Best lacrosse practice drills

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and high-intensity sport that requires strong teamwork, agility, and quick decision making. To excel in lacrosse, it is essential for players to constantly improve their skills through regular practice drills. In this article, we will explore some of the best lacrosse practice drills that can help players enhance their shooting, passing, and defensive abilities.

One of the most important aspects of lacrosse is shooting accuracy. A great drill to improve shooting skills is the “Five Hole Drill.” This drill involves setting up five targets in the goal, representing the different shooting angles and possible gaps in the goalie’s stance. Players then take turns shooting at each target, aiming to hit the smallest gap possible. This drill not only helps players improve their accuracy, but also increases their ability to quickly assess shooting opportunities during a game.

Passing and catching are also crucial skills in lacrosse. The “Partner Passing Drill” is an effective drill to improve these skills. In this drill, players pair up and stand about 10-15 yards apart. They then pass the ball back and forth, focusing on accuracy, speed, and proper technique. The distance between players can be adjusted to make the drill more challenging. This drill helps players build muscle memory for accurate passes and improves their hand-eye coordination.

Effective Lacrosse Practice Drills

Practicing specific drills is essential for lacrosse players to improve their skills and performance on the field. Here are some of the best lacrosse practice drills that can help players enhance their stick handling, shooting accuracy, and overall gameplay:

1. Three-Man Weave Drill

1. Three-Man Weave Drill

The three-man weave drill focuses on improving passing skills and coordination among teammates. Players form three lines parallel to each other and take turns sprinting and passing the ball. This drill helps in developing quick, accurate passes and enhances communication on the field.

2. Ground Ball Scramble Drill

To improve ground ball retrieval skills, the ground ball scramble drill is highly effective. Players are divided into two teams and spread out on the field. The coach scatters multiple lacrosse balls, and the teams compete to retrieve them. This drill enhances players’ agility, speed, and ability to come out on top during ground ball battles.

3. Man-Up Shooting Drill

The man-up shooting drill focuses on enhancing shooting accuracy and decision-making skills. In this drill, players practice shooting while the defense is a player down. This creates a scenario where attackers have more scoring opportunities, forcing them to make quick, accurate shots.

4. Box Drill

The box drill is an effective way to improve stick handling skills and overall control. Players start by standing inside a box-like grid and practice cradling the ball, switching hands quickly, and maneuvering through the box. This drill helps in developing better ball control and enhances a player’s ability to protect and maintain possession of the ball.

5. Full-Field Transition Drill

The full-field transition drill focuses on improving a team’s fast break and transition play. This drill simulates game-like scenarios where players have to quickly transition from defense to offense or vice versa. It helps in developing speed, communication, and teamwork on the field.

These drills are highly recommended for lacrosse players looking to enhance their skills and take their game to the next level. It is essential to practice them regularly and with proper technique to see significant improvement in gameplay.

Shooting Drills

Shooting Drills

Shooting drills are an essential part of any lacrosse practice session. They help players improve their accuracy, speed, and decision-making on the field. Here are some effective shooting drills that coaches can incorporate into their training sessions:

1. Target Shooting

To practice accuracy and precision, set up targets in the goal and have players shoot at them from various angles and distances. This drill helps players focus on their aim and improve their shooting technique.

2. Fast Break Shooting

Fast break situations are common in lacrosse games, and this drill helps players develop their shooting skills under high-pressure scenarios. Set up a defender and an attacker, with the attacker starting from a midfield position. The attacker must quickly get past the defender and take a shot on goal.

3. Man-up Shooting

This drill focuses on shooting in man-up situations, where the offense has an extra player advantage. Set up six offensive players against four defenders. The offensive players must move the ball quickly to find an open shot opportunity. This drill helps improve ball movement and shot selection in man-up situations.

4. Dodging and Shooting

4. Dodging and Shooting

In lacrosse, dodging is an essential skill to get past defenders. Combine dodging with shooting by setting up a cone or defender for the player to dodge around before taking a shot. This drill helps players work on their dodging techniques while maintaining focus on their shooting accuracy.

5. Team Shooting Drill

For this drill, divide players into two teams and set up a small-sided scrimmage. Each team will have a limited time to possess the ball and take as many shots as possible. This drill helps players develop their shooting skills in a game-like scenario, while also encouraging teamwork and communication.

By incorporating these shooting drills into lacrosse practices, coaches can help their players improve their accuracy, speed, and decision-making in shooting situations. Regular repetition of these drills will lead to significant improvements in players’ overall shooting abilities on the field.

Passing and Catching Drills

In lacrosse, passing and catching skills are essential for both offensive and defensive players. These skills not only help players maintain possession of the ball but also allow them to move the ball quickly and accurately to their teammates. To improve passing and catching abilities, players can incorporate various drills into their training routine.

1. Wall Ball: Wall ball drills are a great way to improve passing and catching skills. Players can use a rebounding wall or a designated wall with targets to practice their throws and catches. They can start with simple one-handed passes and catches, gradually progressing to more complex techniques like behind-the-back passes and quick stick catches.

