Best make of impact drill

When it comes to heavy-duty drilling tasks, an impact drill is the go-to tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. These powerful drills are designed to provide maximum torque and speed, making them perfect for drilling through tough materials like concrete, metal, and brick. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best make of impact drill for your specific needs.

One top contender in the world of impact drills is the Bosch brand. Renowned for its quality and durability, Bosch offers a wide range of impact drills that cater to different budgets and requirements. From lightweight and compact models to more robust and heavy-duty options, Bosch has something for everyone. Their impact drills are known for their impressive power, precision, and reliability, ensuring that you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Another reliable make of impact drill is Makita. With a reputation for innovative design and cutting-edge technology, Makita impact drills are a favorite among professionals. These drills are engineered for optimal performance and durability, allowing users to tackle even the toughest drilling tasks with ease. Makita impact drills are also lauded for their ergonomic design, providing comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use. With a wide range of features and options available, Makita offers versatility and flexibility to meet the needs of different applications.

Factors to consider when choosing an impact drill

When looking for an impact drill, there are several important factors to consider that can help you make the best choice for your needs. These factors include the power of the drill, the size and weight, the durability, the speed settings, and the availability of additional features.

Power: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an impact drill is its power. The power of a drill is typically measured in terms of its voltage or wattage, and the higher the power, the more capable the drill will be at drilling through tough materials.

Size and Weight: Another factor to consider is the size and weight of the impact drill. A compact and lightweight drill can be easier to handle and maneuver in tight spaces, making it more convenient to use for extended periods of time.

Durability: It is also important to consider the durability of the impact drill. Look for a drill that is made from high-quality materials and has a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy use without breaking or wearing out quickly.

Speed Settings: Some impact drills have adjustable speed settings, allowing you to customize the speed to suit different materials and tasks. This can be useful for tasks that require a slower or faster drilling speed, and can help you achieve better results.

Additional Features: Finally, consider any additional features that the impact drill may have. This could include features like an LED light to illuminate your work area, a belt clip for easy storage and access, or a battery level indicator to let you know when it’s time to recharge.

By considering these factors when choosing an impact drill, you can ensure that you find a drill that meets your needs and provides you with the power, versatility, and durability you require.

Makita impact drills: Top models and features

Makita impact drills: Top models and features

Makita is a renowned brand in the world of power tools, and their impact drills are no exception. With a reputation for durability, performance, and innovation, Makita offers a range of impact drills designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

One of the top models in Makita’s lineup is the Makita XDT13Z 18V LXT. This compact and lightweight impact drill packs a punch with its powerful motor, delivering up to 1,500 in-lbs of torque. The XDT13Z features an ergonomic design, with a rubberized grip to ensure comfort and control during use. It also has a variable speed control, allowing users to adjust the speed to match the material they are working with.

Another popular model is the Makita XDT14Z 18V LXT Brushless. This brushless impact drill is known for its efficiency and extended battery life. The brushless motor delivers up to 3,600 RPM, making fast work of any drilling or driving task. The XDT14Z also features Makita’s Assist Mode, which helps eliminate cross-threading and cam-out by starting the motor slowly before ramping up to full speed.

In addition to these top models, Makita offers a wide range of other impact drills, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you need a compact drill for tight spaces or a high-powered drill for heavy-duty tasks, Makita has a solution to fit your needs.

In conclusion, Makita impact drills are known for their durability, performance, and innovative features. With a range of models to choose from, professionals and DIY enthusiasts can find the perfect Makita impact drill to meet their needs. These drills offer powerful motors, ergonomic designs, variable speed control, and other features that make drilling and driving tasks easier and more efficient. When it comes to impact drills, Makita is a top choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

Dewalt impact drills: Top models and features

Dewalt is a renowned brand in the power tools industry, and their impact drills are no exception. With a range of top-quality models to choose from, Dewalt impact drills are preferred by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

One notable model is the Dewalt DCD996B, which features a powerful brushless motor that delivers up to 2,250 RPM. This drill also has a three-speed transmission, allowing users to choose the appropriate speed for the task at hand. Additionally, the DCD996B has a hammer drill setting for added versatility.

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Three-speed transmission
  • Hammer drill setting

Another popular model is the Dewalt DCF887B, known for its compact size and impressive performance. Despite its smaller form factor, this drill still delivers a maximum torque of 1,825 inch-pounds. It also features a three-speed settings and an ergonomic grip for comfortable use.

  • Compact size
  • Maximum torque of 1,825 inch-pounds
  • Three-speed settings
  • Ergonomic grip

For those seeking even more power, the Dewalt DCF887M2 is a top-tier option. This model comes with two 4.0Ah batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance. It also has a built-in LED light to illuminate dark work areas and a belt hook for added convenience.

