Best rowing drills

Rowing is a full-body exercise that engages multiple muscle groups and helps improve cardiovascular endurance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rower, incorporating drills into your training routine can help enhance your technique, strength, and overall performance on the water.

One of the best rowing drills to improve technique is the catch drill. This drill focuses on your form at the beginning of the stroke, ensuring that you engage your legs and core before using your arms. By practicing the catch drill, you can develop a strong and efficient stroke that maximizes your power and prevents injury.

Another important rowing drill is the power application drill. This drill helps you become more efficient in applying power throughout the stroke, from the catch to the finish. By working on your timing, body position, and power application, you can generate more force with each stroke and move the boat more effectively.

Furthermore, the recovery drill is crucial for rowers of all levels. This drill focuses on the transition from the finish to the catch, emphasizing relaxation and proper body positioning. By practicing the recovery drill, you can improve your rowing rhythm, prevent unnecessary tension, and maintain a smooth and efficient stroke.

Incorporating these and other rowing drills into your training routine can help you refine your technique, increase your power output, and enhance your overall performance on the water. Remember to start with proper technique and gradually increase the intensity and difficulty of the drills as you become more comfortable and experienced.

Consult with a certified rowing coach or trainer to ensure you are using proper form and technique while executing these drills, and always listen to your body to avoid injury. With consistent practice and dedication, you can become a stronger and more efficient rower.

Catch position drills

The catch position is one of the most important phases in the rowing stroke as it sets the foundation for a strong and efficient stroke. Catch position drills aim to improve the technique and timing of the catch, helping rowers to establish a solid connection with the water and maximize their power output.

One effective catch position drill is the pause drill. In this drill, rowers pause at the catch position before executing the full stroke. This allows them to focus on maintaining a strong posture, keeping their blades buried in the water, and engaging their core muscles. The pause drill helps build muscle memory and reinforces good technique at the catch, leading to better overall stroke efficiency.

Another useful catch position drill is the catch and release drill. In this drill, rowers focus on the initial catch phase and the quick release of the oar from the water. By emphasizing a quick and precise catch followed by a swift release, rowers can improve their responsiveness and reduce the drag caused by a slow release. This drill also helps rowers develop a more synchronized and controlled stroke, leading to a smoother rowing motion.

  • Pause drill: Rowers pause at the catch position to focus on technique and core engagement.
  • Catch and release drill: Rowers emphasize a quick and precise catch, followed by a swift release.

Drive phase drills

The drive phase is a critical part of the rowing stroke, where the rower exerts maximum power and propels the boat forward. There are several drills that can help rowers improve their technique and strength during this phase of the stroke.

Leg drive drill: This drill focuses on enhancing the leg drive, which is essential for generating power and acceleration. Rowers can practice by isolating their leg movements during the drive phase. They should maintain a strong connection with the foot stretcher and focus on driving through their heels, engaging their quadriceps and glutes to push the boat off the start. This drill can be done during stationary rowing or on the water.

Pause drill: This drill helps rowers develop a smooth and controlled drive phase. During the pause drill, rowers pause at various points in the drive phase to focus on body positioning and sequencing. This allows them to check and correct any errors or imbalances in their technique. Rowers can practice pausing at the catch, just before the release, or at other key points in the drive phase. This drill promotes consistency and precision during the drive phase.

Half-slide drill: The half-slide drill is beneficial for improving the rhythm and coordination of the drive phase. Rowers slide forward to the half-slide position and then execute the drive phase, focusing on maintaining a strong connection with the foot stretcher and generating power from the legs. This drill helps rowers develop a powerful and efficient drive phase, as they are required to engage their legs earlier in the stroke.

Resistance drill: Using resistance during the drive phase can help rowers build strength and power. This can be achieved by using bungee cords or a rowing machine set to a higher resistance level. The increased resistance challenges the rower to exert more force during the drive phase, enabling them to develop their power and endurance. This drill can be beneficial for rowers looking to improve their overall drive phase strength and performance.

Finish Position Drills

In rowing, the finish position is a crucial phase of the stroke where proper technique and timing are essential. Incorporating finish position drills into your training can help improve your form and efficiency on the water. Here are a few effective drills to focus on this key part of the stroke:

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1. Arms-only Finish

This drill involves rowing with only your arms, keeping your body still and engaged. By isolating your arms, you can concentrate on achieving a strong and efficient finish position with proper control and coordination.

2. Pause at the Finish

During this drill, pause for a few seconds at the finish position before beginning the recovery. This allows you to focus on maintaining a stable and balanced position, with your hands close to the body and your blades off the water.

3. Reverse Pick Drill

3. Reverse Pick Drill

In this drill, start from the finish position and slowly reverse the stroke, concentrating on maintaining a controlled and consistent finish. This helps develop muscle memory for an effective finish position, and also helps improve blade control during the extraction.

By incorporating these finish position drills into your training routine, you can enhance your technique, power, and efficiency in this critical part of the rowing stroke.

Recovery Drills: Enhance Your Rowing Technique and Performance

Recovery is an essential part of the rowing stroke, as it allows the rower to reset and prepare for the next drive. Implementing recovery drills into your training routine can help improve your rowing technique and overall performance on the water.

