Best tennis volley drills

Tennis volley is a crucial skill that every tennis player needs to master in order to excel in the game. The volley is a shot where the player hits the ball before it bounces on the court. It requires quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and precise technique. To improve your volley skills, it is important to practice specific drills that focus on different aspects of the shot.

One of the best tennis volley drills is the “Two-Touch Volley Drill.” In this drill, the player stands at the net and their coach or partner feeds them a low ball. The player then hits the ball back and immediately follows it up with another volley. This drill helps improve speed and accuracy in volleys and trains the player to be ready for quick exchanges at the net.

Another effective drill is the “Target Practice Volley Drill.” In this drill, the player sets up different targets on the court and aims to hit volleys into those targets. This helps improve precision and control in volleys. The player can start with larger targets and gradually decrease the size of the targets to challenge themselves.

Lastly, the “Angle Volley Drill” is a great way to improve footwork and positioning for volleys. In this drill, the player stands on the service line and their partner hits crosscourt shots, forcing the player to move laterally and hit volleys at various angles. This drill helps develop agility, court awareness, and the ability to quickly adjust and hit volleys from different positions.

By incorporating these tennis volley drills into your practice routine, you will be able to enhance your volley skills and become a more well-rounded player at the net. Remember to focus on technique, footwork, and consistency while practicing these drills, and you will see improvement in no time.

Tennis Volley Drills: Improve Your Net Game

Tennis volley drills are essential for improving your net game and becoming a well-rounded tennis player. By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you can enhance your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and ability to control the ball at the net.

1. Two-on-One Volley Drill: In this drill, one player stands at the net while two other players stand near the baseline. The player at the net must try to volley the ball back and forth with the two baseline players. This drill helps improve footwork, anticipation, and decision-making skills.

2. Wall Volleys: Find a wall or a backboard and stand a few feet away. Hit the ball against the wall with a volley and practice returning the ball as it bounces back. This drill helps improve hand-eye coordination and focus on the ball.

3. Cross-Court Volley Drill: Set up a court with a net and divide it into halves. Stand on one side of the court and have a partner stand on the other side. Play cross-court volleys to each other, focusing on keeping the ball low and controlled. This drill helps improve accuracy and consistency.

4. Mini Tennis Volley Drill: Set up a smaller court with a smaller net and practice volleys with a partner. The smaller court forces you to react quickly and have precise control over your shots. This drill helps improve agility, reaction time, and shot placement.

By regularly practicing these tennis volley drills, you can become a formidable player at the net and excel in doubles matches. Remember to focus on technique, footwork, and consistency to develop a strong foundation for your net game.

Split Step Drill

The split step is a fundamental movement in tennis that helps players react quickly and effectively to incoming shots. It involves jumping into the air and landing with your feet shoulder-width apart, allowing you to quickly change direction and move to the ball.

One effective drill to improve your split step is to have a partner stand on the baseline and randomly feed balls to different areas of the court. As they feed the ball, you should perform a split step and quickly move to the appropriate location to hit the ball back. This drill helps improve your reaction time and footwork while simulating real game situations.

To add variation to the drill, you can have your partner feed the ball at different heights and speeds, forcing you to adjust your split step accordingly. You can also incorporate movement patterns such as moving forward and backward or side to side to further challenge yourself. Practicing this drill regularly will help you become more agile and explosive on the court, allowing you to cover more ground and make better volley shots.

Wall Volley Drill

The wall volley drill is an excellent way for tennis players to improve their volleying skills. This drill focuses on practicing volleys by hitting the ball against a wall, simulating a real match situation. By doing this drill, players can work on their footwork, timing, and racquet control.

To perform the wall volley drill, players should stand a few feet away from the wall, holding their racquet in a ready position. They can then hit the ball against the wall and try to volley it back as it rebounds off the wall. The goal is to maintain good technique and control while consistently hitting the ball with precision and accuracy. Players should focus on keeping a relaxed grip and using the correct hand-eye coordination.

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The wall volley drill can be modified and varied to suit different skill levels and areas of focus. For beginners, the drill can be done at a slower pace with a larger target area on the wall, allowing them to get used to the movement and timing of volleys. More advanced players can increase the intensity and difficulty of the drill by hitting the ball harder and aiming for smaller target areas on the wall.

