Best speed drills on bag

Speed and power are crucial elements in any combat sport, and training with a heavy bag is an excellent way to develop both. The heavy bag allows fighters to practice their strikes with resistance, building strength and explosiveness in their punches and kicks. However, simply hitting the bag with no focus or strategy will not yield the desired results. To truly enhance speed and power, fighters should incorporate specific drills that target these areas.

One of the best speed drills on the bag is the “double jab cross” combination. This drill focuses on quick combinations, forcing fighters to snap back their punches while maintaining proper technique. Starting with a double jab, fighters throw two quick jabs followed by a powerful cross. The goal is to throw these punches with maximum speed and minimal telegraphing. By repeating this combination on the bag, fighters can sharpen their reflexes and improve their hand speed.

Another effective speed drill on the bag is the “kickboxing shuffle.” This drill combines fast footwork with rapid strikes, enhancing both speed and agility. To perform this drill, fighters start in a fighting stance and rapidly shuffle their feet while throwing punches and kicks at the bag. The key is to maintain a high tempo, keeping the strikes fast and decisive. This drill not only helps to develop speed, but it also improves fighters’ ability to transition between different strikes and angles in real combat situations.

In conclusion, incorporating speed drills into bag training is essential for any fighter looking to improve their performance in the ring. The “double jab cross” combination and the “kickboxing shuffle” are two effective drills that can help develop speed, power, and overall athleticism. By consistently practicing these drills, fighters can take their skills to the next level and become more formidable opponents in their respective combat sports.

Best Speed Drills on Bag

When it comes to improving your speed and agility in boxing, incorporating speed drills on a bag can be highly beneficial. These drills not only help enhance your hand speed and footwork, but they also improve your reaction time and overall coordination. Here are some of the best speed drills you can practice on a bag to take your skills to the next level:

1. Double Jab and Cross Combo Drill

A great way to improve your hand speed is by performing the double jab and cross combo drill on a punching bag. Start by throwing two quick jabs, followed by a powerful cross. The goal is to execute the punches with maximum speed and precision while maintaining balance and proper technique. Repeat this combination for a set number of rounds, focusing on speed and explosiveness.

2. Slip and Counter Drill

Speed isn’t just about throwing punches; it’s also about avoiding them. The slip and counter drill on a bag is an excellent exercise for improving your defensive movements and counterpunching speed. Begin by practicing different slips, such as slipping to the left or right, as the bag swings towards you. After each slip, immediately counter with a fast and accurate punch combination. This drill helps develop your reflexes, agility, and ability to transition from defense to offense quickly.

Remember: Always focus on maintaining proper form and technique while performing speed drills on a bag. It’s crucial to strike the bag with precision and accuracy, rather than just aimlessly throwing punches. Additionally, make sure to warm up properly before starting any speed drill to prevent injury and maximize your performance.

By incorporating these speed drills into your training routine, you’ll not only increase your speed and agility but also develop the necessary skills to outmaneuver and outperform your opponents in the ring. Consistency and dedication are key, so keep practicing these drills regularly and watch your speed soar to new heights.

Setting up the Bag for Speed Training

When it comes to speed training, the proper setup of the punching bag is crucial. The bag should be positioned in a way that allows the athlete to execute quick and explosive movements. One important factor to consider is the height of the bag. It should be adjusted to the athlete’s punching or striking height, allowing them to throw punches or strikes at full extension without having to bend their knees or lower their stance too much.

Another important aspect to consider is the stability of the bag. The bag should be securely fastened or weighted down to prevent excessive swinging or movement during training. This helps the athlete to focus on their speed and technique, without getting distracted or thrown off balance by a shifting bag. Additionally, a stable bag allows for more precise targeting, as the athlete can aim for specific spots instead of constantly adjusting their punches or strikes to compensate for an unstable bag.

Furthermore, the bag can be enhanced for speed training by adding additional padding or reducing the amount of filling. This helps to reduce the impact and resistance when striking the bag, allowing for faster and more explosive movements. Additionally, using gloves or wraps can protect the athlete’s hands and wrists during high-speed training sessions, enabling them to maintain proper technique and avoid injuries.

Jab-Cross Drill

Start by standing in front of the bag with your feet shoulder-width apart and your fists up to your chin. Begin with a jab, extending your lead hand straight out towards the bag, then quickly follow it up with a cross, rotating your back foot and pivoting your hip as you throw the punch. The key to this drill is speed, so try to perform the punches as quickly as possible.

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Repeat this sequence of punches for a set amount of time or a set number of reps, and then rest. As you become more comfortable with the drill, you can increase the speed and power of your punches. This drill not only improves your speed and accuracy but also helps develop the coordination and timing required for effective punching combinations.

Hook-Uppercut Drill

The Hook-Uppercut Drill is a highly effective speed drill that focuses on developing quick and explosive movements for the hook and uppercut punches. This drill is designed to improve hand-eye coordination, speed, and power. It is a great way for boxers to enhance their overall boxing skills and technique.

To perform this drill, the boxer starts by standing in a boxing stance and throwing a series of hooks and uppercuts at the bag in rapid succession. The objective is to maintain a high level of speed and accuracy while throwing the punches with proper technique.

  • Hook Punch: The hook punch is a lateral swipe performed with a bent arm. It is aimed at the target’s head or body from the side, creating a powerful rotational force.
  • Uppercut Punch: The uppercut punch is a vertical strike delivered with a bent arm, targeting the opponent’s chin or solar plexus. It generates power from the legs and hips.

