Best team box out drills

Boxing out is a crucial aspect of basketball that often goes unnoticed. It is a fundamental skill that every player must master to excel on the court. Box out drills are designed to improve a team’s ability to secure rebounds and limit the opposition’s second-chance opportunities.

One of the best team box out drills is the “War Rebound” drill. This drill focuses on developing players’ strength, positioning, and timing when engaging in a rebound battle. In this drill, two players start under the basket, facing each other. The coach tosses the ball towards the rim, and the two players go for the rebound, using their bodies to box each other out. This drill promotes physicality and teaches players how to establish and maintain favorable rebounding position.

Another effective team box out drill is the “Triangle Boxing Out” drill. In this drill, three offensive players form a triangle around the basket, while three defensive players position themselves in between the offensive players. The coach throws the ball towards the rim, and both teams compete for the rebound. The goal for the defensive players is to box out the offensive players and secure the rebound. This drill emphasizes communication, teamwork, and the importance of multiple players boxing out to control the glass.

The “Chaos Rebounding” drill is an intense, fast-paced drill that simulates game-like rebounding situations. In this drill, the coach throws the ball towards the rim, and all players on the court go for the rebound. The objective is for the team to secure the rebound and quickly transition to offense. This drill not only improves players’ rebounding skills but also enhances their ability to react quickly and make split-second decisions on the court.

By incorporating these and other team box out drills into practice sessions, coaches can help their teams develop a competitive edge by becoming more effective and efficient at rebounding. Excellent box out skills can lead to more possessions, fewer second-chance opportunities for the opposition, and ultimately contribute to a team’s success on the basketball court.

The Importance of Box Out Drills

Box out drills are an essential component of basketball training as they teach players the importance of positioning and physicality in securing rebounds. These drills focus on techniques that enable players to effectively box out their opponents, denying them the opportunity to grab offensive rebounds and create second-chance scoring opportunities.

Developing box out skills through drills is crucial for a successful team. Box out drills help players understand the importance of establishing a strong position between their opponent and the basket. By using body contact, players can control their opponent’s movements and create space to secure the rebound. These drills also emphasize the need for anticipation and quick reactions to react to the ball once it hits the rim.

  • Improve rebounding efficiency: The ability to secure rebounds consistently is a crucial skill for winning basketball games. Box out drills teach players how to position themselves properly and use their bodies to effectively box out opponents, increasing their chances of grabbing rebounds and limiting second-chance scoring opportunities for the opposition.
  • Enhance team defense: Strong rebounding is an integral part of team defense. By getting proper position and boxing out opponents, players can prevent offensive rebounds, limiting extra scoring opportunities for the opposing team. This not only improves the team’s chances of winning but also boosts their overall defensive performance.
  • Instill discipline and physicality: Box out drills teach players the importance of discipline and physicality in basketball. They emphasize the need to maintain focus, stay low, and establish contact with opponents to create space and secure rebounds. These skills translate into other areas of the game, promoting a more disciplined and physical playing style.
  • Promote teamwork and communication: Box out drills require players to work together and communicate effectively. Players must coordinate their efforts to successfully box out opponents and secure rebounds. These drills promote teamwork and communication, fostering a stronger team dynamic on the court.

Drill #1: Box Out Rebounding

In basketball, it is crucial for players to have a strong rebounding ability. One key aspect of rebounding is the skill of box out, which involves positioning yourself between the opponent and the basket to block them out and gain control of the rebound. To improve this skill, coaches can implement the Box Out Rebounding drill.

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The Purpose:

  • The purpose of the Box Out Rebounding drill is to teach players how to establish and maintain proper positioning to box out opponents and secure rebounds.
  • By practicing this drill, players will develop the strength, timing, and technique required to effectively box out their opponents and gain an advantage on the rebounding battle.

The Drill:

1. Divide the team into pairs. Each pair will stand facing each other inside the key area, with one player on offense and the other on defense.

2. The offensive player will attempt to gain inside position for a potential rebound, while the defensive player’s goal is to box out the offensive player and prevent them from getting the rebound.

3. The drill begins with the coach shooting the ball towards the basket.

4. Both players will engage in physical contact, with the defensive player executing proper box out technique by placing their body between the offensive player and the basket, while maintaining a low and balanced stance.

5. The offensive player will try to navigate around the defensive player and secure the rebound.

6. After each repetition, players switch roles, allowing both players to practice their offensive and defensive boxing out skills.

