Best shooting drills for youth basketball

Shooting is one of the most crucial skills in basketball, and it is never too early to start developing good shooting habits. For youth basketball players, mastering the art of shooting can set them on a path to success in the future. However, it is important to start with the right drills that focus on building a solid foundation. In this article, we will explore some of the best shooting drills specifically designed for young players.

One of the key aspects of shooting is having proper shooting form. The “Two-Line Shooting” drill is an excellent way to reinforce this fundamental skill. Players line up on two separate lines, facing the basket. Each player takes turns shooting from different spots on the court, focusing on their form and technique. This drill helps players develop muscle memory and consistency in their shooting motion.

Another effective drill to improve shooting accuracy is the “Spot Shooting” drill. In this drill, players position themselves at various spots around the perimeter of the three-point arc. They receive passes from a coach or teammate and take shots from those spots. This drill helps players work on their shooting accuracy and shooting off the catch, which is crucial in game situations.

The “Game Conditioning Shooting” drill is an excellent way to simulate game-like shooting scenarios. In this drill, players move around the court, using screens and cuts to get open for shots. This drill not only improves shooting skills but also helps players develop their basketball IQ and decision-making abilities. It challenges players to shoot under pressure and in different positions on the court.

Overall, these shooting drills provide young basketball players with the opportunity to develop and refine their shooting skills. By incorporating these drills into their training routine, youth players can improve their shooting accuracy, form, and decision-making abilities, ultimately becoming more confident and efficient shooters on the court.

Catch and Shoot Shooting Drill for Youth Basketball

One important skill for young basketball players to develop is the ability to catch and shoot the ball quickly and accurately. This skill is crucial in game situations where players need to be able to make quick decisions and take open shots. The catch and shoot shooting drill is an effective way to practice and improve this skill.



1. Set up two lines of players at the three-point line, equidistant from the basket. One line will start with a ball, while the other line will be without a ball.

2. The player without the ball will start by running towards the passer who has the ball. The passer will pass the ball to the player in stride, simulating a game-like situation where the player needs to catch the ball while moving.

3. The player catching the ball will catch it with both hands, quickly set their feet, square up to the basket, and shoot. They should focus on using proper shooting form and making a high-percentage shot.

4. After the shot, the player will retrieve their own rebound and move to the back of the line without the ball, while the passer becomes the shooter and the shooter joins the line without the ball.

5. Repeat the drill for a set amount of time or until players have completed a certain number of shots.

This catch and shoot shooting drill helps young basketball players develop their ability to catch the ball quickly, set their feet, and shoot in game-like situations. It also helps them develop their shooting form and confidence in their shooting abilities. By practicing this drill regularly, young players can improve their shooting skills and become more effective shooters on the court.

Form Shooting

Form Shooting

Form shooting is one of the essential shooting drills for youth basketball players to develop proper shooting technique and form. This drill focuses on the basics of shooting, particularly the player’s stance, hand position, and shooting motion.

During form shooting, players start close to the basket and focus on shooting with correct form. They maintain a balanced stance, with their feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and eyes on the target. The emphasis is on proper hand placement, with the shooting hand positioned under the ball and the non-shooting hand acting as a guide. The shooting motion should be fluid and smooth, involving a straightened arm, wrist flick, and follow-through.

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Key Points:

  • Start close to the basket.
  • Focus on proper shooting technique and form.
  • Maintain a balanced stance.
  • Keep the eyes on the target.
  • Ensure the shooting hand is positioned correctly underneath the ball.
  • Use the non-shooting hand as a guide.
  • Execute a fluid and smooth shooting motion.
  • Emphasize a straightened arm, wrist flick, and follow-through.

Form shooting is an excellent drill to reinforce the fundamentals of shooting and build muscle memory. It allows players to understand the correct shooting mechanics and develop consistency in their shots. This drill should be practiced regularly and incorporated into every shooting workout for youth basketball players.

Spot Shooting

Spot shooting is one of the fundamental drills for improving shooting skills in youth basketball. It focuses on shooting accuracy and consistency from specific spots on the court. This drill helps players develop muscle memory and confidence in their shooting technique.

