Best tennis coaching drills

Tennis coaching drills are an essential part of developing and improving a player’s skills on the court. These drills help players to refine their technique, enhance their footwork, and improve their overall game strategy. From beginners to advanced players, incorporating effective coaching drills into training sessions can make a significant difference in a player’s performance.

One of the best tennis coaching drills is the “baseline rally”. This drill focuses on developing consistency and control in a player’s groundstrokes. Players are encouraged to hit the ball back and forth with their opponent from the baseline, maintaining a steady rhythm and aiming for accuracy. This drill helps players to improve their timing, shot selection, and court positioning, which are critical skills in a competitive match.

Another valuable tennis coaching drill is the “serve and volley”. This drill emphasizes the importance of a strong serve and the ability to follow it up with a quick transition to the net. Players practice serving and then immediately moving towards the net to make a volley. This drill helps players to improve their serving technique, accuracy, and agility at the net. It also teaches players to anticipate their opponent’s shot and react quickly, which is essential in doubles matches.

In addition to these drills, there are various other coaching drills that target specific areas of a player’s game, such as volleys, overheads, and serves. These drills allow coaches to customize their training sessions based on their players’ individual needs and provide targeted practice to address any weaknesses. By incorporating a combination of these drills into training sessions, coaches can help their players develop a well-rounded game and improve their overall performance on the court.

Improving Performance with 6 Tennis Coaching Drills

Enhancing performance on the tennis court requires consistent practice and targeted drills. Here are six effective tennis coaching drills that can help players improve their overall performance and skill level.

1. Groundstroke Accuracy Drill: This drill focuses on improving a player’s accuracy and consistency when hitting groundstrokes. Players are required to hit balls within specific target areas on the court, forcing them to develop precision in their shots.

2. Volley and Overhead Drill: This drill emphasizes net play and helps players improve their volleys and overhead shots. Players practice executing successful volleys and overheads while maintaining control and accuracy.

3. Footwork and Agility Drill: Good footwork is crucial in tennis. This drill focuses on improving a player’s agility, speed, and quickness on the court. Through various exercises and footwork patterns, players enhance their ability to move efficiently and effectively during gameplay.

4. Serve and Return Drill: The serve and return are fundamental aspects of tennis. This drill focuses on developing a player’s serving and returning skills. Players practice serving and returning with different techniques and strategies, aiming to improve their consistency and effectiveness in these areas.

5. Live Ball Drill: This drill simulates real match situations by incorporating point play. Players engage in live rallies and compete against each other, applying their techniques and skills in a competitive setting. This drill helps improve decision-making, shot selection, and overall tactical awareness.

6. Mental Toughness Drill: Tennis is not just a physical game but also a mental one. This drill focuses on building mental toughness and resilience. Players are challenged to remain focused, stay positive, and overcome pressure and adversity during practice sessions, helping them develop a strong mental game.

By incorporating these coaching drills into their training routine, tennis players can enhance their overall performance, sharpen their skills, and become more well-rounded athletes.

Serve and Volley Drill

Serve and Volley Drill

One of the most effective drills for improving your serve and volley game in tennis is the Serve and Volley Drill. This drill focuses on practicing both the serve and the subsequent volley, allowing you to develop your skills in both areas.

To perform the Serve and Volley Drill, start by serving from the baseline. After serving, quickly move towards the net and prepare to volley the return shot. The goal of this drill is to practice the transition from serving to volleying, as well as to improve your reaction time and volleys in different situations.

This drill can be done with a partner or a coach. When practicing with a partner, take turns serving and volleying, providing each other with opportunities to practice both shots. If you are coaching someone, you can use a ball machine or feed them balls to practice their serves and volleys.

During the Serve and Volley Drill, focus on the technique of your serve, ensuring that you are using the proper grip, generating power from your legs and core, and aiming for the desired target. For the volley, concentrate on having a firm wrist, keeping your eye on the ball, and using a controlled and precise motion.

By regularly incorporating the Serve and Volley Drill into your training routine, you can improve your serve and volley game and become a more well-rounded tennis player. This drill will help you develop both your serving and volleying skills, allowing you to become more confident and effective at the net.

Footwork Drill

One of the most important aspects of tennis is footwork. Good footwork allows players to quickly move around the court and reach the ball in time. It is crucial for players to have agility, speed, and balance during a match. One of the best ways to improve footwork is by practicing specific footwork drills.

A footwork drill that can be beneficial for tennis players is the ladder drill. This drill involves setting up a ladder on the ground and having players step in and out of the ladder’s rungs, moving laterally from one side to the other. This drill helps improve quickness, coordination, and balance. Players can start slowly and gradually increase their speed as they become more comfortable with the drill. Another variation of this drill is to hop instead of step, which adds an element of explosiveness to the footwork.