Tips for Success:

  • Emphasize the importance of a wide and balanced stance, as it provides a solid base for better stability and strength.
  • Encourage players to anticipate the trajectory of the ball and establish position before the ball is released.
  • Focus on proper technique, with the defensive player extending their arms and using their body to create space and maintain contact with the offensive player.
  • Remind players to maintain a low center of gravity to withstand physical contact and stay in control during the box out.
  • Praise players for their effort and improvement in securing rebounds by executing effective box outs.

Drill #2: Shielding the ball

In this drill, the focus is on teaching players how to effectively shield the ball from opponents while in possession. This skill is crucial in maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities for the team.

To start the drill, players are split into pairs, with one player designated as the attacker and the other as the defender. The attacker’s objective is to keep the ball away from the defender, while the defender’s goal is to try and steal the ball.

  • The attacker should use their body to create a physical barrier between the defender and the ball.
  • They can use their arms and legs to shield the ball, making it difficult for the defender to reach it.
  • The attacker should also focus on their body positioning, making sure to keep their body between the defender and the ball at all times.
  • The defender, on the other hand, should use their positioning and quick movements to try and cut off passing lanes and steal the ball from the attacker.
  • They should anticipate the attacker’s movements and react quickly to try and intercept the ball.

This drill should be practiced on both sides of the court to ensure that players are comfortable shielding the ball regardless of their position on the court. It can also be modified to include multiple defenders to create more challenging scenarios for the attacker.

A successful implementation of this drill will help improve the team’s ball control skills and their ability to maintain possession under pressure. It will also enhance their decision-making abilities as they learn to identify the best moments to pass and create scoring opportunities.

Drill #3: Defensive Closeout Technique

When it comes to playing defense, one key aspect that players need to master is the defensive closeout technique. This drill focuses on improving a player’s ability to quickly and effectively close out on an offensive player.

During this drill, players will start by standing a few feet away from their coach or teammate, who will simulate being an offensive player. The coach or teammate will have the ball and will be ready to shoot. The defensive player will start in a low defensive stance, with their hands up and their eyes on the ball.

When the offensive player starts to shoot, the defensive player must quickly close out on them, sprinting towards them while maintaining a low stance and keeping their hands up to contest the shot. The defensive player should aim to get as close to the offensive player as possible without fouling them.

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This drill requires speed, agility, and proper technique. The defensive player must have quick reflexes to react to the offensive player’s shot and sprint towards them in a controlled manner. Keeping their hands up ensures they are in a position to contest the shot effectively.

  • Start in a low defensive stance
  • Maintain eye contact with the offensive player
  • Sprint towards the offensive player while keeping hands up
  • Don’t foul the offensive player
  • Repeat the drill multiple times to improve technique and speed

5 Best team box out drills

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Question and answer:

What is a defensive closeout technique?

A defensive closeout technique is a defensive strategy used in basketball to effectively defend against an opponent who has the ball outside the three-point line.

Why is defensive closeout important?

Defensive closeout is important because it allows the defender to quickly get into position to contest a shot, limit the passing options, and reduce the offensive player’s time and space.

What are the key principles of a defensive closeout technique?

The key principles of a defensive closeout technique include closing out with proper footwork, maintaining a low defensive stance, using active hands to disrupt the offensive player, and staying balanced to quickly react to any offensive moves.

How can I improve my defensive closeout technique?

You can improve your defensive closeout technique by practicing proper footwork, maintaining an athletic stance, reacting quickly to offensive movements, and constantly working on your defensive skills.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in defensive closeout technique?

Some common mistakes to avoid in defensive closeout technique include closing out too slowly, standing too upright, reaching instead of moving your feet, and being off-balance, which can lead to defensive breakdowns.

What is the defensive closeout technique?

The defensive closeout technique is a defensive basketball strategy where a defender quickly closes the gap between themselves and an offensive player who has the ball, in order to contest a shot or prevent the player from driving to the basket.


In conclusion, the defensive closeout technique is an essential skill for basketball players to master. It involves quickly closing the distance between the defender and the offensive player, while maintaining a low defensive stance and keeping the hands active. This drill helps players improve their footwork, agility, and timing, all of which are critical for effective defense. By regularly practicing this drill, players can enhance their ability to close out on shooters, contest shots, and disrupt offensive plays. It is an important skill to have in any defensive strategy and can greatly contribute to a team’s success on the court.

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