The Hook-Uppercut Drill requires the boxer to quickly transition between the hook and uppercut punches, simulating real boxing situations where the opponent may constantly change positions. This drill helps the boxer develop the ability to react quickly and effectively to different scenarios in the ring.

By incorporating the Hook-Uppercut Drill into their training routine, boxers can greatly enhance their punching speed, accuracy, and power. It is important to practice this drill under the supervision of a coach or trainer to ensure proper form and technique. With consistent practice, boxers can significantly improve their overall performance in the ring and become more formidable opponents.

Combinations Drill

In the world of combat sports and martial arts, speed and accuracy are two crucial elements that can make all the difference in a fight. One effective way to improve both speed and accuracy is through a combinations drill on the training bag.

The combinations drill involves executing a series of strikes on the bag in rapid succession, focusing on maintaining high speed and precision. This drill is designed to develop muscle memory and improve hand-eye coordination, as well as build endurance and speed.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to combinations, but some popular ones include the jab-cross-hook, jab-cross-hook-uppercut, and jab-cross-hook-roundhouse kick. Practicing these combinations repeatedly helps fighters become more comfortable and fluid with their strikes, allowing them to react quickly and effectively in a real fight situation.

During the combinations drill, it’s important to maintain proper form and technique while striking the bag. This ensures that the strikes are powerful and effective, while also reducing the risk of injury. The drill can be done at different intensities, from slow and controlled movements to fast and explosive strikes, depending on the fighter’s level of skill and conditioning. It’s important to start with basic combinations and gradually progress to more complex ones as proficiency increases.

In conclusion, the combinations drill is a valuable training tool for improving speed and accuracy on the bag. By practicing a variety of combinations, fighters can enhance their skills, develop muscle memory, and become more efficient and effective in their striking abilities. Regular and consistent practice of this drill can greatly contribute to success in combat sports and martial arts.

Double-End Bag Drill

The double-end bag drill is an effective speed drill that boxers can use to improve their reflexes, timing, and accuracy. The double-end bag is a small bag that is suspended from both ends, creating unpredictable movement when hit. This drill requires quick and precise punches, as the bag moves in a random pattern, simulating the movements of an opponent.

One of the main benefits of the double-end bag drill is its ability to improve hand-eye coordination. Boxers must constantly adjust and adapt their punches to hit the moving target, helping them develop better reflexes and timing. This drill also enhances accuracy, as boxers need to throw accurate punches to connect with the constantly moving bag.

There are different variations of the double-end bag drill that boxers can incorporate into their training. One drill involves focusing on jabs and straight punches, while another drill emphasizes hooks and uppercuts. By practicing these drills, boxers can improve their punching speed and power.

Overall, the double-end bag drill is a valuable training tool for boxers looking to enhance their speed and precision. By consistently practicing this drill, boxers can develop better reflexes, timing, and accuracy, ultimately improving their overall performance in the ring.

5 Best speed drills on bag

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Question and answer:

What is a double-end bag drill?

A double-end bag drill is a training exercise that involves hitting a double-end bag, a small punching bag that is suspended from the ceiling and floor with elastic cords. It is designed to improve hand-eye coordination, speed, timing, and accuracy.

How does a double-end bag drill work?

In a double-end bag drill, the boxer or fighter strikes the bag with punches and combinations while it moves unpredictably in response to the impact. The goal is to hit the bag and make it bounce back, simulating the movement of a moving opponent. The fighter must react quickly and adjust their punches to the changing position of the bag.

What are the benefits of the double-end bag drill?

The double-end bag drill can improve a fighter’s reflexes, hand speed, coordination, timing, accuracy, footwork, and overall boxing skills. It also helps develop focus, concentration, and mental agility. Regular practice of the double-end bag drill can enhance a fighter’s ability to hit a moving target and react swiftly to their opponent’s movements.

Who can benefit from the double-end bag drill?

The double-end bag drill can benefit boxers, martial artists, and fighters of all levels and disciplines. It is a versatile training tool that can be used by beginners to learn the basics of punching and footwork, as well as by advanced fighters to refine their skills and improve their performance in the ring or cage.

How can I incorporate the double-end bag drill into my training routine?

You can incorporate the double-end bag drill into your training routine by setting aside dedicated time for it. Start by warming up with some shadowboxing to get your body and mind prepared. Then, spend a specific amount of time practicing different punching combinations on the double-end bag. As you progress, you can increase the intensity and complexity of the drill by incorporating footwork, defensive movements, and advanced combinations.

What is the Double-End Bag Drill?

The Double-End Bag Drill is a boxing training drill that involves hitting a small, fast-moving bag that is suspended from the ceiling and floor.

What are the benefits of the Double-End Bag Drill?

The Double-End Bag Drill helps improve hand-eye coordination, timing, accuracy, and reflexes. It also helps increase punching speed, footwork, and overall boxing skills.


In conclusion, the double-end bag drill is an effective training tool for boxers of all skill levels. It helps improve speed, accuracy, timing, and footwork, making it an essential component of a boxer’s training regime. The constant movement and unpredictable nature of the bag mimic the movements and reactions of a real opponent, providing valuable practice for in-ring scenarios. By incorporating the double-end bag drill into their training, boxers can enhance their overall boxing skills and gain a competitive edge in the ring.

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