Best tennis drills for advanced players

Advanced tennis players are constantly striving to improve their skills and take their game to the next level. This requires not only talent and dedication, but also a strategic approach to practice. In order to become a well-rounded and effective player, advanced drills are essential.

One of the most important aspects of advanced tennis training is footwork. It is crucial for players to have quick and precise movements on the court. One drill that can help improve footwork is the ladder drill. In this drill, a ladder is laid out on the ground and players must step in and out of the ladder as quickly as possible, simulating the fast-paced movements required during a game. This drill not only improves footwork, but also helps players develop agility and coordination.

Another key skill for advanced players is shot placement. Being able to accurately place shots can give players a significant advantage over their opponents. A drill that can help develop this skill is the cross-court rally drill. In this drill, players are paired up and stand on opposite sides of the court. They then rally back and forth, focusing on hitting the ball cross-court. This drill forces players to hit shots with precision and control, and helps them develop a strong cross-court game.

Lastly, advanced players must also have a strong serve. Serving is often considered one of the most important shots in tennis, as it sets the tone for the rest of the point. One drill that can help improve serving skills is the target practice drill. In this drill, players must aim for specific targets on the court with their serves. This helps players develop accuracy and consistency in their serves, which are essential for hitting powerful and effective shots.

Overall, advanced tennis players can benefit greatly from incorporating these drills into their training routine. By focusing on footwork, shot placement, and serving skills, players can become well-rounded and highly competitive on the court.

Tennis Drills for Advanced Players

1. Serve and Volley Drill: This drill focuses on improving the serve and volley skills of advanced players. The player starts by serving the ball and immediately moving towards the net to volley their opponent’s return. This drill helps in developing quick reflexes, timing, and net play skills.

2. Groundstroke Depth and Control Drill: This drill aims at enhancing the player’s ability to hit deep and controlled groundstrokes consistently. It involves hitting cross-court and down-the-line groundstrokes with precision and accuracy, focusing on maintaining a good amount of topspin and keeping the shots within the lines.

3. Approach Shot Drill: The approach shot is an important shot in tennis that sets up the player’s opportunity to finish points at the net. This drill involves hitting approach shots from different positions on the court and following them up with volleys or passing shots. It helps in developing court positioning, shot selection, and transitioning from the baseline to the net.

4. Live Ball Drill: This drill simulates a match-like situation where players engage in a rally, practicing their shot selection, consistency, and endurance. A coach or hitting partner feeds balls to both players, who aim to keep the rally going and execute their shots effectively. This drill helps in improving shot variety, decision-making, and overall match play skills.

5. Defensive Drill: This drill focuses on improving a player’s defensive skills and ability to recover quickly. It involves practicing groundstrokes from defensive positions, reacting to deep shots, and executing defensive slices or lobs. This drill helps in developing defensive instincts, footwork, and the ability to turn defense into offense.

6. Doubles Drills: Doubles drills are important for advanced tennis players as they help in improving teamwork, communication, and strategy. These drills involve practicing doubles-specific situations, such as serving and volleying, poaching, and effectively executing different formations and tactics. They contribute to better doubles skills and success in doubles matches.

The Importance of Tennis Drills

Tennis drills play a crucial role in the development of advanced players. These drills help improve various aspects of the game, such as technique, footwork, agility, and decision-making. By incorporating drills into their training routine, advanced players can enhance their overall performance on the court.

One of the main benefits of tennis drills is the opportunity they provide for players to practice specific skills repeatedly. Whether it’s working on a powerful serve, a precise backhand, or a quick reaction, drills allow players to focus on a particular aspect of their game and refine it through repetition. This repetition helps develop muscle memory, allowing players to execute the same skill more effectively and consistently during matches.

Moreover, tennis drills help simulate real game situations, enabling players to improve their tactical awareness and decision-making abilities. Through various drills, advanced players can practice their shot selection, court positioning, and strategy. These drills help players develop their ability to make quick and effective decisions during fast-paced matches, giving them a competitive edge over their opponents.

In addition, tennis drills contribute to the physical conditioning of advanced players. Many drills require high-intensity movements, such as sprinting, jumping, and lateral shuffling, which help improve players’ speed, agility, and endurance. The repetitive nature of drills also improves players’ overall fitness level, allowing them to sustain their performance and focus for extended periods of time during matches.

Overall, tennis drills are essential for advanced players looking to take their game to the next level. Whether it’s improving technique, tactical awareness, or physical fitness, incorporating a variety of drills into training routines can help advanced players refine their skills and elevate their performance on the court.

