Best passing drills for youth basketball

Passing is a fundamental skill in the game of basketball that every player, regardless of their position, needs to master. Good passing can create scoring opportunities, open up the court, and keep the team’s offense flowing smoothly. For youth basketball players, developing strong passing skills is essential for their overall growth and success in the sport.

There are various passing drills that can help young basketball players improve their passing accuracy, decision making, and overall proficiency. One effective drill is the “Two-Line Passing Drill”, where players form two lines at one end of the court and pass the ball back and forth to each other while moving up and down the court. This drill helps in developing quick reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to make accurate passes under pressure.

Another great passing drill for youth basketball is the “Partner Passing Drill”. In this drill, players pair up and stand a few feet apart from each other. They take turns passing the ball to each other, focusing on proper technique, such as using both hands, stepping into the pass, and keeping the ball chest level. This drill helps players develop a strong foundation in passing fundamentals and can be done at any skill level.

The “Triangle Passing Drill” is another effective way to improve passing skills. In this drill, three players form a triangle shape, with one player in the middle and the other two players on the corners. The player in the middle passes the ball to one of the corner players, who then passes it back to the middle player, and so on. This drill helps players work on their passing angles, communication, and decision making, as they have to quickly assess the best passing option.

Overall, incorporating these passing drills into youth basketball practices can greatly enhance players’ passing abilities and contribute to their overall development as basketball players. By emphasizing the importance of passing and providing players with opportunities to practice and improve their skills, coaches can help their teams become more efficient and successful on the court.

Benefits of passing drills for youth basketball players

Passing drills are an essential aspect of youth basketball training that can greatly benefit young players. These drills focus on developing a player’s passing skills, which are crucial for effective teamwork and offensive strategies. By regularly practicing passing drills, youth basketball players can improve their accuracy, speed, and decision-making on the court.

One of the main benefits of passing drills is the improvement of communication and teamwork among players. These drills emphasize the importance of clear and concise communication on the court, allowing players to develop better chemistry and understanding of each other’s playing styles. This enhanced teamwork can lead to more fluid offensive plays and increased scoring opportunities for the team.

Another key advantage of passing drills is the development of a player’s overall basketball IQ. By practicing different passing techniques and learning how to read the defense, youth players can become more knowledgeable about the game’s strategies and tactics. This increased basketball IQ can greatly benefit them in making better decisions, whether it’s passing to an open teammate or recognizing defensive patterns to create scoring opportunities.

Passing drills also help enhance a player’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These drills involve various passes, such as chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes, which require precise control and coordination. By continually practicing these passing drills, young players can improve their hand-eye coordination, enabling them to make accurate passes even under pressure during a game.

Overall, passing drills are a crucial component of youth basketball training due to their numerous benefits. They promote effective communication and teamwork among players, improve basketball IQ, and enhance motor skills and coordination. By incorporating passing drills into their training routine, young basketball players can develop into well-rounded athletes, equipped with the necessary skills to excel on the court.

Cone passing drill

The cone passing drill is an effective training exercise for youth basketball players to improve their passing skills. This drill focuses on accuracy, speed, and decision-making when making passes, and it also helps players develop their hand-eye coordination and court awareness.

To set up the cone passing drill, place a series of cones in a straight line across the court, with about 2-3 feet of space between each cone. Have the players form two lines at one end of the court, with one line on each side of the cones. Each player should have a basketball.

  • Start the drill by having the first player in Line A pass the ball to the first cone, then quickly sprint to the next cone to receive a return pass from the first player in Line B. The player in Line B will then pass the ball to the second cone and repeat the process.
  • Continue this passing sequence down the line of cones, with each player in Line A passing to the cone in front of them and receiving a return pass from the player in Line B.
  • Encourage the players to use different types of passes, such as chest passes and bounce passes, to improve their passing versatility.
  • Emphasize the importance of accuracy and speed in the passes, and encourage the players to make quick decisions on when to pass and when to receive the ball.
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This drill can be modified to add more complexity by adding defenders or by requiring players to use specific types of passes at each cone. By regularly practicing the cone passing drill, youth basketball players can improve their passing skills and become more effective and efficient on the court.

How to set up the drill

Setting up the passing drill for youth basketball is crucial for the overall effectiveness of the exercise. By carefully arranging the equipment and organizing the players, you can create a structured and efficient practice session.

1. Equipment: Start by gathering all the necessary equipment for the passing drill. This may include cones, basketballs, and any other props or accessories you plan to use. Make sure everything is in proper working order and easily accessible for both the coach and the players.