1. Release and Re-application Drill: This drill focuses on maintaining a smooth and efficient recovery by releasing the oar handle cleanly and re-applying power at the appropriate time. Start by rowing at a steady state pace, and as you approach the catch, release the oar handle cleanly and allow it to be carried by the momentum of the boat. As the handle reaches the furthest point forward, re-apply power smoothly and efficiently.

2. Pause Drill: The pause drill helps to develop a controlled and controlled recovery. Begin rowing at a steady state pace, and as you approach the catch, pause for a brief moment with the oar handle just above the water. This pause allows you to focus on maintaining balance and control in your body position before initiating the drive.

3. Feathering Drill: Feathering refers to the action of rotating the oar handle to a vertical position as it comes out of the water. This drill focuses on improving your feathering technique for a more efficient recovery. Start rowing at a steady state pace, and as you approach the release, focus on smoothly and quickly rotating the oar handle to a vertical position. This should be done with a relaxed grip and minimal disruption to the boat’s momentum.

4. Single Sculler Drill: This drill is particularly useful for scullers and focuses on developing a smooth and controlled recovery motion. Row with just one oar in the boat, switching sides every stroke. This drill allows you to focus on your body position and timing, as you must compensate for the imbalance caused by rowing with a single oar.

By incorporating these recovery drills into your training routine, you can enhance your rowing technique and overall performance on the water. Remember to focus on maintaining balance, control, and efficiency throughout the recovery phase of the rowing stroke.

Power Application Drills

Power application drills are essential for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of rowing strokes. By focusing on the application of power throughout the stroke, rowers can develop better technique and generate more speed. These drills help rowers understand how to efficiently transfer power from their legs, through their core, and into the oar.

1. Leg Drive: One effective drill for power application is the leg drive drill. During this drill, rowers focus on driving powerfully with their legs, pushing against the foot stretchers to generate maximum force. The emphasis is on driving through the legs before engaging the upper body. This drill helps rowers build strength in their legs and develop a strong foundation for the stroke.

2. Core Activation: Another important aspect of power application is the engagement of the core muscles. In this drill, rowers focus on maintaining a strong, stable core throughout the stroke. This involves activating the core muscles and ensuring they are supporting the movement of the legs and upper body. By strengthening the core, rowers can generate more power and maintain better balance and stability in the boat.

3. Catch Timing: A key component of power application is the timing of the catch. During this drill, rowers focus on timing their catch, ensuring they are catching the water at the optimal moment to generate maximum power. This involves syncing the movement of the legs, core, and upper body to achieve a smooth and powerful catch. By improving catch timing, rowers can increase the efficiency of their strokes and generate more speed.

4. Finish Position: The finish position is another important element of power application. In this drill, rowers focus on finishing the stroke strong and engaged, maximizing power through the entire stroke. This involves maintaining a strong posture and engaging the muscles of the upper body to push the oar through the water. By focusing on the finish position, rowers can ensure they are effectively applying power throughout the entire stroke.

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By incorporating power application drills into their training, rowers can improve their technique and generate more speed. These drills help rowers develop a strong foundation, engage the core muscles, improve catch timing, and finish the stroke with power. With consistent practice, rowers can become more efficient and effective in applying power, leading to better performance on the water.

5 Best rowing drills

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Question and answer:

What is a power application drill?

A power application drill is a handheld power tool used for drilling holes in various materials such as wood, metal, or concrete. It is an essential tool for construction and DIY projects.

What are the different types of power application drills?

There are several types of power application drills available on the market, including corded drills, cordless drills, hammer drills, and impact drills. Each type has its own specific features and uses.

What is the difference between a corded and cordless power application drill?

A corded power application drill needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet for operation, while a cordless drill is powered by a rechargeable battery. Cordless drills offer greater mobility and flexibility, but corded drills typically provide more power.

What is a hammer drill?

A hammer drill is a type of power application drill that combines rotary drilling with a hammering action. It is designed for drilling into hard materials like concrete or masonry. The hammering action helps to break up the material as the drill bit rotates.

What is an impact drill?

An impact drill is a power application drill that delivers rapid bursts of torque to drive screws and fasteners. It is commonly used in construction and woodworking projects. The impact mechanism helps to prevent the drill bit or screwdriver bit from slipping or stripping the screw head.

What is a power application drill?

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What are the different types of power application drills?

There are several types of power application drills, including cordless drills, electric drills, and impact drills. Cordless drills are battery-powered and offer mobility, while electric drills provide a constant power source. Impact drills are designed for heavy-duty tasks and deliver increased torque.


In conclusion, power application drills are an essential tool for athletes looking to improve their physical performance and enhance their competitive edge. These drills, which focus on developing explosive power, speed, and agility, help athletes enhance their overall performance on the field, court, or track. By incorporating power application drills into their training regimen, athletes can see significant improvements in their athletic abilities and ultimately achieve their desired goals. The versatility and effectiveness of these drills make them suitable for athletes of all levels and sports. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational sports enthusiast, power application drills can take your game to the next level. So, why wait? Start incorporating these drills into your training today and watch your performance soar.

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