Best intensive elite drills for u7s

Developing young soccer players requires a well-structured and dynamic training program. For U7s, children aged six and seven, it is important to focus on building a solid foundation of skills and techniques. Intensive elite drills play a crucial role in enhancing their performance and taking their game to the next level.

One of the most effective intensive drills for U7s is the “Dribbling through Cones” exercise. This drill helps improve their ball control and coordination. Set up a series of cones in a straight line, spacing them out evenly. Have the players dribble the ball through the cones using their inside and outside foot, alternating as they go. This will challenge their balance and agility, while also enhancing their dribbling skills.

Another great intensive drill is “Passing Accuracy Challenge”. Create a small grid with cones and divide the players into pairs. Each pair should have a ball. The objective is to pass the ball back and forth to each other, aiming to hit the cones without knocking them over. This drill not only improves their passing accuracy, but also encourages communication and teamwork.

Lastly, the “Small-sided Game” drill is essential for developing the overall understanding and decision-making abilities of U7s. Divide the players into two teams and set up a small playing field. The objective is for the players to work together and score goals while adhering to the rules of the game. This drill provides a realistic playing experience and allows the players to apply the skills they have learned in a competitive situation.

Implementing these intensive elite drills into a U7 training program will help young players develop their fundamental skills and improve their overall performance on the soccer field. By focusing on ball control, passing accuracy, and game understanding, U7s will be well-equipped for future success in their soccer journey.

Agility Drills for U7s

Agility Drills for U7s

Agility is an important skill for young soccer players to develop, as it allows them to change direction quickly and maintain good body control while moving. Including agility drills in their training sessions can help improve their overall performance on the field. Here are some effective agility drills for U7s:

1. Cone Zig-Zag: Set up a line of cones in a zig-zag pattern, with each cone about one yard apart. Have the players weave in and out of the cones, focusing on quick lateral movement and keeping their balance. This drill helps improve their agility and coordination.

2. Ladder Drills: Set up an agility ladder on the ground and have the players perform various footwork exercises using the ladder. They can do high knees, side steps, and quick feet drills. This drill helps improve their foot speed and agility.

  • 3. Reaction Ball: Bounce a reaction ball off a wall or the ground and have the players react quickly to catch it or hit it with a specific body part. This drill helps improve their reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and agility.
  • 4. Dot Drills: Create a grid of small dots on the ground and have the players jump or hop from one dot to another as quickly as possible. This drill helps improve their explosiveness and agility.
  • 5. Shuttle Runs: Set up two cones several yards apart and have the players sprint back and forth between the cones, touching each cone with their hand. This drill helps improve their speed, agility, and change of direction.

It’s important to make these agility drills fun and engaging for U7s, so they stay motivated and enjoy the training sessions. Incorporate games, challenges, and friendly competitions to keep things interesting. Remember to always prioritize safety by ensuring proper warm-up and supervision during these drills.

Speed Ladder Training

Speed ladder training is an excellent way to improve speed, agility, and coordination in young athletes. The speed ladder is a tool that consists of a series of flat, plastic rungs that are spaced apart evenly. Athletes perform various footwork patterns by stepping in and out of the ladder, which helps to develop quick and precise movements.

One of the main benefits of speed ladder training is that it helps to improve footwork and coordination skills. By performing different footwork patterns, athletes learn to move their feet quickly and in a coordinated manner. This improves their ability to change direction rapidly, make quick cuts, and avoid defenders in sports such as football, basketball, and soccer.

Speed ladder training also helps to improve speed and agility. The quick and precise movements required during ladder drills can enhance an athlete’s overall speed and agility. By practicing these drills regularly, young athletes can develop a quicker first step, faster acceleration, and better overall speed.

Overall, speed ladder training is a valuable tool for training young athletes. It helps to improve footwork, coordination, speed, and agility, all of which are crucial skills for success in sports. By incorporating speed ladder drills into their training routine, young athletes can enhance their performance on the field and develop a solid foundation for future athletic success.

Cone Slalom

Cone Slalom

The Cone Slalom drill is a fun and challenging exercise that helps improve agility, coordination, and dribbling skills in young football players. This drill involves setting up a series of cones in a slalom pattern, with players weaving in and out of the cones while dribbling the ball.

To perform the Cone Slalom drill, players should start at one end of the cone line and dribble the ball in and out of the cones, making sharp turns and changes in direction. The goal is to complete the slalom course as quickly and efficiently as possible without knocking over any cones. This drill can be done individually or in small groups, encouraging healthy competition among players.

