Best swim kick drills

Swimming is a highly technique-driven sport, and one of the key elements to a strong and efficient swim stroke is a powerful kick. The lower body plays a crucial role in generating propulsion and maintaining balance in the water. Therefore, it is important for swimmers to dedicate time to improving their kick. In this article, we will discuss some of the best swim kick drills that can help swimmers develop a strong and effective kick.

One of the most effective kick drills is the flutter kick drill. This drill is great for developing leg strength and ankle flexibility. To perform this drill, swimmers lie on their back in the water and kick their legs in a quick and continuous motion. The focus should be on keeping the legs straight and kicking from the hips. Additionally, swimmers can use a kickboard to provide extra buoyancy and support as they practice their flutter kick.

Another beneficial kick drill is the breaststroke kick drill. Breaststroke is a unique stroke that requires a powerful and coordinated kick. This drill focuses on the kick phase of the breaststroke and helps swimmers improve their leg power and timing. To perform this drill, swimmers lie on their stomach and simulate the kicking motion of breaststroke while keeping their upper body still. The emphasis should be on the simultaneous movement of the legs, with the knees bending outwards and the feet turning out before propelling forward.

Lastly, the dolphin kick drill is essential for swimmers looking to improve their underwater speed and efficiency. This drill mimics the kicking motion of the dolphin kick, which is commonly used in butterfly and underwater dolphin kick in other strokes. To perform this drill, swimmers lie on their stomach and perform a continuous undulating motion with their entire body, focusing on the whip-like movement of the legs. This drill helps develop core strength and body control, which are vital for maintaining a strong and fast kick throughout a race.

By incorporating these swim kick drills into their training routines, swimmers can improve their leg strength, ankle flexibility, and overall technique. Consistent practice and focus on these drills will help swimmers achieve a more powerful and efficient kick, leading to faster swim times and better overall performance in the water.

Best Swim Kick Drills

Swim kick drills are an essential part of a swimmer’s training routine, as they help to improve leg strength, body position, and overall stroke efficiency in the water. Here are some of the most effective swim kick drills that can help swimmers enhance their performance:

1. Kick on Your Back: This drill involves lying on your back in the water and using only your legs to propel yourself forward. It helps to improve your kicking technique and strengthens the muscles in your lower body. Start with slow and controlled kicks, focusing on maintaining a steady rhythm.

2. Streamline Dolphin Kick: This drill focuses on the dolphin kick, which is a powerful and efficient underwater kicking technique. Start by pushing off the wall in a streamlined position and perform a series of dolphin kicks, keeping your body straight and your legs together. This drill helps to improve core strength and body control.

3. Underwater Kick with Fins: Using swim fins can provide added resistance and help swimmers develop more power in their kicks. This drill involves swimming underwater with fins while focusing on maintaining a strong and consistent kick. It helps to improve leg strength and endurance.

4. Vertical Kick: This drill is performed by treading water in a vertical position while using only your legs to keep yourself afloat. It helps to improve leg strength, ankle flexibility, and overall kicking technique. To make it more challenging, try doing the vertical kick with your arms out of the water.

5. Scissor Kick Drill: This drill involves performing a scissor kick motion with your legs while swimming freestyle. It helps to improve leg coordination and is particularly beneficial for swimmers who tend to have a weak kick. Focus on keeping your kicks strong and symmetrical as you move through the water.

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Incorporating these swim kick drills into your training routine can greatly enhance your kicking technique, leg strength, and overall swimming performance. Remember to start with proper form and gradually increase your speed and intensity as you become more comfortable with each drill. Happy kicking!

Flutter Kick Drill

Flutter Kick Drill

The flutter kick drill is a fundamental exercise in swimming that focuses on developing strength and coordination in the legs. This drill is often used to improve kicking technique and increase overall efficiency in the water.

During the flutter kick drill, swimmers lie on their backs with their arms extended alongside their bodies. They then kick their legs up and down in a fluttering motion, concentrating on keeping their ankles relaxed and their toes pointed. This motion should originate from the hips, with the legs in a straight and streamlined position.

A common variation of the flutter kick drill involves using a kickboard to provide additional resistance and support. Swimmers hold onto the kickboard while performing the flutter kick, which helps to isolate and strengthen the leg muscles.

The flutter kick drill is often incorporated into swim workouts as a warm-up or as a technique-focused exercise. It can be modified to meet the needs of swimmers of all levels, with variations in speed, duration, and intensity. Regular practice of the flutter kick drill can contribute to improved leg strength, enhanced kicking technique, and increased overall swimming speed.

Dolphin Kick Drill

The dolphin kick is an essential component of a successful swimmer’s technique, as it provides propulsion and contributes to overall speed in the water. One effective way to improve the dolphin kick is through a specific drill known as the dolphin kick drill.

In the dolphin kick drill, swimmers focus on refining their body position and rhythm during the kick. To begin the drill, swimmers start in a streamlined position on their stomachs, with their arms extended overhead and their legs together. The drill involves a rapid up-and-down movement of the hips, generating a wave-like motion that propels the swimmer through the water.

