Best volleyball drills for beginners

Whether you are just starting out in volleyball or looking to improve your skills, practicing drills can greatly enhance your game. Volleyball drills are an essential part of the training process as they help to develop key skills such as serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. This article will highlight some of the best volleyball drills specifically designed for beginners.

One of the fundamental skills in volleyball is serving. A great drill to practice serving is the “target drill.” In this drill, players aim to serve the ball into specific target zones on the opposite side of the court. By consistently hitting these targets, beginners can improve their accuracy and control while serving.

Another crucial skill in volleyball is passing. The “passing drill” is an effective way for beginners to work on their passing technique. In this drill, players focus on receiving and directing the ball to a target player or a specific spot on the court. By repeating this drill, beginners can improve their ball control and accuracy when passing.

Setting is another key skill that beginners should develop. The “setting drill” is a great exercise for honing setting skills. In this drill, players take turns setting the ball to target players who then pass it back. The goal is to maintain a high level of accuracy and consistency while setting. This drill allows beginners to improve hand-eye coordination and develop proper technique when setting the ball.

In addition to these drills, beginners should also focus on hitting and blocking. The “hitting drill” helps beginners develop proper arm swing and timing. Players practice hitting the ball over the net and targeting specific areas on the opposing team’s court. The “blocking drill” focuses on improving blocking technique by simulating various blocking scenarios and training players to read their opponents’ actions.

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By regularly practicing these drills, beginners can lay a solid foundation for their volleyball skills. It is important to remember that consistency and repetition are key to mastering these skills. As beginners progress, they can gradually increase the difficulty level of the drills to continue challenging themselves and improving their game.

Passing drills for beginners

Passing is one of the fundamental skills in volleyball, and it’s crucial for beginners to develop proper technique and accuracy. Here are a few passing drills that can help beginners improve their skills:

  • Wall pass: Have the beginner stand facing a wall and pass the ball against it. This drill helps improve arm positioning and accuracy, as the player needs to hit a specific spot on the wall with each pass.

  • Partner pass: Pair up beginners and have them pass the ball back and forth to each other. Encourage them to focus on using their forearm platform and maintaining a consistent rhythm. This drill helps improve communication, timing, and control.

  • Three-player rotation: Set up three cones in a triangular shape and have three beginners rotate to each cone, passing the ball to their teammates. This drill helps beginners practice passing from different angles and distances, as well as their movement and teamwork.

  • Game-like passing: Create a game-like scenario where beginners pass the ball over a volleyball net, simulating a real game situation. Encourage them to focus on the fundamentals while also being aware of their positioning and movement on the court.

  • Target passing: Set up targets on the court, such as cones or hula hoops, and have beginners pass the ball to those targets. This drill helps improve accuracy and control, as players have a specific target to aim for.

It’s important for beginners to practice passing drills regularly to develop their skills and build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques. By focusing on proper technique, accuracy, and control, beginners can improve their passing skills and become more efficient and effective on the volleyball court.

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Setting Drills for Beginners

When it comes to developing the setting skills of beginner volleyball players, there are several drills that can be implemented to help them improve. These drills focus on teaching proper technique, coordination, and decision-making on the court. By practicing these drills regularly, beginners can enhance their ability to accurately set the ball to their teammates during a game.

1. Target Setting Drill

This drill focuses on accuracy and control. Set up a target on the other side of the net, either with a cone or by marking a specific spot. Begin by having the beginner players practice setting the ball towards the target. Encourage them to use proper hand positioning and arm extension to achieve a clean and consistent set. Gradually increase the difficulty by having them set from different positions and angles on the court.

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2. Cooperative Setting Drill

Cooperative setting drills involve pairs of players working together to achieve a successful set. Have the beginners pair up and stand facing each other, with one player acting as the setter and the other as the hitter. The setter must try to set the ball accurately to the hitter, who then hits the ball back to the setter. This drill helps beginners develop a sense of timing, communication, and teamwork as they work together to successfully complete the set and hit.

3. Movement Setting Drill

This drill focuses on teaching beginners how to set the ball while on the move. Set up cones or markers in different locations on the court. Have the players move around the court, practicing setting the ball accurately to each designated spot. This drill helps improve their footwork, balance, and ability to set the ball from different positions and angles.

By incorporating these setting drills into training sessions, beginners can develop the fundamental skills necessary to become effective setters on the volleyball court. Regular practice and repetition will help them gain confidence and improve their ability to set the ball accurately to their teammates.