2. Space: Find a suitable area where the drill can take place. It should be free of any obstacles and provide enough room for the players to move around comfortably. Consider the number of players participating in the drill and ensure there is enough space for everyone to actively engage in the exercise.

3. Instructions and demonstration: Before starting the drill, communicate the objectives and rules to the players. Clearly explain what they need to do and what you expect from them. It may be helpful to demonstrate the drill yourself or use visuals to further clarify the instructions.

4. Organization: Divide the players into appropriate groups or pairs, depending on the drill’s requirements. Assign each player a specific role or position to maximize participation and challenge their passing abilities. Ensure everyone understands their role and is ready to begin the drill.

5. Safety precautions: Lastly, consider any safety precautions that need to be taken during the drill. Emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship, proper technique, and injury prevention. Encourage the players to support and encourage each other throughout the exercise.

By following these steps and setting up the passing drill with care and thoughtfulness, you can create a positive and productive learning environment for youth basketball players.

Instructions for performing the drill

1. Set up a passing drill by marking out a grid on the basketball court. The grid should be approximately 15 feet by 15 feet in size. Use cones or lines to mark the boundaries of the grid.

2. Divide the players into two teams and have them stand in opposite corners of the grid. Each team should have an equal number of players.

3. Instruct the players to pass the ball to their teammates within the grid. Emphasize the importance of good technique, such as using proper hand placement and stepping into the pass.

4. Encourage the players to move quickly and communicate with their teammates. This will help them develop their basketball IQ and improve their decision-making skills.

5. After a set amount of time, switch the roles so that the players who were receiving the passes now become the passers. This will ensure that all players get practice on both sides of the drill.

6. As the players become more comfortable with the drill, add variations to increase the difficulty. For example, you can introduce defensive players or require the players to make specific types of passes, such as bounce passes or overhead passes.

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7. Monitor the players’ progress and provide feedback and encouragement. Offer suggestions for improvement and recognize their effort and improvement.

8. Repeat the drill frequently during practice sessions to reinforce passing skills and teamwork. Over time, the players will become more proficient and confident in their passing abilities.

Two-player passing drill

Two-player passing drill

The two-player passing drill is an effective way to improve passing skills for youth basketball players. This drill focuses on developing proper passing technique, accuracy, and timing between two players.

To begin, the two players stand facing each other, about 10-15 feet apart. One player starts with the basketball while the other player assumes a passing position with their hands ready to receive the ball.

The drill starts with the player holding the ball making a chest pass to their partner. The player receiving the pass catches the ball and immediately returns it with a chest pass. The players continue to pass the ball back and forth using chest passes, focusing on making accurate and crisp passes.

After a few repetitions, the players can switch to using bounce passes or overhead passes. Bounce passes help to simulate passing in a game situation where the ball needs to be thrown low and bounce to the recipient. Overhead passes simulate making longer passes or passing over a defender.

As the players become more comfortable with the drill, they can increase the speed and intensity of their passes, challenging themselves to make faster and more accurate passes. This drill helps to improve communication, hand-eye coordination, and passing skills in a controlled and structured setting.

Overall, the two-player passing drill is an excellent way for young basketball players to work on their passing skills. By focusing on technique, accuracy, and timing, players can improve their passing abilities and become more effective on the court.

5 Best passing drills for youth basketball

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Question and answer:

What is a two-player passing drill?

A two-player passing drill is a soccer training exercise where two players practice passing the ball back and forth to each other.

What is the purpose of a two-player passing drill?

The purpose of a two-player passing drill is to improve passing accuracy, timing, and communication between two players on a soccer team.

How do you perform a two-player passing drill?

To perform a two-player passing drill, stand facing each other a few meters apart. One player passes the ball to their partner, who then receives it and passes it back. They continue passing back and forth using different techniques such as ground passes, lofted passes, and one-touch passes.

What are the benefits of a two-player passing drill?

The benefits of a two-player passing drill include improved passing skills, better teamwork and understanding between two players, and increased agility and coordination.


In conclusion, the two-player passing drill is a highly effective and versatile training exercise for football players of all levels. It focuses on developing crucial skills such as accuracy, timing, communication, and spatial awareness. This drill can be adapted to suit different training goals and can be used to improve both players’ technical abilities and overall understanding of the game. By consistently practicing this drill, players can enhance their passing skills and become more proficient in executing quick and precise passes under pressure. Incorporating the two-player passing drill into regular training sessions can undoubtedly contribute to the development of well-rounded and effective football players.

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