do thorough research to compare prices and features of different small lathe mill combos. Reading reviews and getting feedback from other users can also help in determining the overall value and performance of a particular machine. Ultimately, it is important to find a machine that fits within your budget and meets your specific machining needs.

Size and weight

The size and weight of a lathe mill combo is an important factor to consider when choosing the best one for your needs. These machines come in various sizes and weights, and it’s crucial to select one that is suitable for your available space and transportation capabilities.

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Small lathe mill combos are designed to be compact and portable, making them ideal for small workshops or hobbyists who have limited space. These machines are typically lightweight, allowing for easier transportation and maneuverability. They can be easily moved around the workshop or taken to different locations if needed.

Despite their smaller size and lighter weight, these machines are still capable of performing a wide range of tasks. They are equipped with powerful motors and precision components that allow for accurate and efficient machining operations. Whether you need to turn, mill, bore, or drill, a small lathe mill combo can handle these tasks with precision and ease.

Overall, the size and weight of a lathe mill combo are important considerations that should not be overlooked. By selecting a machine that fits your available space and is easy to transport, you can ensure that you have a versatile and functional tool that meets your needs.

Power and Capacity

When choosing the best small lathe mill combo, power and capacity are two crucial factors to consider. The power of the machine determines its ability to handle different materials and perform various tasks effectively.

A high-powered small lathe mill combo can handle tougher materials like stainless steel and titanium with ease. It can also perform heavy-duty tasks such as drilling, milling, and turning with precision and accuracy. On the other hand, a machine with low power may struggle with these materials and tasks, leading to poor performance and subpar results.

Capacity is another essential aspect to consider when selecting a small lathe mill combo. The capacity refers to the maximum size of the workpiece that the machine can handle. A larger capacity allows you to work on bigger projects and produce larger components.

It’s important to choose a machine with the right power and capacity for your specific needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, having a small lathe mill combo that can handle different materials and accommodate various sizes of workpieces will greatly enhance your productivity and expand your capabilities.

Top 5 small lathe mill combo machines

If you’re looking for a small lathe mill combo machine, you have a variety of options to choose from. These machines offer compact size and versatility, making them perfect for hobbyists and small workshops. Here are five of the best small lathe mill combo machines available:

  1. Machine 1: Xacto X-18

    The Xacto X-18 is a powerful and compact lathe mill combo machine that packs a punch in its small size. With a 1.5 horsepower motor, it can easily handle a wide range of machining tasks. It features a 3-jaw chuck and a 4-way tool post, allowing you to work with different types of materials and achieve precise results.

  2. Machine 2: Grizzly G4015Z Combo Lathe/Mill

    The Grizzly G4015Z is a popular choice among hobbyists and small workshop owners. It offers a 16″ swing over the bed and a 20″ distance between centers, providing ample space for various projects. With its 3/4 horsepower motor, it delivers smooth and precise cuts. The machine also comes with a coolant system to keep the workpiece cool and extend tool life.

  3. Machine 3: Proxxon 34104 Mill/Drill Head

    The Proxxon 34104 is a versatile lathe mill combo machine that offers precise milling and drilling capabilities. It features a 1/8 horsepower motor and a 7.7″ x 2.56″ table size, making it suitable for small-scale projects. The machine also comes with a fine feed for precise drilling operations.

  4. Machine 4: Bolton Tools 16″ x 20″ Combo Metal Lathe Mill Drill

    The Bolton Tools combo machine is a reliable option for those in need of both lathe and mill functionalities. It offers a 16″ swing over the bed and a 20″ distance between centers, allowing for a wide range of machining tasks. The machine features a 1 horsepower motor and comes with a gear transmission for smooth operation.

  5. Machine 5: Shop Fox M1049 9-Inch by 19-Inch Bench Lathe

    The Shop Fox M1049 is a compact and sturdy lathe mill combo machine designed for small-scale projects. It offers a 9″ swing over the bed and a 19″ distance between centers, providing enough space for various machining tasks. The machine comes with a 3/4 horsepower motor and features variable speed control for precision machining.

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When choosing a small lathe mill combo machine, consider factors such as motor power, bed size, and additional features that can enhance your machining projects. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a small workshop owner, these top 5 machines offer the perfect combination of size and functionality to meet your needs.

Machine A

Machine A is a compact lathe mill combo that is perfect for small-scale machining projects. It offers users the convenience of having both a lathe and a mill in one machine, making it ideal for those with limited space in their workshop.

This versatile machine is designed to handle a variety of tasks, from turning and facing operations on cylindrical parts to milling and drilling operations on flat surfaces. With its powerful motor and precise controls, Machine A ensures accurate and efficient machining results every time.

The lathe component of Machine A allows users to shape and form cylindrical parts with ease. Whether it’s creating threads, cutting grooves, or turning down the diameter of a workpiece, the lathe provides the necessary tools and features to get the job done. It also has a quick-change tool post, making it easy to switch between different cutting tools for added convenience.

On the milling side, Machine A offers a range of features for milling and drilling operations. Its sturdy table provides a stable surface for workpieces, and the variable speed control allows users to adjust the cutting speed to suit the material being worked on. With its precise spindle, professionals and hobbyists alike can achieve accurate and smooth milling results.

Overall, Machine A is a reliable and versatile lathe mill combo that can handle a wide range of machining tasks. Its compact size makes it suitable for small workshops, while its powerful motor and precise controls ensure efficient and accurate results. Whether you’re a professional machinist or a hobbyist looking to expand your capabilities, Machine A is a great choice.

5 Best small lathe mill combo

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