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Improving your putting is vital for a lower golf score, and one of the best resources for learning and practicing the necessary skills is YouTube. With countless videos available, it can be overwhelming to find the most effective putting drills. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best putting drills on YouTube to help you improve your game.

One popular drill is the “Gate Drill,” which helps golfers improve their aim and accuracy. This drill involves setting up two alignment sticks or golf clubs to create a “gate” around the hole. By aiming to roll the ball through the gate, golfers can practice consistently hitting their putts on the intended line.

Another helpful drill is the “Clock Drill,” which focuses on improving distance control. In this drill, golfers imagine the hole as the center of a clock face, and then try to putt the ball to specific “hours” on the clock. By varying the distance and direction of the putts, golfers can develop a better feel for the speed and break of different greens.

One of the most popular YouTube channels for putting drills is PGA TOUR. With professional golfers and instructors sharing their expertise, this channel offers a wide range of instructional videos. From drills that focus on technique and fundamentals to more advanced drills for mastering difficult putts, PGA TOUR’s YouTube channel has something for golfers of all skill levels.

Best Putting Drills on YouTube to Improve Your Golf Game

Improving your putting skills is essential for a successful golf game. Fortunately, there are many helpful resources available on YouTube to help you improve your putting technique and accuracy. These drills will challenge and refine your skills, allowing you to become a more confident and consistent putter on the green.

One highly recommended drill is the “Gate Drill”, where you place two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, creating a narrow pathway for the putt. This drill helps to improve your aim and accuracy, as you must hit the ball through the narrow gate. By repeatedly practicing this drill, you will enhance your ability to consistently make precise putts.

Another effective drill is the “Clock Drill”, which involves placing four or more golf balls around the hole at varying distances and angles. You then putt each ball, starting with the one closest to the hole and working your way outward like the hands of a clock. This drill improves your distance control and helps you become more comfortable with putts of different lengths.

The “Line Drill” is yet another helpful exercise for improving your putting. In this drill, you select a straight putt line and place a small object, such as a tee or coin, a few inches behind the hole. The goal is to putt the ball with enough speed to hit the object and stop the ball right next to the hole. This drill enhances your focus and speed control, ensuring you can consistently stop the ball in the desired location.

By incorporating these and other putting drills into your regular practice routine, you will be able to improve your golf game and lower your scores. Remember to focus on the fundamentals of grip, alignment, and stroke technique while practicing these drills, as they are crucial for overall improvement. With dedication and practice, you can become a confident and skilled putter on the greens.

The “Gate Drill”: Perfecting Alignment for Better Putting

One of the biggest keys to becoming a great putter is consistently aligning yourself correctly to the target. Even the best putters in the world can struggle if their alignment is off. That’s why the “Gate Drill” is a popular putting drill that can help you improve your alignment and make more putts.

To perform the “Gate Drill,” you’ll need two alignment sticks or any straight objects that you can place on the ground. Set up the sticks parallel to each other, with enough space in between for your putter head to pass through. The goal is to create a “gate” that you’ll aim to keep your putter head moving through during your stroke.

Start by setting up the alignment sticks a few feet in front of you, with one stick on your intended target line and the other stick slightly to the inside of the line. This will help you visualize the correct start line for your putts. As you make your stroke, focus on keeping your putter head moving through the gate without touching the sticks. This will not only help you align your stroke correctly, but it will also promote a consistent and square impact with the ball.

The “Gate Drill” is a simple yet effective way to improve your putting alignment. By practicing this drill regularly, you’ll train your eyes and body to align correctly to the target, resulting in more accurate and consistent putts. So grab your alignment sticks and start perfecting your alignment with the “Gate Drill” today!

Develop Consistent Distance Control with the “Clock Drill”

Develop Consistent Distance Control with the

One of the drills that can help golfers improve their putting is the “Clock Drill”, a popular method for developing consistent distance control on the greens. This drill involves visualizing the hole as the center of a clock face, with different distances represented by different positions around the clock.

To perform the “Clock Drill”, start by placing three balls around the hole at the following positions: 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. The goal is to make a putt from each position without allowing the ball to go past the hole. This drill helps golfers develop a sense of touch and feel for different distances, as they have to adjust their stroke length and pace to match the corresponding clock position.

The “Clock Drill” can be modified to make it more challenging. For example, golfers can add more ball positions at 12 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and 10 o’clock, creating a more complex practice routine. By practicing with various distances and positions, golfers can improve their ability to judge the appropriate speed and distance for each putt, leading to better overall putting performance on the course.

Consistency in distance control is crucial for successful putting, and the “Clock Drill” provides a focused and effective way to develop this skill. By incorporating this drill into their practice routine, golfers can enhance their ability to gauge the appropriate speed and distance for each putt, leading to more confidence and lower scores on the greens.

