Best post move drills

If you want to dominate in the post, you need to have a variety of moves that can help you score against tough defenders. In basketball, the post position is often where big men thrive, but it requires skill and technique to be successful. That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate post move drills into your training regimen.

One of the best post move drills is the drop step. This move involves catching the ball in the low post, taking a step backward with your inside foot, and pivoting toward the basket for a strong finish. By practicing the drop step, you can become more efficient at scoring over defenders and create space for yourself in the paint.

Another essential drill for post players is the up-and-under. This move is designed to fake out defenders by making them believe you’re going one way, only to quickly change directions and score. By utilizing deception and footwork, the up-and-under can be an effective tool to score against taller or quicker opponents.

The Importance of Post Moves

Developing effective post moves is essential for basketball players who want to dominate in the paint. Post players are typically taller and stronger, making them a valuable asset in scoring close to the basket and creating opportunities for their team. Mastering a variety of post moves allows players to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents, ultimately leading to more successful scoring opportunities.

One important aspect of post moves is footwork. Having quick and precise footwork allows players to establish position in the post, create separation from defenders, and execute their moves smoothly. Good footwork enables post players to pivot, spin, and step around their opponents, giving them a clear path to the basket.

Another key element of post moves is a player’s ability to read the defense. By learning to anticipate how defenders will react, a post player can make the necessary adjustments to their moves in order to create scoring opportunities. This requires a combination of basketball IQ, court awareness, and the ability to make split-second decisions.

Additionally, post moves help players become more versatile on offense. By developing an arsenal of moves, players can adapt to different defensive strategies, such as double teams or aggressive fronting. This flexibility allows post players to find alternative ways to score or create opportunities for their teammates, making them a valuable asset on the court.

In conclusion, mastering post moves is crucial for basketball players who want to excel in the post position. The combination of footwork, reading the defense, and versatility on offense allows players to dominate in the paint and contribute significantly to their team’s success.

Developing Strength and Footwork

When it comes to improving your post moves, developing strength and footwork are two key areas to focus on. These skills will help you establish a strong position in the post and make it easier for you to execute effective moves and finishes at the rim. Here are some drills and exercises that can help you improve in these areas:

Strength Training:

  • Full Squats: Perform full squats with a barbell or dumbbells to strengthen your lower body, including your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This will give you the power and stability you need to hold your position in the post.
  • Deadlifts: Deadlifts are another effective exercise for building lower body strength. They target the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, which are all important muscle groups for post play.
  • Medicine Ball Throws: Use a medicine ball to perform different throwing exercises that target your upper body, such as chest passes, overhead throws, and rotational throws. This will help you develop the strength and explosiveness needed to finish strong at the rim.

Footwork Drills:

  1. Mikan Drill: The Mikan drill is a classic drill that focuses on improving footwork and finishing around the basket. Start under the rim and alternate layups with each hand, using proper footwork and positioning.
  2. Drop Step Drill: The drop step is a fundamental move in the post that allows you to quickly change direction and create space from your defender. Practice this move by starting on one side of the paint, executing a drop step, and finishing with a power move at the rim.
  3. Agility Ladder: Incorporate agility ladder drills into your training routine to improve your foot speed, quickness, and coordination. These drills will help you become more agile and elusive in the post, making it difficult for your defender to stay with you.
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By consistently working on your strength and footwork, you can become a more dominant post player. These drills and exercises will help you develop the necessary skills and abilities to outmuscle and outmaneuver your opponents in the paint.

Expanding Offensive Skills

Developing a strong offensive game is crucial for basketball players looking to excel on the court. Expanding offensive skills allows players to become more versatile and unpredictable, making it difficult for opponents to defend against them. This requires a combination of dribbling, shooting, and post moves to create scoring opportunities.

One way to expand offensive skills is by improving dribbling technique. This includes practicing various dribbling moves such as crossovers, behind-the-back, and spin moves. These moves help players create space and evade defenders, giving them more opportunities to attack the basket or create scoring chances for their teammates. Developing strong ball-handling skills allows players to confidently navigate the court and make quick decisions to exploit defensive weaknesses.


  • Focus on shooting from different spots on the court to become a threat from anywhere. This includes practicing mid-range jump shots, three-pointers, and floaters.
  • Experiment with shooting off the dribble and catch-and-shoot situations to improve shooting versatility. This makes it harder for defenders to anticipate and contest shots.
  • Work on shooting with both hands to increase shooting options and effectiveness.