During the dolphin kick drill, swimmers should pay close attention to maintaining a relaxed and fluid motion throughout the kick. They should strive for a strong and powerful kick by engaging their core muscles and driving the movement from their hips. It is important to avoid excessive bending of the knees or bending at the waist, as this can create drag and slow down forward progress.

A variation of the dolphin kick drill involves using a kickboard to isolate and focus solely on the kick. By holding the kickboard with extended arms and using a dolphin kick, swimmers can strengthen their leg muscles and gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the kick. This variation allows swimmers to concentrate on the kick without the distraction of arm movements and helps improve the overall power and efficiency of the kick.

Breaststroke Kick Drill

The breaststroke kick is an essential component of a successful breaststroke swim. It provides the main propulsive force to propel the swimmer forward. To improve the efficiency and power of your breaststroke kick, you can incorporate a specific drill into your training routine.

A popular breaststroke kick drill is the 3-Count Glide Drill. Start by pushing off the wall in a streamlined position. As you glide forward, focus on keeping your body straight and streamlined. Count to three as you glide, making sure to maintain a tight and controlled kick. After the count of three, initiate the breaststroke kick by bending your knees and bringing your heels towards your buttocks. Then, quickly extend your legs and snap your feet outwards, creating a flicking motion. Return to the streamlined position and repeat the drill, aiming to maintain a consistent rhythm and power in your kick.

This drill helps to improve the coordination, strength, and flexibility of your breaststroke kick. By practicing the 3-Count Glide Drill, you can develop a stronger and more efficient kick, allowing you to propel yourself through the water with greater speed and precision. Incorporate this drill into your regular training routine to see improvements in your breaststroke technique.

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Backstroke Kick Drill

One of the most effective drills for improving backstroke kick technique is the Backstroke Kick Drill. This drill focuses on developing a strong and efficient kick motion, which is crucial for maintaining a streamlined body position in the water.

  • Body Position: Start by lying flat on your back in the water, with your arms extended above your head. Make sure to keep your body relaxed and in a straight line, with your hips close to the surface.
  • Kick Technique: Begin the drill by focusing on your kicking technique. Start with small, quick kicks, emphasizing a snap-like motion of the feet. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the amplitude and power of your kicks while maintaining a steady rhythm.
  • Kick Timing: Pay attention to the timing of your kick. The kick should be initiated as your opposite arm enters the water during the stroke cycle. This timing helps to maximize propulsion and maintain a smooth swimming rhythm.
  • Leg Coordination: Practice coordinating the movement of both legs. As one leg kicks, the other leg should be in the recovery phase, preparing for the next kick. This alternating leg action promotes balance and efficiency in your kick.
  • Breathing: While performing the Backstroke Kick Drill, practice your breathing technique by turning your head to the side to take a breath as needed. Maintain a steady breathing pattern without disrupting your sense of rhythm and balance.
  • Distance and Repetitions: Start with shorter distances, such as 25 meters or yards, and gradually increase the distance as your kick technique improves. Repeat the drill for multiple sets, aiming for consistency and quality in each repetition.

The Backstroke Kick Drill is an effective tool for swimmers looking to improve their backstroke kick technique. By focusing on body position, kick technique, timing, leg coordination, breathing, and gradually increasing the distance and repetitions, swimmers can develop a stronger and more efficient backstroke kick.

5 Best swim kick drills

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Question and answer:

What is the backstroke kick drill?

The backstroke kick drill is a swimming drill that focuses on improving the technique and strength of the kick in backstroke swimming.

How do you perform the backstroke kick drill?

To perform the backstroke kick drill, you lie on your back in the water and kick your legs up and down simultaneously, keeping them straight and close together. The emphasis is on generating power and propulsion from the kick.

What is the purpose of the backstroke kick drill?

The purpose of the backstroke kick drill is to develop a strong and efficient kick in backstroke swimming. It helps improve the coordination and power of the leg movement, leading to better overall performance in the stroke.

Can the backstroke kick drill be done with fins?

Yes, the backstroke kick drill can be done with fins. Using fins can provide additional resistance and help swimmers build more strength in their legs during the drill.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid during the backstroke kick drill?

Yes, some common mistakes to avoid during the backstroke kick drill include kicking too wide or too narrow, bending the knees excessively, or not kicking with enough power and amplitude. It is important to focus on maintaining a streamlined body position and using the leg muscles effectively.


In conclusion, the backstroke kick drill is a valuable exercise for swimmers looking to improve their technique and power in the water. By focusing on the fundamentals of the kick and isolating the movement, swimmers can develop a stronger and more efficient backstroke kick. Regular practice of this drill will help swimmers maintain a consistent and powerful kick throughout their backstroke races. Additionally, this drill can help swimmers improve their body position and balance in the water, leading to better overall performance. With dedication and practice, swimmers can master the backstroke kick and enhance their swimming abilities.

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