Best passing training drills

Passing is a fundamental skill in any team sport. It allows players to quickly move the ball around the field, create scoring opportunities, and maintain possession. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your passing accuracy or an advanced player aiming to enhance your vision and decision-making, incorporating passing training drills into your practice routine is essential.

One of the best passing training drills is the “Two-Touch Pass and Move.” In this drill, players partner up and stand facing each other about 10 meters apart. The objective is to pass the ball back and forth using only two touches each. This drill focuses on improving accuracy, timing, and communication between teammates. It also encourages players to constantly be on the move, creating space and passing options.

Another effective passing drill is the “Triangle Passing Combination.” Form a triangle with three cones or players. One player starts in the middle while the other two are positioned on each side of the triangle. The player in the middle must pass the ball to one of the other players and quickly move to the empty spot. The receiving player then passes the ball to the third player, who repeats the sequence. This drill works on passing under pressure, quick decision-making, and movement off the ball.

The “Long-Range Passing Accuracy” drill is perfect for players looking to improve their long passes. Set up two goals or targets about 30 meters apart. Divide the team into two groups, with one group on each side. Players alternate between passing and receiving the ball, aiming to hit the target with their long passes. This drill helps develop the ability to make accurate and powerful long passes, which can be crucial in switching play and creating scoring opportunities from a distance.

Passing Accuracy Drill

Improving passing accuracy is essential for any football player who wants to excel in their performance. This passing accuracy drill is a highly effective training exercise that focuses on enhancing a player’s ability to pass the ball accurately to their teammates.


The objective of this passing accuracy drill is to consistently improve a player’s precision and control when passing the ball. By practicing this drill regularly, players will develop the ability to pass the ball accurately and efficiently, even in high-pressure situations during a match.


  1. Set up a small square grid with cones to mark out the boundaries.
  2. Divide the players into pairs, with one player taking on the role of the passer and the other player as the receiver.
  3. The passer must stand at one end of the grid, while the receiver stands at the opposite end.
  4. On the coach’s signal, the passer must aim to pass the ball accurately to their teammate by directing it within the boundaries of the grid.
  5. The receiver must then control the ball and pass it back to the original passer using appropriate techniques, such as a first-time pass or a cushioned touch.
  6. Players should focus on their technique, utilizing proper footwork, body positioning, and accuracy in order to successfully complete the drill.
  7. Encourage players to communicate with each other and provide constructive feedback to help improve their passing accuracy.


Once players have mastered the basic passing accuracy drill, variations can be introduced to further challenge their skills. This may include increasing the distance between the passer and the receiver or introducing obstacles in the grid to simulate game-like scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistent practice of the passing accuracy drill will enhance a player’s ability to make accurate passes during a match.
  • Focusing on proper technique, communication, and receiving skills will contribute to improving passing accuracy.
  • Progressing the drill by adding challenges will help players develop the ability to pass accurately even in more difficult situations.
  • By regularly incorporating passing accuracy drills into training sessions, players will become more confident and proficient in their passing abilities, ultimately contributing to their overall performance on the pitch.

Triangle Passing Drill

The triangle passing drill is a popular training exercise for improving passing skills in soccer. This drill focuses on quick and accurate passing between three players, forming a triangle shape. It helps players develop their communication, decision-making, and ball control abilities.

To set up the drill, arrange three cones or markers in a triangle shape, with a distance of about 5-10 yards between each cone. Three players position themselves at each cone, forming a triangle. One player starts as the passer, another as the receiver, and the third as the support player.

  • The passer initiates the drill by passing the ball to the receiver, using different variations of passing techniques such as short passes, long passes, or through balls.
  • The receiver then takes a quick touch to control the ball and passes it to the support player, who provides an option for the next pass.
  • The support player also takes a touch and passes the ball back to the initial passer, completing the triangle.
  • The drill continues with continuous passing and movement between the players, focusing on accuracy, speed, and timing.

This drill can be modified by adding time limits, increasing the distance between cones, or incorporating additional variations such as one-touch passing or using specific footwork techniques. It is essential for players to stay aware of their positioning, communicate effectively, and execute passes with precision to enhance their passing skills.

The triangle passing drill is beneficial for players of all levels, from beginners to professional athletes, as it provides an excellent opportunity to practice passing accuracy, decision-making, and teamwork. Regularly incorporating this drill into training sessions can significantly enhance a player’s passing ability and make them more effective in game situations.