Post Moves

Developing a strong post game is essential for players who want to dominate in the paint. This includes practicing various post moves such as drop steps, jump hooks, and up-and-under moves. These moves help players establish position, get past defenders, and finish at the rim with ease. By expanding their repertoire of post moves, players become more difficult to guard and can exploit mismatches against smaller or weaker opponents.

Basic Post Move Drills

Developing a strong post game is essential for basketball players who want to dominate in the paint. Practicing basic post moves can help players improve their footwork, positioning, and scoring ability near the basket. Here are a few drills that can be used to work on these fundamental skills:

1. Drop Step Drill

The drop step is a fundamental move for post players, allowing them to quickly change direction and get to the basket. To practice the drop step, start with the ball in the post and your back to the basket. Step back with your inside foot, pivoting on your outside foot, and bring the ball up for a shot or layup. Repeat this move on both sides of the basket, focusing on quickness and explosiveness.

2. Up and Under Drill

The up and under move is a great way to create space and score over defenders in the post. Start with the ball in the post and face up to the basket. Take a jab step to one side, then step through with your opposite foot while moving the ball under and around the defender’s arm. Finish with a shot or layup. Practice this move from both sides of the basket to improve your ability to deceive defenders and finish at the rim.

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3. Mikan Drill

The Mikan drill is a classic drill that helps players develop touch and coordination near the basket. Start under the basket, facing one side, and shoot a layup with your right hand. Grab the rebound with your left hand and immediately shoot a layup with your left hand. Repeat this pattern, alternating between right and left hand layups. Focus on using correct shooting mechanics and developing a soft touch around the rim.

Practicing these basic post move drills can improve a player’s overall post game and make them a more effective scorer in the paint. By mastering the drop step, up and under move, and the Mikan drill, players can become a force to be reckoned with near the basket.

The Drop Step Drill: Perfect Your Post Move

In the world of basketball, having a strong post game can be a game-changer. One of the most effective moves to master is the drop step, which allows a player to quickly change direction and get to the basket. To develop this skill, players can incorporate the drop step drill into their training regimen.

In the drop step drill, players start with the ball on the low block, facing the baseline. The first step is for the player to establish a strong base by keeping their feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. This position ensures stability and balance during the move. Next, the player should use their pivot foot to take a large step towards the middle of the key, while simultaneously dropping their shoulder to create separation from the defender.

Once the player has executed the drop step, they should explode towards the basket, using their non-pivot foot to power the move. It’s important for the player to maintain control of the ball and finish with a strong layup or dunk. This drill can be practiced at different speeds to work on both speed and power.

The drop step drill is an essential tool for any player looking to dominate in the post. By perfecting this move, players can create scoring opportunities close to the basket and become a threat in the paint. Remember, repetition and practice are key to mastering this skill. So grab a ball, find a court, and start working on your drop step today!

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Question and answer:

What is the Drop Step Drill?

The Drop Step Drill is a basketball training exercise that focuses on improving footwork and post moves. It involves stepping backward and away from the defender in order to create separation and make a move to the basket.

How does the Drop Step Drill benefit basketball players?

The Drop Step Drill helps basketball players develop quickness, agility, and balance. It also teaches players how to create space from defenders and make effective moves to the basket.

How do you perform the Drop Step Drill?

To perform the Drop Step Drill, stand facing the basket with a defender in front of you. Take a quick step backward and away from the defender with one foot, then quickly pivot towards the basket and make a move to the hoop. Repeat on the other side.

as of July 3, 2024 5:14 pm

What are some variations of the Drop Step Drill?

Some variations of the Drop Step Drill include adding a dribble or a shot after making the move to the basket. You can also incorporate a defender or practice the drill from different starting positions on the court.

How can I incorporate the Drop Step Drill into my basketball training routine?

You can incorporate the Drop Step Drill into your basketball training routine by practicing it regularly during individual workouts or team practices. Start with basic footwork and gradually increase the difficulty as you improve.


In conclusion, the drop step drill is a highly effective technique for improving agility, balance, and coordination in basketball. By repeatedly practicing this drill, players can develop stronger footwork and become more adept at quickly changing direction on the court. Additionally, the drop step drill allows players to better control their body movements and maintain proper body positioning while on the move. Incorporating this drill into regular training sessions can greatly enhance a player’s overall performance and make them a more formidable force on the basketball court.

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