Best putting practice drills

Putting is a crucial aspect of golf that can make or break your game. The ability to sink those short putts consistently not only saves you strokes on your scorecard but also boosts your confidence on the greens. To improve your putting skills, it is essential to practice regularly and implement effective drills that target specific areas of your stroke and technique.

One of the best putting practice drills is the “Gate Drill.” This drill focuses on improving your aim and alignment. Set up two tees or clubs on the ground, creating a gate that is slightly wider than the width of your putter head. Take your normal putting stance and stroke the ball through the gate. This drill helps you develop better accuracy and consistency in your stroke, ensuring the ball rolls on the intended line.

Another effective drill is the “Clock Drill.” This drill helps you develop touch and distance control on the green. Set up three or four tees in a circle around the hole, at 3-feet, 6-feet, 9-feet, and 12-feet distances. Start by putting three balls from each distance, trying to make all of them. This drill allows you to practice varying putts of different lengths, forcing you to adjust your stroke and gauge the speed of the greens.

Improve Your Putting Skills with These Effective Practice Drills

If you want to improve your putting skills in golf, it’s important to incorporate specific practice drills into your training routine. These drills can help you develop better control, accuracy, and consistency on the greens. Here are some of the best putting practice drills to help you take your game to the next level.

1. Gate Drill

The gate drill is a great way to improve your aim and accuracy. Set up two alignment sticks or even club shafts about a foot apart and place them just in front of the hole. Your goal is to sink putts while keeping the ball rolling between the sticks. This drill helps you focus on hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the putter and improves your ability to start the ball on your intended line.

2. Around the Clock Drill

The around the clock drill is a classic putting exercise that helps you develop your distance control. Set up a circle of tees around the hole, spacing them out at regular intervals as if marking the hours on a clock. Start at one tee and hit putts from each tee, gradually working your way around the circle. This drill helps you learn to judge the necessary speed for putts of different lengths and teaches you to adapt to changing distances.

3. Staircase Drill

The staircase drill is designed to improve your ability to read break and control your line on putts. Set up a series of tees in a line, starting close to the hole and gradually moving farther away. Place the tees at different angles to represent different breaks. Your goal is to sink each putt while adjusting your aim to account for the break. This drill helps you develop a feel for reading greens and improves your ability to adapt to the contours of the putting surface.

By incorporating these practice drills into your training routine, you can improve your putting skills and become a more confident and successful golfer on the greens.

Alignment Drills

Accurate alignment is crucial for successful putting. Implementing alignment drills into your practice routine can help improve your putting performance on the golf course. Here are a few alignment drills to incorporate into your practice sessions:

  1. Golf Club Alignment
  2. Use alignment aids such as alignment sticks or clubs to create a visual guide for aligning your putter face. Place one club parallel to your target line and use another club or alignment stick to align your feet and shoulders properly. This will help you develop a consistent setup and ensure that your putter face is aligned towards your intended target.

  3. Gate Drill
  4. Set up two tees or alignment sticks on either side of the hole, creating a narrow gate. Practice making putts through the gate, focusing on keeping your stroke on the correct line. This drill will help you improve your aim and develop a straighter putting stroke.

  5. Mirror Alignment
  6. Place a mirror behind you while practicing your putting stroke. This will allow you to see if your eyes, shoulders, and putter face are aligned properly. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure proper alignment and to develop a consistent setup.

  7. Visual Alignment
  8. Practice visualizing the line of your putt before addressing the ball. Use a specific spot or point in the distance as your aiming point. By training your mind to visualize the correct line, you will be better equipped to align your putter face accurately.

By incorporating these alignment drills into your putting practice routine, you can improve your accuracy and consistency on the greens. Consistent alignment will help you putt with confidence and ultimately lower your scores on the golf course.

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Distance Control Drills

Distance control is a crucial skill in putting. Being able to judge the speed and distance of your putts can greatly improve your overall putting performance. Here are a few effective distance control drills to help you sharpen your skills on the green.

1. Downhill/ Uphill Challenge Drill

This drill helps you develop a better feel for distance control on both downhill and uphill putts. Set up three stations on a slope – one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. Begin by putting from the top station to the middle, then from the middle to the bottom. Swap positions and repeat the drill. This exercise will help you understand the amount of force needed to make the ball stop at each station.

2. The Ladder Drill

The ladder drill is an excellent way to improve your distance control and accuracy. Place five or more tees on the putting green in a line, each about three feet apart. Start by trying to make a putt from the first tee. Once you succeed, move on to the next tee, gradually increasing the distance. The goal is to make each putt with the same tempo and stroke. This drill will help you develop consistency in your putting stroke while training your eyes to judge distances accurately.