By regularly practicing the wall volley drill, players can improve their reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and overall volleying technique. This drill helps players develop a quick and controlled touch at the net, which is essential for successful volleys in a match. It also provides a great opportunity for players to work on their footwork and positioning, as they must adjust their stance and movement to the angle and speed of the rebounding ball.

One-on-One Volley Drill

The one-on-one volley drill is an effective exercise to improve your tennis volleys. This drill focuses on developing your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and ability to hit volleys with accuracy and control. It can be done with a partner or a coach, and it involves hitting volleys back and forth to each other without letting the ball touch the ground.

To perform this drill, start by standing on either side of the net with your partner. One person starts by hitting a high volley to the other person, who then tries to hit it back before it touches the ground. The goal is to keep the rally going as long as possible without any volleys hitting the ground. It’s important to maintain a good distance from the net and use proper footwork to quickly reach the ball and execute the volley.

  • Focus on keeping your racket face open to angle the volleys instead of hitting them straight.
  • Practice using different grips and stances to add variety to your volleys.
  • Try to anticipate where the ball is going and position yourself accordingly to make the volley easier.
  • Work on your timing and reaction speed to be able to react quickly to the volleys.

By regularly incorporating the one-on-one volley drill into your training routine, you can improve your volleying skills and become more confident and proficient at the net. This drill will help you develop quick reflexes, better hand-eye coordination, and the ability to hit volleys accurately and with control. Remember to stay focused and maintain good technique throughout the drill to maximize its benefits.

Target Practice Volley Drill

The target practice volley drill is a highly effective drill that focuses on improving accuracy and control in volleys. This drill helps players to develop the ability to hit their volleys consistently to specific targets on the court.

To perform the target practice volley drill, set up a series of targets on the court, such as cones or markers. These targets can be placed at different locations, such as corners, sidelines, or specific zones. The player then stands at the net and attempts to hit their volleys directly into the designated targets.

This drill not only helps players to improve their accuracy, but also encourages them to concentrate on their technique, footwork, and positioning. It also helps players to develop good anticipation and reactions, as they need to adjust their shots based on the target location.

By regularly practicing the target practice volley drill, players can enhance their ability to consistently hit their volleys to specific targets, which can greatly improve their overall performance on the court. This drill is particularly beneficial for players who want to refine their net game and become more precise and controlled in their volley shots.

Reaction Drill

Tennis players need to have quick reaction skills in order to anticipate and respond to their opponent’s shots during a volley. One effective drill to improve reaction time is the Reaction Drill.

In this drill, the player stands on the service line and their coach or training partner stands at the net with a basket of tennis balls. The coach or partner feeds the balls to the player randomly, and the player must quickly react and hit the ball back over the net. The coach or partner can vary the speed and direction of the shots to challenge the player’s reaction skills.

This drill helps the player develop hand-eye coordination and improves their ability to react quickly to unpredictable shots. By practicing this drill regularly, players can train their reflexes and become more effective at returning volleys during a tennis match.

5 Best tennis volley drills

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Question and answer:

What is a Reaction Drill?

A Reaction Drill is a training exercise designed to improve reaction time and coordination.

How do Reaction Drills work?

Reaction Drills typically involve quick movements and decision-making tasks that require fast reflexes. These activities help train the brain and body to react quickly and efficiently.

What are some examples of Reaction Drills?

Examples of Reaction Drills include catching a ball, dodging an object, or quickly responding to visual cues.

What are the benefits of Reaction Drills?

Reaction Drills can improve agility, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive processing speed. They are particularly beneficial for athletes who require fast reflexes in their sport.

Are Reaction Drills suitable for everyone?

Reaction Drills can be modified to suit individuals of different skill levels and abilities. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen.

What is a reaction drill?

A reaction drill is an exercise or activity designed to improve and enhance a person’s reaction time and agility. It typically involves quick movements or responses to specific stimuli or cues.


In conclusion, the reaction drill is a beneficial training exercise that helps individuals to improve their reflexes, coordination, and overall performance. Whether it is used in sports, military training, or other areas, this drill challenges individuals to react quickly and make split-second decisions. By consistently practicing reaction drills, individuals can develop increased speed, agility, and accuracy in their responses. Whether it is reacting to a ball, a target, or an opponent’s move, the reaction drill is a key tool in improving one’s reaction time and overall performance. So, if you’re looking to enhance your reflexes and become more responsive, incorporating reaction drills into your training routine is highly recommended.

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