Drill #1: Advanced Groundstroke Drill

The advanced groundstroke drill is a challenging exercise designed to improve the accuracy, power, and consistency of a player’s groundstrokes. This drill is ideal for advanced players who have already mastered the basic groundstrokes and are looking to take their game to the next level.

To perform this drill, the player should start by hitting a series of groundstrokes from one side of the court to the other. The goal is to keep the ball within the lines while maintaining a strong, controlled stroke. The player should focus on using their full body, from their legs to their hips and shoulders, to generate power and accuracy in their shots.

The coach or hitting partner can add variations to the drill, such as changing the direction of the shots or introducing random targets on the court. This will help the player develop their ability to quickly adjust and react to different situations during a match. It is also important to focus on footwork and positioning, as this will enable the player to get into the correct position to hit the ball effectively.

This drill can be done during practice sessions or as a warm-up before a match. It is important for the player to stay mentally focused and fully engage in the exercise to get the maximum benefit. With consistent practice, the advanced groundstroke drill can help players improve their overall performance and become more dominant on the tennis court.

Drill #2: Advanced Serve and Volley Drill

In addition to improving serve and volley skills, advanced players can benefit from specific drills that focus on enhancing speed, accuracy, and strategy. One effective drill for advanced players is the Advanced Serve and Volley Drill.

This drill involves serving to specific targets and immediately following up with a strong volley. Players can set up targets on either side of the court, such as cones or tape, to improve accuracy and target their shots. By focusing on serving and volleying in a rapid sequence, players can develop quicker reflexes and improve their ability to accurately place the ball.

During the drill, coaches or practice partners can provide feedback on technique and strategy, ensuring that players are using the most effective approach when serving and volleying. They can also simulate game situations, challenging players to make quick decisions about where to serve and how to approach the net.

The Advanced Serve and Volley Drill is an excellent way for advanced players to refine their skills and prepare for competitive matches. By incorporating this drill into regular practice sessions, players can enhance their serve, volley, and overall game strategy to become more formidable opponents on the court.

Drill #3: Advanced Backhand Slice Drill

The backhand slice is an essential shot for advanced tennis players. It is a technique that allows the player to create a low, spinning ball that can be difficult for opponents to attack. This drill is designed to improve the accuracy and control of the backhand slice.

To perform this drill, the player should start at the baseline and have a target on the opposite side of the court. They should then hit a series of backhand slices, aiming to land the ball within the target area. The player should focus on using a compact and smooth swing, generating enough spin to keep the ball low and controlled.

As the player becomes more proficient, they can increase the difficulty of the drill by adding movement. This can involve hitting the backhand slice while moving laterally along the baseline or hitting it on the run. The goal is to simulate realistic match situations where the player may be forced to hit a backhand slice while on the move.

This drill is effective for advanced players as it helps improve their ability to control the backhand slice and hit it accurately under different conditions. It also trains their footwork and balance, as they need to adjust their position while executing the shot. Regular practice of this drill can significantly enhance a player’s backhand slice and make it a formidable weapon in their arsenal.

5 Best tennis drills for advanced players

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Question and answer:

What is the Drill #3: Advanced Backhand Slice Drill?

The Drill #3: Advanced Backhand Slice Drill is a practice exercise that focuses on improving the backhand slice shot in tennis.

How does the Advanced Backhand Slice Drill work?

The Advanced Backhand Slice Drill involves hitting a series of backhand slice shots in a controlled manner to develop technique, control, and consistency.

What are the benefits of practicing the Advanced Backhand Slice Drill?

Practicing the Advanced Backhand Slice Drill can help players improve their ability to create different spins, control the depth and angle of their shots, and handle low balls effectively.

How can I incorporate the Advanced Backhand Slice Drill into my training routine?

You can incorporate the Advanced Backhand Slice Drill into your training routine by setting aside dedicated practice sessions focused on this specific shot. You can also integrate the drill into your regular practice sessions to reinforce technique and develop muscle memory.


In conclusion, the advanced backhand slice drill is a fantastic way for tennis players to improve their backhand slice technique. This drill focuses on developing control, accuracy, and consistency in executing the backhand slice shot. By using a combination of proper footwork, body rotation, and racket preparation, players can effectively execute this shot. The drill helps players develop a better understanding of the mechanics and timing required to create a sharp and low backhand slice. By practicing this drill consistently, players can enhance their overall backhand slice and add a valuable weapon to their game. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, incorporating this drill into your training routine will undoubtedly lead to improved performance on the tennis court.

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