3. Clock Drill

The clock drill is a popular drill that helps you practice putting from various distances. Imagine a clock face on the green, with the flagstick at the center. Place four tee markers at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock, each about 10 feet away from the hole. Start by putting from the marker at 6 o’clock, then move on to the next marker in a clockwise direction. The goal is to make all four putts without missing. This drill will improve your ability to control the distance of your putts from different angles.

By regularly practicing these distance control drills, you will enhance your feel for speed and distance on the putting green, leading to more accurate and consistent putts.

Gate Drills

One of the most effective putting practice drills is the use of gate drills. Gate drills involve setting up two parallel objects, such as tees or alignment sticks, on either side of the hole to create a narrow pathway for the ball to travel through. These drills help golfers improve their accuracy and develop consistent putting strokes.

The first gate drill is the classic “gate drill.” In this drill, golfers set up two tees or alignment sticks about a foot apart from each other, just in front of the hole. The goal is to roll the ball through the narrow pathway created by the tees and into the hole. This drill helps golfers focus on their alignment and face control, as any slight deviation in either aspect will cause the ball to miss the gate. By practicing this drill regularly, golfers can train their muscles to consistently deliver the putter face square to the target line.

Another variation of the gate drill is the “narrow gate drill.” In this drill, golfers set up two tees or alignment sticks very close together, leaving just enough space for the ball to barely pass through. The goal is to roll the ball through the narrow pathway and into the hole, without touching the tees. This drill puts even more emphasis on accuracy and touch, as any misjudgment in speed or direction can result in the ball hitting one of the tees. By practicing this drill, golfers can develop a better feel for distance control and refine their ability to read slopes and breaks on the putting surface.

Gate drills are a fantastic way to improve your putting accuracy and consistency. By setting up narrow pathways for the ball to travel through, these drills help golfers develop a more precise and consistent putting stroke. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, incorporating gate drills into your putting practice routine can help you take your putting game to the next level.

Visualization Drills

Visualization drills are a powerful mental technique that can improve your putting skills. By visualizing the perfect putt in your mind, you can train your brain to execute the movement more effectively. Here are some effective visualization drills to incorporate into your putting practice:

  • Target Visualization: Before making a putt, close your eyes and imagine the ball smoothly rolling along the green and dropping into the hole. Visualize the perfect trajectory and feel the satisfaction of making a successful putt. This drill helps improve your focus and accuracy.
  • Break Visualization: Visualize the break of the green and imagine the path the ball needs to take to compensate for the slope. Picture the ball curving towards the hole and judge the speed and direction needed to make the putt. This drill helps improve your ability to read greens and adapt to different breaks.
  • Pressure Putt Visualization: Imagine yourself in a high-pressure situation, such as the final hole of a tournament, with a crucial putt to win. Visualize the perfect stroke, see the ball rolling confidently towards the hole, and feel the excitement of sinking the putt. This drill helps improve your mental toughness and confidence under pressure.
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Remember to incorporate these visualization drills into your regular putting practice routine. The more you practice visualizing successful putts, the more you enhance your ability to execute them on the course.

5 Best putting practice drills

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Question and answer:

What are visualization drills?

Visualization drills are exercises that involve mentally picturing or imagining a specific scenario or action. They are often used to improve performance in sports, public speaking, or other activities that require focus and concentration.

How can visualization drills help improve performance?

Visualization drills can help improve performance by enhancing mental focus, improving muscle memory, reducing anxiety, and increasing confidence. When you mentally rehearse a task or scenario, your brain creates neural pathways that can strengthen your ability to perform that task in real life.

What are some examples of visualization drills?

Examples of visualization drills include imagining yourself going through a perfect golf swing, mentally rehearsing a speech or presentation, picturing yourself successfully completing a difficult yoga pose, or visualizing a flawless dance routine. The key is to vividly imagine the details of the task or scenario.

How can one practice visualization drills?

To practice visualization drills, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. Close your eyes and start picturing the desired task or scenario in your mind. Imagine every detail, including the sights, sounds, and sensations. Repeat this exercise regularly to strengthen your mental imagery abilities.


In conclusion, visualization drills are an effective technique used in various fields to enhance performance and achieve success. By mentally rehearsing actions and outcomes, individuals can improve their skills, confidence, and focus. Whether in sports, music, public speaking, or any other area that requires high-level performance, visualization drills can help individuals reach their full potential. Moreover, research has shown that the brain cannot distinguish between real and imagined scenarios, further supporting the effectiveness of visualization drills. So, whether you are an athlete preparing for a big game or a student getting ready for an important exam, incorporating visualization drills into your practice routine can greatly benefit your performance and lead to your desired results.

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