Best table tennis drills with partner

Table tennis is a fast-paced and demanding sport that requires quick reflexes, agility, and precision. In order to improve your skills and elevate your game, it is crucial to engage in regular practice sessions. One of the most effective ways to enhance your table tennis abilities is by partnering up with another player and engaging in specific drills that target various aspects of the game.

Partner drills in table tennis provide an opportunity for players to work on their footwork, coordination, shot placement, and strategy. They not only help in developing technical skills but also foster communication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player seeking to sharpen your skills, practicing with a partner can be extremely beneficial.

In this article, we will explore some of the best table tennis drills that can be done with a partner. These drills cater to players of all levels and focus on different aspects of the game, such as serving, receiving, rallying, and attack. Incorporating these drills into your practice routine will not only improve your overall performance but also make your training sessions more enjoyable and engaging.

Best Table Tennis Drills with Partner

Table tennis drills are an essential part of training for any player looking to improve their skills and technique. Working with a partner can enhance these drills, as it simulates game-like situations and adds an element of competition. Here are some of the best table tennis drills that you can do with a partner:

1. Serve and Return: This drill focuses on improving your serve and return skills. One player serves the ball, while the other player tries to return it. Switch roles after every set, aiming to execute different types of serves and returns. This drill helps improve reaction time, accuracy, and placement of shots.

2. Forehand-Backhand Rally: This drill is designed to improve your forehand and backhand strokes. Start by rallying with your partner using only forehand shots. After a set number of hits, switch to backhand shots. Repeat this pattern, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of the rally. This drill helps develop consistency, footwork, and shot variation.

3. Blocking and Attacking: This drill focuses on improving your blocking and attacking skills. One player takes on the role of a blocker, while the other player attacks. The blocker’s goal is to return the shots and keep the ball in play, while the attacker aims to win the point. This drill helps improve reflexes, control, and decision-making in game situations.

4. Random Placement: This drill helps improve your ability to react quickly to unpredictable shots. One player stands close to the net and randomly places the ball in different areas of the table. The other player must respond by returning the ball to the designated area. This drill helps improve agility, control, and anticipation of shots.

5. Multi-Ball Training: This drill involves one player acting as a feeder, while the other player practices hitting a certain number of balls in a set time. The feeder continuously feeds balls to the practicing player, who must hit them with accuracy and consistency. This drill helps improve speed, timing, and shot selection.

Incorporating these table tennis drills into your training sessions with a partner can greatly enhance your skills and improve your overall performance on the table. Try these drills regularly and focus on specific aspects of the game that you want to improve upon. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Importance of Practice

Practice plays a crucial role in becoming a skilled table tennis player. It is through repetitive training and drills that players can improve their skills, enhance their techniques, and develop their overall performance on the table. The more time and effort a player invests in practicing, the better they become at the game. With consistent practice, players can sharpen their hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and decision-making abilities.

Moreover, practice allows players to familiarize themselves with the various shots, footwork, and strategies involved in table tennis. By practicing with a partner, players can engage in drills that simulate real-game scenarios, helping them understand the dynamics of the game and develop effective strategies to counter their opponent. Regular practice also helps in building stamina and endurance, which are essential for maintaining high energy levels during long matches.

Overall, practice is the key to success in table tennis. It is important for players to allocate sufficient time for regular practice sessions, focusing on specific areas of improvement and constantly challenging themselves to push their boundaries. With consistent practice, players can reach their full potential and excel in the sport of table tennis.

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Warm-Up Drills

When preparing for a table tennis session with a partner, it is important to start with a good warm-up. A proper warm-up helps to increase blood flow, loosen muscles, and prevent injuries. Here are some effective warm-up drills for table tennis:

  • Forehand and Backhand Serves: Begin by practicing forehand and backhand serves with your partner. This will help you warm up your arm muscles and work on your serve technique.
  • Shadow Practice: Stand across the table from your partner and practice your strokes without hitting the ball. This helps to improve your footwork, coordination, and overall technique.
  • Short and Long Pushes: Take turns pushing the ball short and long to each other. This drill helps to warm up your wrist, forearm, and upper body strength, as well as improve your control and touch on the ball.
  • Side-to-Side Footwork: Stand on one side of the table, and have your partner stand on the other side. Move side to side as your partner hits the ball to different positions on the table. This drill helps to improve your lateral movement and agility.
  • Multi-Ball Training: Have your partner feed you balls from various angles and speeds. This drill simulates game-like situations and helps to improve your reaction time, shot selection, and overall consistency.