Another valuable footwork drill is the “shadowing” drill. During this drill, players mimic the movements of an opponent by shadowing their footwork. This helps players improve their reaction time and anticipation skills. Players can focus on different aspects of footwork, such as lateral movement, forward and backward movement, and pivoting. This drill can be performed both on and off the court, allowing players to practice footwork even when they don’t have access to a tennis court.

In conclusion, footwork drills are essential for tennis players to improve their agility, speed, and balance on the court. The ladder drill and the shadowing drill are just two examples of effective drills that can enhance a player’s footwork. By regularly practicing these drills, players can develop the necessary footwork skills to excel in their tennis game.

Forehand and Backhand Groundstroke Drill

The forehand and backhand groundstroke drill is an essential training exercise for tennis players looking to improve their stroking technique and consistency. This drill focuses on developing the player’s ability to hit powerful and accurate groundstrokes from both sides of the court.

To execute this drill, the coach or player can stand on the opposite side of the net and feed balls to the player’s forehand and backhand side. The player must then hit alternating forehand and backhand groundstrokes in a continuous rally. The goal is to maintain a consistent rally while focusing on proper footwork, racquet preparation, and follow-through.

This drill helps players improve their forehand and backhand groundstrokes by allowing them to practice the essential aspects of their technique repeatedly. Through consistent repetition, the player can develop muscle memory and improve their stroke precision and power. Additionally, this drill helps players enhance their footwork and court positioning, as they must quickly adjust their stance and footwork to hit forehand and backhand shots from different areas of the court.

The forehand and backhand groundstroke drill is ideal for players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Coaches can modify the drill by adjusting the speed and placement of the balls as per the player’s ability. By incorporating this drill into their training routine, players can enhance their groundstrokes and become more confident and versatile in their game.

Approach Shot Drill

Improve your approach shots with this effective drill

Approach shots are a crucial part of the game in tennis, as they allow players to transition from the baseline to the net and gain control of the point. To improve your approach shots, you can utilize the approach shot drill, which focuses on footwork, positioning, and shot selection.

In this drill, set up a target or a cone at the baseline on one side of the court. Begin by standing at the baseline on the opposite side. Start by hitting a deep groundstroke to the target, then quickly advance towards the net to take the next shot. The goal is to hit an approach shot that lands deep and forces your opponent to hit a defensive shot.

During the drill, focus on your footwork and positioning. Get into a split step as your opponent hits the ball, then take quick, small steps towards the net. Make sure to stay low and maintain balance, as this will allow you to generate power and control on your approach shot. Additionally, choose the right shot to hit as your approach – a well-executed topspin or slice shot can be effective in keeping the ball low and at a controlled pace.

Practice the approach shot drill regularly to improve your ability to transition from the baseline to the net and put pressure on your opponent. By honing your footwork, positioning, and shot selection, you can become a more versatile player and gain an edge in your matches.

5 Best tennis coaching drills

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Question and answer:

What is an approach shot drill?

An approach shot drill is a practice exercise in golf that focuses on improving the accuracy and distance control of shots played from the fairway or rough to the green.

How does an approach shot drill work?

An approach shot drill typically involves setting up targets on the practice range at different distances and practicing hitting shots with specific targets in mind. Golfers may also work on different club selections, trajectory control, and shot shapes during these drills.

Why is an approach shot drill important in golf?

An approach shot drill is important in golf because accurate and precise approach shots are critical for scoring well. By practicing these shots, golfers can improve their ability to hit greens in regulation, set up scoring opportunities, and ultimately lower their scores.

What are some common approach shot drills?

Some common approach shot drills in golf include hitting balls to specific targets at different distances, playing games where you must hit the green from certain yardages, and practicing hitting approach shots with different trajectories and shot shapes.

How often should I incorporate approach shot drills into my practice routine?

It is recommended to incorporate approach shot drills into your practice routine regularly. By regularly practicing these shots, you can develop consistency and confidence in your ability to hit accurate approach shots on the course.


In conclusion, the approach shot is an essential skill for any tennis player looking to improve their game. By utilizing the approach shot drill, players can enhance their footwork, shot selection, and overall strategy on the court. This drill helps players develop their ability to anticipate their opponent’s shots and place themselves in advantageous positions to hit winners. By regularly incorporating this drill into practice sessions, players can become more confident and effective in their approach shots. Ultimately, mastering this skill can lead to more successful and dominating performances on the tennis court.

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