Enhance Your Putting Stroke with the “Pendulum Drill”

Improving your putting stroke is crucial for minimizing strokes and increasing your chances of sinking putts on the green. One effective drill that can help you fine-tune your stroke is the “Pendulum Drill.” This drill focuses on creating a smooth and consistent pendulum-like motion, promoting better control and accuracy.

To perform the Pendulum Drill, start by setting up a tee or alignment stick a few feet in front of you, perpendicular to your target line. The tee or stick serves as a visual guide to keep your putter head on the correct path. Position a ball on the ground just in front of the tee or stick.

Begin by addressing the ball with your putter and place your hands slightly ahead of the clubhead. As you start the stroke, focus on keeping your arms and hands relaxed, allowing them to swing freely. Imagine your putter as a pendulum, swinging back and forth along the target line. Keep your wrists firm, avoiding any excessive movement or rotation.

  1. Take the putter back with a smooth, controlled motion, keeping your eyes fixed on the ball and the tee or stick.
  2. As you swing the putter forward, ensure that the clubhead stays on the target line, following the line created by the tee or stick.
  3. Continue the pendulum-like motion until the putter strikes the ball, aiming to make solid contact.
  4. After striking the ball, focus on maintaining a steady follow-through, allowing the putter to continue its natural motion and finish along the target line.

Repeating this drill regularly can help you develop a consistent putting stroke that promotes better accuracy and distance control. Remember to practice at various distances to mimic different green conditions and improve your overall putting performance.

Improve Your Green Reading Skills with the “Coin Drill”

Improve Your Green Reading Skills with the

Having strong green reading skills is crucial for any golfer looking to improve their putting game. One effective drill that can help you enhance your ability to read greens is the “Coin Drill.” Instead of relying solely on your eyes to judge the slope and break of a putt, this drill teaches you to heighten your sense of touch and feel for the greens.

To perform the “Coin Drill,” start by placing a coin or a ball marker on the practice green. Stand several feet away from the coin and observe the green’s surface from your putting line. Take note of any subtle slopes or contours that you believe will affect the roll of the ball. Then, carefully walk over to the coin and assess it up close. Pay attention to the way the coin is tilted, as well as any variations in height or texture.

Next, return to your original putting line and select a target on the green. Try to visualize the line and break of the putt based on the information you gathered from the coin. Take a moment to imagine the ball rolling along the intended path, visualizing any potential breaks or deviations. Then, step up to your ball and attempt to replicate that line and break in your actual putting stroke.

This drill forces you to combine both visual and tactile information to make accurate green reading decisions. By relying on touch and feel, you learn to trust your instincts and gain a more intuitive understanding of the greens. With practice, you will develop a better sense of how to interpret the subtle clues that a green provides, helping you make more accurate putts and lower your scores on the course.

5 Best putting drills youtube

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Question and answer:

What is the “Coin Drill” for improving green reading skills?

The “Coin Drill” is a practice exercise that helps golfers improve their ability to read greens. It involves placing a coin on the green and then practicing putting so that the ball rolls directly over the coin.

How does the “Coin Drill” work?

The “Coin Drill” works by training your eyes to see the slopes, breaks, and nuances of the green. By aiming to roll the ball directly over the coin, you learn to better judge the correct line and speed for your putts.

Why is the “Coin Drill” beneficial for golfers?

The “Coin Drill” is beneficial for golfers because it helps improve their green reading skills, which are essential for successful putting. By practicing this drill, golfers can develop a better understanding of the greens and make more accurate putts on the course.

Can the “Coin Drill” be done alone or with others?

The “Coin Drill” can be done both alone and with others. You can practice this drill by yourself to improve your skills, or you can do it with fellow golfers as a fun and challenging game.

Are there any variations to the “Coin Drill”?

Yes, there are variations to the “Coin Drill” that can make it more challenging. For example, you can use multiple coins to create a path or pattern on the green and try to roll the ball over each coin. This adds an extra level of difficulty to the exercise.

What is the “Coin Drill” for improving green reading skills?

The “Coin Drill” is a practice method designed to help golfers improve their ability to read the greens. It involves placing a coin on the green and observing how it rolls. By paying attention to the slope, speed, and break of the putt, golfers can develop their green reading skills and learn to make more accurate putting decisions.

How can the “Coin Drill” help improve my green reading skills?

The “Coin Drill” can help improve your green reading skills by providing you with a visual reference for understanding the slope and break of the putt. By observing how the coin rolls, you can better understand how the ball will react on the green. Practicing this drill regularly can train your eyes to spot subtle slopes and breaks, allowing you to make more accurate reads and sink more putts.


In conclusion, the “Coin Drill” is a simple yet effective method to improve your green reading skills on the golf course. By practicing with different coins and trying to read the break and slope of the putt, you can train your eyes to better understand the nuances of the greens. This drill not only helps you become more accurate with your putts, but also builds confidence in your ability to read greens. So, next time you’re practicing on the practice green or playing a round of golf, give the “Coin Drill” a try and see the difference it can make in your game.

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