Remember to start with a light warm-up and gradually increase the intensity. It is important to listen to your body and avoid overexertion during the warm-up. By incorporating these drills into your warm-up routine, you will be ready to perform at your best during your table tennis session with a partner.

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Forehand and Backhand Drills

The forehand and backhand are two essential strokes in table tennis. To improve your performance in these areas, it is important to practice specific drills that focus on developing your technique, speed, and accuracy.

Forehand Drills:

  • Forehand topspin drill: This drill involves rallying with your partner, focusing on generating topspin on each shot. Start with short and controlled shots, gradually increasing the speed and intensity as you become more comfortable.
  • Forehand counter-hit drill: This drill is designed to improve your speed and reflexes. Stand closer to the table and take turns hitting fast shots to each other’s forehand side. Focus on quick reaction times and maintaining control.
  • Forehand push and flick drill: This drill helps improve your ability to vary your shots. Practice alternating between forehand pushes and forehand flicks. Aim for accuracy and consistency in each shot.

Backhand Drills:

  • Backhand block drill: Start by blocking your partner’s incoming shots with your backhand. Focus on maintaining a steady and controlled block to keep the ball low and close to the net.
  • Backhand loop drill: This drill focuses on generating topspin with your backhand stroke. Practice looping the ball with your backhand, aiming for power and accuracy. Start with slow and controlled shots, gradually increasing the speed and intensity.
  • Backhand flick drill: This drill helps improve your ability to attack with your backhand flick. Take turns flicking the ball to each other’s backhand side, focusing on speed and precision.

These forehand and backhand drills, when practiced regularly, can help improve your technique, control, and overall performance in table tennis. Remember to focus on consistency, accuracy, and speed in each drill to maximize your progress.

Serving and Receiving Drills

Serving and receiving are two crucial aspects of table tennis. Without a good serve, it becomes difficult to gain an advantage over your opponent, and without good receiving skills, it becomes hard to counter their serves effectively. To improve your serving and receiving abilities, here are some drills you can practice with a partner:

1. Serve and Return Practice: Set up a small area on one side of the table using cones or markers. One player will serve the ball, and the other player must return it within the designated area. The server should vary the speed, spin, and placement of their serves to challenge the receiver. This drill helps improve both accuracy and positioning in serving and receiving.

2. Serve and Attack Drill: In this drill, the server will focus on serving with different spin and speed variations while the receiver tries to return the ball in a way that sets up an attacking shot. The receiver should aim to return the serve with good placement and control, enabling them to follow up with a strong offensive shot. This drill enhances both serving and receiving skills under pressure.

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3. Random Serve Practice: In this drill, the server will randomly choose different types of serves and the receiver must anticipate and return accordingly. The server can mix up short serves, long serves, sidespin serves, and topspin serves to keep the receiver guessing. This drill improves reaction time, adaptability, and decision-making in receiving.

By regularly practicing these serving and receiving drills, you will develop better control over your serves, improve your ability to read and counter your opponent’s serves, and ultimately enhance your overall performance in table tennis.

5 Best table tennis drills with partner

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Question and answer:

What are serving and receiving drills?

Serving and receiving drills are practice exercises that focus on improving a player’s ability to serve and receive the ball in volleyball or tennis.

Why are serving and receiving drills important?

Serving and receiving are fundamental skills in both volleyball and tennis. By practicing these drills, players can improve their accuracy, consistency, and overall performance in games.

What types of serving and receiving drills are there?

There are various types of serving and receiving drills, including target serves, serve and receive rotations, block and defense drills, and blocking and digging drills. Each drill focuses on different aspects of serving and receiving skills.

How often should serving and receiving drills be practiced?

Serving and receiving drills should be practiced regularly to maintain and improve skills. Ideally, players should incorporate these drills into their training sessions at least a few times a week.

Can serving and receiving drills be done by beginners?

Yes, serving and receiving drills can be done by players of all skill levels, including beginners. These drills can help beginners develop basic skills and improve their consistency and accuracy over time.


In conclusion, serving and receiving drills are crucial for every volleyball player’s development. These drills help improve their precision, power, and consistency in both serving and receiving, which are fundamental skills in the sport. By practicing these drills regularly, players can enhance their serving technique and accuracy, as well as their ability to anticipate and react to incoming serves. It is important for coaches and players to dedicate time and effort to these drills in order to improve their overall performance and contribute to the success of the team. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, serving and receiving drills should always be a part of your training routine.

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