To perform spot shooting, coaches can set up different shooting stations around the court, each representing a specific spot. These spots can be marked with cones or tape to indicate the shooting positions. Players rotate through the stations, taking shots from each spot and keeping track of their made shots. This not only improves shooting accuracy but also encourages players to focus and maintain good shooting form under pressure.

Spot shooting can be modified to focus on different aspects of shooting, such as catch and shoot, off the dribble, or shooting off screens. Coaches can also incorporate game-like scenarios by adding defenders or time constraints to increase the difficulty level. This drill can be used for individuals or teams, and with practice, players can gradually increase their shooting range and become more efficient shooters.

Moving Shooting

In the game of basketball, being able to shoot accurately while on the move is a crucial skill that every player should possess. Moving shooting drills help players develop the ability to shoot the ball in different situations, such as coming off screens, attacking the basket from the dribble, or shooting while running in transition.

One effective drill for improving moving shooting skills is the “curl and shoot” drill. In this drill, players start at the baseline and run towards the wing area, simulating coming off a screen. As they reach the wing, they catch a pass from a teammate and quickly square up to the basket to shoot. This drill helps players work on their footwork, balance, and shooting technique while moving laterally.

Another useful drill is the “attack and shoot” drill. In this drill, players start at the top of the key and attack the basket with a dribble. As they approach the basket, they either finish with a layup or pull up for a jump shot. This drill helps players develop the ability to shoot the ball while in motion and under pressure from defenders.

To further challenge players and simulate game-like situations, coaches can incorporate game-like scenarios into their moving shooting drills. For example, players can start at different spots on the perimeter and move to different spots on the court, simulating catching the ball in a game and shooting while on the move.

By incorporating moving shooting drills into their practice routines, coaches can help their players become more versatile and confident shooters in a variety of game situations.

Shooting off the dribble

Shooting off the dribble is a crucial skill for any youth basketball player to develop. It allows players to create their own shot opportunities and become more versatile on the court. Here are some shooting drills that can help young players improve their shooting off the dribble:

1. Dribble Pull-up Drills: In this drill, players start by dribbling the ball and then quickly pull up for a jump shot. They can practice shooting off one or two dribbles, focusing on their footwork and balance during the shot. This drill helps players develop confidence in their ability to shoot off the dribble and improve their shooting accuracy.

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2. Cones Drill: Set up a series of cones or markers on the court in a zigzag pattern. Players start at one end and dribble through the cones, executing various moves such as crossovers and hesitations. At the end of the cones, players should quickly pull up for a jump shot. This drill helps players develop their ball handling skills and shooting off the dribble in a game-like situation.

3. Pick and Roll Drill: This drill involves two players – one acting as the shooter and the other as the screener. The screener sets a pick for the shooter, who dribbles off the pick and quickly shoots the ball. This drill simulates a common game situation and helps players work on their timing, decision-making, and shooting off the dribble.

4. Game Situations: Incorporating shooting off the dribble into game-like situations is also important for skill development. Create small-sided games or scrimmages where players are encouraged to take shots off the dribble. This will help them develop their decision-making, court awareness, and shooting skills under pressure.

By incorporating these shooting drills into their training routine, youth basketball players can improve their ability to shoot off the dribble, making them more effective and versatile offensive players on the court.

5 Best shooting drills for youth basketball

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Question and answer:

What is shooting off the dribble?

Shooting off the dribble refers to the act of taking a jump shot or a layup while in motion after dribbling the basketball.

Why is shooting off the dribble important in basketball?

Shooting off the dribble is important in basketball because it allows players to create their own shot opportunities and make scoring more difficult for defenders to anticipate and contest.

What are some key techniques for shooting off the dribble?

Some key techniques for shooting off the dribble include maintaining balance, having a quick release, and using proper footwork to create separation from the defender.

Who are some NBA players known for their shooting off the dribble?

Some NBA players known for their shooting off the dribble include Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, and Kyrie Irving. They are known for their ability to create their own shot and make difficult shots off the dribble.


In conclusion, shooting off the dribble is a crucial skill for any basketball player. The ability to create your own shot and score under pressure can be the difference between a good player and a great player. By practicing and mastering this technique, players can become a threat from anywhere on the court and elevate their game to new heights. While it may require time and dedication to develop this skill, the rewards are well worth it. So get out on the court, work on your ball-handling, and start shooting off the dribble to take your game to the next level.

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