2. Partner Passing: Partner passing drills involve players working in pairs to practice their passing and catching abilities. They can start with short distance passes and gradually increase the distance as their skills improve. Players can also incorporate movement into this drill by having one partner move around while the other delivers accurate passes.

3. Three-Person Passing: This drill involves three players forming a triangle and passing the ball to each other. Players can practice different types of passes, such as chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes. This drill helps players improve their passing accuracy and timing.

4. Circle Passing: In this drill, players form a circle and pass the ball to each other in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This drill helps improve players’ field vision and their ability to quickly react to passes from different angles. Players can also incorporate variations by adding more players or introducing a time limit for each pass.

5. Game-Like Scenarios: To make practice more realistic, players can incorporate passing and catching drills into game-like scenarios. This can include setting up small-sided games where players need to pass and catch under pressure or incorporating passing and catching into specific offensive or defensive plays.

By regularly practicing these passing and catching drills, lacrosse players can significantly improve their skills and contribute to their team’s success on the field.

Ground Ball Drills

In lacrosse, mastering ground ball skills is crucial for both offensive and defensive players. Ground ball drills focus on improving players’ ability to quickly scoop up loose balls from the ground during a game. These drills enhance hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and agility while teaching players to maintain possession of the ball when under pressure from opponents.

One effective ground ball drill is the “Ground Ball Gauntlet.” In this drill, players line up in two rows facing each other, with a coach or another player rolling multiple lacrosse balls between them. As the balls roll towards the players, they must react quickly, run towards the ball, and scoop it up using the proper technique. This drill not only helps players improve their ground ball skills but also simulates real-game scenarios where multiple loose balls may be present. It also encourages competition among players, as they strive to gather as many balls as possible.

  • Ground Ball Wall Ball: This drill involves using the wall to practice ground ball pickups. Players stand several feet away from the wall and bounce a lacrosse ball off the wall. As the ball bounces back, they must quickly react, move towards the ball, and scoop it up using the proper technique. This drill can be done individually or in pairs, helping players develop their coordination and reaction skills.
  • Ground Ball Relay: This drill is perfect for team building and improving quickness. Players form two teams, and each team lines up in single-file formation. A coach or another player stands several yards away, holding a lacrosse ball. One by one, players sprint towards the coach, scoop up the ball, and return it to their teammates before the next player in line can start. This drill helps improve speed, agility, and teamwork while focusing on successful ground ball pickups under pressure.
  • Ground Ball Grid Drill: This drill is ideal for developing players’ awareness and decision-making skills during ground ball situations. Create a grid using cones or any other markers, with each cone representing a ground ball. Players start outside the grid and, on the coach’s signal, sprint towards the grid, scoop up a ball, and then decide where to pass it. The drill can be modified by adding defenders or increasing the number and speed of ground balls, further challenging players’ skills and decision-making abilities.

5 Best lacrosse practice drills

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Question and answer:

What are some common ground ball drills in lacrosse?

Some common ground ball drills in lacrosse include the “Star Drill”, where players start in a circle and roll the ball to each other while moving clockwise or counterclockwise, and the “Ground Ball Gauntlet”, where players must navigate through a series of cones or obstacles to pick up ground balls. Other drills involve practicing scoop techniques and reaction time.

How can I improve my ground ball skills in lacrosse?

To improve your ground ball skills in lacrosse, you can practice various drills such as the “Wall Ball Drill”, where you repeatedly throw the ball against a wall and catch it on the rebound, simulating ground ball situations. Additionally, working on your footwork and agility will help you get to ground balls quickly, and practicing proper techniques for scooping and securing the ball will also improve your skills.

Why are ground ball skills important in lacrosse?

Ground ball skills are important in lacrosse because they allow players to gain possession of the ball, maintain possession for their team, and transition from defense to offense. Ground balls are often contested and can greatly impact the momentum of the game. Having strong ground ball skills will give a player an advantage on the field and contribute to their overall performance.

Are there any specific ground ball drills for beginners in lacrosse?

Yes, there are specific ground ball drills for beginners in lacrosse. One example is the “Cone Drill”, where players set up a line of cones and practice picking up balls while moving through the cones. Another beginner drill is the “Roll to Fence Drill”, where players roll the ball towards a fence or wall and practice scooping it up. These drills help develop the basic skills and technique needed for ground balls.


In conclusion, ground ball drills are essential for improving fielding skills and overall performance in the sport of softball. These drills not only teach players how to properly field ground balls but also help improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and quickness on the field. By building a solid foundation of ground ball skills, players can become more confident and effective fielders, ultimately making a significant impact on their team’s success. Whether it’s practicing basic drills like the two-ball toss or more advanced exercises like the triangle drill, incorporating ground ball drills into regular training sessions is a must for any softball player looking to take their game to the next level.

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