Serving Drills for Beginners

Learning to serve in volleyball is an essential skill for beginners to master. Serving drills help to improve accuracy, consistency, and power. Here are several drills that can help beginners develop their serving technique:

1. Target Practice

Start by setting up targets on the opposite side of the court. These targets can be cones, buckets, or any other object that can be easily knocked over. Beginners should aim to serve the ball and hit the targets with accuracy. This drill helps to develop control over the ball and helps beginners understand the importance of serving with precision.

2. Serving to Zones

Create zones on the opposite side of the court by dividing it into different sections using tape or cones. Beginners should practice serving the ball into specific zones, aiming for different areas of the court. This drill helps to improve accuracy and teaches beginners how to serve strategically.

3. Serving with a Partner

Pair beginners up and have them take turns serving to each other. The goal is to serve within the boundaries of the court, with the partner receiving the serve and passing it back. This drill helps to simulate real-game situations and improves consistency and control in serving.

4. Serve and Sprint

In this drill, beginners serve the ball and immediately sprint to a designated spot on the court. This helps to improve power in serving and teaches beginners how to quickly transition from serving to moving to their next position on the court.

By incorporating these serving drills into their practice sessions, beginners can develop strong serving skills that will help them succeed in the game of volleyball.

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Hitting Drills for Beginners

When it comes to volleyball, the hitting or spiking technique is an essential skill that every player must master. Hitting drills are designed to improve a player’s ability to attack the ball with power and accuracy. These drills focus on developing proper footwork, arm swing technique, and timing. Here are some effective hitting drills for beginners:

1. Arm Swing Technique Drill

This drill focuses on developing the proper arm swing technique. Players should start by standing in a ready position with their arms raised overhead. Then, they should practice swinging their arms downwards and through, mimicking the motion of a spike. It is important for beginners to focus on maintaining a straight and strong arm, as well as generating power from their shoulder and core.

2. Approach and Attack Drill

This drill helps beginners practice their approach, which is the footwork and timing leading up to a hit. Players should start by standing a few steps behind the net and then perform a quick three-step approach: a left-right-left or right-left-right for right-handed or left-handed players respectively. After the approach, they should jump and attack the ball over the net. This drill helps to develop coordination and timing.

3. Hitting Accuracy Drill

Accuracy is just as important as power when it comes to hitting. This drill focuses on improving a player’s ability to hit specific targets on the court. Players should set up targets on the opposite side of the net, such as cones or markers. They should then practice hitting the ball to specific targets, aiming for precision rather than power. This drill helps players develop control and consistency in their hitting.

By incorporating these hitting drills into their training routine, beginners can improve their hitting technique and become more effective attackers on the volleyball court. It is important for players to practice these drills regularly and focus on mastering the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced techniques.

5 Best volleyball drills for beginners

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Question and answer:

What are some hitting drills for beginners?

Some hitting drills for beginners include soft toss, tee work, and front toss. These drills help with hand-eye coordination and developing the correct swing mechanics.

How can beginners improve their hitting skills?

Beginners can improve their hitting skills by practicing proper swing mechanics, focusing on hand-eye coordination, and getting plenty of repetitions. Working with a coach or instructor can also be beneficial for receiving feedback and guidance.

What is soft toss in hitting drills?

Soft toss is a hitting drill where a coach or partner stands to the side of the batter and gently tosses the ball underhand. This drill helps with timing, hand-eye coordination, and developing a compact swing.

What is tee work in hitting drills?

Tee work is a hitting drill where a ball is placed on a tee and the batter hits the ball off the tee. This drill allows the batter to focus on their swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination, and hitting consistent contact.

What is front toss in hitting drills?

Front toss is a hitting drill where a coach or partner stands in front of the batter and tosses the ball underhand. This drill helps with timing, hand-eye coordination, and practicing hitting the ball in different locations.

What are some recommended hitting drills for beginners?

Some recommended hitting drills for beginners include soft toss, tee work, and front toss. These drills help players develop proper hitting mechanics and hand-eye coordination.


In conclusion, hitting drills for beginners are essential for developing fundamental skills in the sport of baseball. By practicing various drills that focus on technique, coordination, and timing, beginners can improve their batting performance and confidence. These drills include tee work, soft toss, and front toss, which provide players with the opportunity to develop their swing mechanics and enhance their hand-eye coordination. Additionally, incorporating these drills into regular practice sessions can help beginners become more comfortable and confident at the plate. With consistent practice and dedication to these hitting drills, beginners can lay a solid foundation for their future in baseball.

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