Wall Passing Drill

In order to improve passing skills in football, one effective training drill is the wall passing drill. This drill helps players to enhance their accuracy and technique when passing the ball. By repeatedly passing the ball against a wall, players can practice both short and long passing, as well as work on controlling the speed and direction of their passes.

The wall passing drill can be done individually or in pairs. To begin, the player stands a short distance away from the wall and passes the ball against it with one foot, focusing on making accurate and controlled passes. The player can then vary the intensity of their passes, from light touches to harder strikes, in order to improve their control and power. To practice the technique of receiving a pass, the player can also incorporate controlling the ball after it rebounds off the wall.

For a more advanced version of the drill, two players can stand facing the wall, passing the ball back and forth between them. This adds an element of timing and coordination to the drill, as the players must anticipate and react to the movement of their partner. By practicing this drill regularly, players can develop their passing skills and become more confident and accurate on the field.

Long-range Passing Drill

Long-range passing is an important skill in soccer, as it allows players to quickly and accurately move the ball across large distances on the field. A long-range passing drill is designed to help players improve their technique, accuracy, and decision-making when executing long-distance passes.

One effective long-range passing drill involves setting up a grid or a designated area on the field and dividing players into two teams. Each team will have a designated passer and receiver. The passer’s objective is to accurately deliver long-range passes to their teammate while the receiver’s goal is to control and retain possession of the ball. The drill can be further intensified by adding defenders to create a more realistic game-like situation.

During the drill, players should focus on various aspects of their passing technique, such as proper body positioning, striking the ball with the right surface of the foot, and adjusting the strength and trajectory of the pass based on the distance and position of the receiver. Players should also work on their communication and awareness to ensure successful connections between the passer and receiver.

Practicing the long-range passing drill regularly will help players develop confidence in their ability to execute accurate and powerful long-distance passes during game situations. This skill can be crucial in unlocking a well-organized defense and creating scoring opportunities for the team.

One-touch Passing Drill

In soccer, one of the most important skills is passing. A good passer can quickly move the ball around the field and create scoring opportunities for their team. One-touch passing drills are a great way to improve passing accuracy and speed. This drill focuses on players being able to receive the ball and pass it off with just one touch.

To set up this drill, divide the players into two teams and set up a grid in the middle of the field. Each team should have an equal number of players positioned around the grid. One team starts with the ball and their goal is to complete as many one-touch passes as possible without the other team intercepting the ball. The other team’s goal is to intercept the passes and gain possession of the ball.

  • The players must focus on their positioning and movement to create passing lanes and angles.
  • They should also work on their communication skills to call for the ball and let their teammates know where they are.
  • The one-touch passes should be crisp and accurate, with players using the proper technique to strike the ball.
  • The drill can be modified by adding additional players or making the grid smaller or larger to increase or decrease the difficulty level.

This one-touch passing drill is a great way to develop passing skills and improve players’ ability to quickly move the ball. By practicing their technique and focusing on their positioning and communication, players will become more effective passers on the field.

5 Best passing training drills

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Question and answer:

What is a one-touch passing drill?

A one-touch passing drill is a soccer training exercise that focuses on improving players’ passing accuracy and speed. It involves players passing the ball to each other using only one touch, without stopping the ball or taking multiple touches.

What are the benefits of one-touch passing drill?

The benefits of one-touch passing drill include improving players’ ball control, decision-making skills, and teamwork. It also helps in developing quick reflexes and enhances overall passing accuracy and speed.

How do you perform a one-touch passing drill?

To perform a one-touch passing drill, form a small group of players. Stand in a circular or rectangular shape and pass the ball to each other using only one touch. Focus on quick and accurate passing, without letting the ball touch the ground or taking additional touches.

How can you make a one-touch passing drill more challenging?

You can make a one-touch passing drill more challenging by increasing the speed of the passes, reducing the space available for passing, or introducing specific passing patterns or restrictions. You can also add defenders or time limits to increase the intensity and difficulty of the drill.


In conclusion, the one-touch passing drill is a valuable exercise that can greatly improve a team’s passing skills and overall gameplay. By emphasizing quick decision-making, precision, and communication, players can learn to effectively move the ball around the field with minimal touches. This drill also promotes teamwork and cooperation, as players must work together to successfully complete the passing sequences. Whether on a professional team or a recreational league, incorporating the one-touch passing drill into training sessions can help elevate a team’s performance and create a more dynamic and cohesive playing style.

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