  • Comes with two 4.0Ah batteries
  • Built-in LED light
  • Belt hook

Whether you need a drill with a powerful motor, compact size, or long-lasting performance, Dewalt has a model to suit your needs. With their top-tier features, Dewalt impact drills are an excellent choice for any job.

Bosch impact drills: Top models and features

Bosch impact drills: Top models and features

Bosch is a renowned brand in the power tools industry, known for its high-quality and durable products. When it comes to impact drills, Bosch offers several top models that cater to different needs and budgets. These drills are designed with advanced features, making them a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

One of the top models from Bosch is the Bosch GSB 18V-55 Professional. This impact drill is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which provides efficient performance and longer run time. It has a compact and ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and comfortable to use. The drill also features a 13mm keyless chuck, allowing for quick and easy bit changes. Additionally, it has a built-in LED light, illuminating the work area and improving visibility.

Another popular Bosch impact drill is the Bosch GSB 12V-15 Professional. This model is specifically designed for small to medium DIY projects. It comes with a 10mm keyless chuck and a two-speed gear box, offering versatility in drilling and screwdriving applications. The drill is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for tight spaces and overhead work. It also has a battery status indicator, indicating the remaining battery power.

Overall, Bosch impact drills are known for their reliability, performance, and durability. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, Bosch has a top model that will meet your needs. These drills are packed with features that make drilling and screwdriving tasks easier and more efficient. With a Bosch impact drill, you can expect quality, power, and versatility.

5 Best make of impact drill

Cordless Drills, Electric Drill 21V Max Power Drill Impact Driver, Combi Drill Kit with 2 * 2000mAh Li-Ion Battery, 45 Nm Electric Screwdriver, 25+3 Torque, 57 Pieces Accessory Set

2 new from £59.99
Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 12:35 pm


  • 【Multi-function Applicability】The combi drill has three function; electric screwdriver function: suitable for tightening or loosening different screws to avoid slipping; Drilling function: suitable for wood, ceramic tile, cement, metal plate and other various materials drilling; Impact drilling function, suitable for digging red wall tiles, cement tiles, walls, ceilings. The battery level indicator always reminds you the remaining power.
  • 【2PCS 2.0Ah Li-ion Batteries】 Cordless drill is equipped with 2X 21V 2000mAh lithium battery and quick charger, each battery can last 40-60 minutes, and one battery can be fully charged in just 60 minutes, which is suitable for long-term work.
  • 【2 Gears and 25 Torque Transmission】The electric drill has 2 speed to choose (0-450RPM, 0-1500RPM); The Mac torque is 45NM; LED lights allow you to work in a dark Environment; The built-in level balance can help you correct drilling direction. The ergonomic design electric drill with shock absorber and soft leather case makes working easier and more comfortable.
  • 【Easy to Use & Quick Chuck】Auto lock chuck helps you change bits quickly. Electric Screwdriver offers you a comfortable balanced and soft grip.
  • 【Comfortable Design】The cordless drill is small and lightweight; The ergonomic design electric drill with shock absorber and soft leather case makes working easier and more comfortable.

Bosch Home and Garden Hammer Drill UniversalImpact 800 (800 W, in carrying case)

5 new from £84.99
1 used from £72.18
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as of September 29, 2023 12:35 pm


  • Strong drilling performance with a 800 watt motor
  • Kickback Control for increased user protection
  • Effortless and fast drilling with the new impact mechanism, 20% faster than previous models
  • Striking Power yet easy to control with the world’s first Kickback Control Sensor
  • Screw diameter maximum: 5 mm

WESCO Impact Driver, 18V 2.0Ah Cordless Impact Drill with 20pcs Accessories, Variable Speed, 2 Gear (0-2600/min, 0-3400bpm), 1/4" All-Metal Hex Chuck, Battery and Fast Charger

as of September 29, 2023 12:35 pm


  • Powerful Impacts & 20 Pieces of Accessories WESCO drill driver can provide a powerful torque to meet efficient tightening tasks and a wide range of applications, helping to easily cope with most screw drives in the house jobs.
  • Variable Speed Trigger & Quick chuck With 1/4 "quick chuck, no additional tool is required for locking. The chuck grips tightly and no drill bits slip through. Variable speed switch adjust speed by the amount of trigger depression (0-3400 bpm). The deeper you press the switch, the faster the speed, which allows you to change the optimal speed for different applications.
  • Fast charger & 18V Battery System The 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery is simple and easy to attach to the charging station and you can see when the battery is charged by the red or green light. The battery lasts a long time and is quickly recharged (1.3 hours). We also offer a 2.0Ah battery and a 4.0Ah battery separately.Have fun with your WESCO 18V battery system.
  • Ergonomic handle & LED lightThe ergonomic handle makes the impact wrench comfortable to hold and easy to handle. The reduced vibrations offer low-fatigue working. The vision light offers you a clear view even in poor lighting conditions.
  • What You Get & 2 Years Warranty 1x impact driver, 1x battery, 1x charger), 1x belt clip, 1x 50mm insert, 10pcs 1/4" hex magnetic nut driver, 5pcs 50mm PH inserts, 5pcs 50mm PZ inserts and 2 years warranty. If you have any question, you can contact us by email:

Hi-Spec 81pc Yellow 18V Cordless Power Drill Driver Set: Complete Home & Garage Hand Tool Kit for DIY

1 used from £92.04
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as of September 29, 2023 12:35 pm


  • ESSENTIAL TOOLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: This comprehensive set includes all the most commonly used household tools for everyday repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • POWERFUL & PORTABLE: With an 18V cordless power drill driver, you can quickly drill through wood, plastics, and metal, and finish all your screwdriving jobs with ease.
  • RECHARGEABLE & VERSATILE: The large 1500mAh battery provides ample power and can be recharged quickly. The variable speed trigger, direction switch, and LED light make it easy to work in dark or tight spaces.
  • START YOUR DIY PROJECTS: This set includes all the essential tools you need to open, install, wrench, pull, and hammer. And with a tough tool box for storage and transport, you can take your tools with you wherever you go.
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES: With a wide range of popular drill, screw, and nut driver bits in various sizes, you'll have everything you need to tackle any home improvement task.

Cordless Drill,Electric Drill,1200W Heavy Duty Impact Drill Corded Electric Hammer Screwdriver Bit Set with Case

as of September 29, 2023 12:35 pm


  • 【Professional Hammer &8 DRILL BITS SET】:This professional heavy-duty impact drill features an 1200W power-driven motor for fast and efficient operation. It is a professional hand drill for drilling holes in concrete, wood, walls, steel, masonry, etc.8Pcs different sizes, different materials drill bits set make this electric drill set an ideal tool for home drilling tasks into a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, masonry and concrete.
  • 【HAMMER & DRILL FUNCTIONS 2 IN 1】: Switch the black button on the top to select hammer or drilling function by your tasks; drilling function for drilling holes on steel plates and wood, hammer function provides greater impact to make the drilling task more efficient and simple on wall and masonry. Please note that this drill can''t be used in reinforced concrete walls.
  • 【VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER & RIGHT AND LEFT SWITCH】: Equipped with a variable-speed trigger and variable-speed knob, you’re able to set a suitable speed for different applications from 0-3000rpm. Lock-on button reduces fatigue for long hours work.Right & Left switch provides convenience to tighten or loosen screws.
  • 【360°ROTATING AUXILIARY HANDLE & METAL CHUCK】: This corded hammer drill comes with a rotating auxiliary handle, which adds the flexibility and offers the best grip. The metal chuck is firm and does not fall when drilling. The 1.5-13mm high-precision chuck is used for a wide range, and the 3-jaw clamping is tighter without falling drill. With the depth bar, it can accurately measure the hole depth, the built-in physical level is clear and intuitive.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN】: This hammer drill has been designed with light weight to ensure an easy operation and less fatigue for long drilling task. The compact design of this hammer drill enables comfortable use and allows access to tight spaces. Side assist handle for easily controlled, accurate drilling.

Question and answer:

What are the top models of Bosch impact drills?

The top models of Bosch impact drills include the Bosch GBH 18V-26 Professional, Bosch GSB 18V-85 C Professional, Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT Professional, Bosch GSB 1600 RE Professional, and Bosch GBH 2-28 F Professional.

What are the key features of Bosch impact drills?

The key features of Bosch impact drills include high drilling performance, durability, compact design, lightweight, variable speed control, hammer action for masonry drilling, and high torque for heavy-duty applications.

Are Bosch impact drills suitable for professional use?

Yes, Bosch impact drills are suitable for professional use. They are designed to withstand heavy use and provide reliable performance in various applications.

Are Bosch impact drills corded or cordless?

Bosch offers both corded and cordless impact drills. Corded models provide continuous power supply, while cordless models offer greater mobility and flexibility.

Can Bosch impact drills be used for drilling in masonry?

Yes, Bosch impact drills are designed for drilling in masonry. They have a hammer action that delivers high impact energy, making them ideal for drilling into materials such as concrete and brick.


In conclusion, Bosch impact drills are top-quality tools that offer a range of impressive features. The models mentioned, such as the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 and Bosch Professional GSB 18V-21, are highly recommended for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. These drills boast powerful motor technology, ergonomic designs, and versatile functions that make them suitable for various tasks. Additionally, Bosch’s reputation for durability and reliability further solidifies these impact drills as excellent investments. Whether you need to drill through wood, metal, or concrete, a Bosch impact drill will provide the power and precision you need. So, if you’re in the market for a new drill, consider one of these top Bosch models – you won’t be disappointed.

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