The Cone Slalom drill helps young players develop quick footwork and decision-making skills. It requires them to react and adapt to changes in direction, improving their ability to navigate through tight spaces and dodge defenders on the field. Additionally, the drill helps players improve their control and handling of the ball, as they must maintain a steady dribble while maneuvering around the cones.

By regularly practicing the Cone Slalom drill, young football players can enhance their overall agility, balance, and coordination. This drill can be incorporated into training sessions as a warm-up exercise or as part of a larger conditioning circuit. Coaches can also modify the intensity of the drill by adjusting the size and spacing of the cones, making it suitable for players of different skill levels and ages.

Dribbling Drills for U7s

When it comes to learning the fundamentals of soccer, dribbling is one of the most important skills for young players to develop. In order to help U7 players improve their dribbling ability, there are several drills that can be incorporated into their training sessions.

1. Cone Dribbling: Set up a series of cones or markers in a straight line, with about 1 meter of space between each cone. Have the U7 players dribble the ball through the cones using different parts of their feet, such as the inside, outside, and sole. Encourage them to keep the ball close to their feet and maintain control as they navigate the cones.

2. Dribble and Scramble: Divide the players into pairs and give each pair a ball. Set up a small playing area and have the players dribble their balls within the area. On your signal, shout out a number (e.g. “two”) and the players must quickly find a partner and pass their ball to them. This drill helps U7 players improve their ability to dribble under pressure and react quickly.

3. Obstacle Course Dribbling: Create an obstacle course using cones, markers, or other objects. Have the players dribble the ball through the course, maneuvering around the obstacles. You can vary the difficulty of the course by changing the spacing between the obstacles or adding in different challenges such as changing direction or dribbling at different speeds. This drill helps U7 players improve their dribbling accuracy and agility.

4. Dribble and Shoot: Set up a small goal and have the players take turns dribbling the ball towards the goal and taking a shot. Encourage them to use different dribbling techniques, such as changing direction or using feints, to get past imaginary defenders before taking their shot. This drill helps U7 players improve their dribbling under game-like conditions and their ability to finish with a shot.

By incorporating these dribbling drills into their training sessions, U7 players can improve their ball control, agility, and decision-making skills on the field. Remember to make the drills fun and engaging to keep the players motivated and excited about developing their dribbling abilities.

Dribble with Cones

Dribble with Cones

One of the best drills to improve dribbling skills for players under the age of 7 is the “Dribble with Cones” drill. This drill focuses on developing control, agility, and the ability to change direction quickly while dribbling the ball. It is an intensive elite drill that challenges young players to push themselves and improve their ball handling skills.

In this drill, a series of cones are placed in a line or in a random pattern across the playing area. The aim is for the players to dribble the ball through the cones while maintaining control and using different dribbling techniques, such as using the inside and outside of their feet. This drill requires the players to stay focused and make quick decisions as they navigate through the cones.

By practicing dribbling with cones, young players can develop their dribbling skills in a fun and challenging way. It improves their ability to control the ball in tight spaces, change direction quickly, and make precise dribbles. This drill also helps improve their coordination and footwork, which are essential for successful dribbling.

Overall, the “Dribble with Cones” drill is a highly effective way to improve dribbling skills for players under the age of 7. It challenges young players to push themselves, improve their ball handling skills, and develop important aspects of dribbling such as control, agility, and the ability to change direction quickly.

5 Best intensive elite drills for u7s

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Question and answer:

What is dribbling with cones?

Dribbling with cones is a soccer drill where players navigate a series of cones while maintaining control of the ball.

Why do players practice dribbling with cones?

Players practice dribbling with cones to improve their ball control, agility, and dribbling skills in a confined space.

What are the benefits of dribbling with cones?

The benefits of dribbling with cones include improved footwork, speed, control, and the ability to change direction quickly.

How can I set up a dribbling with cones drill?

To set up a dribbling with cones drill, place cones at various distances apart and have players dribble through them in a zigzag or slalom pattern.

Are there any variations to dribbling with cones?

Yes, there are variations to dribbling with cones such as incorporating dribbling moves, using different sizes of cones, or adding a time limit to complete the drill.

What is dribbling with cones?

Dribbling with cones refers to a training exercise in football or basketball where players practice their ball control and agility by weaving in and out of a series of cones placed on the ground.


In conclusion, incorporating cone drills into dribbling exercises can greatly enhance a player’s ball control and agility. These drills challenge individuals to be quick and precise with their movements, simulating game-like scenarios where players need to navigate through defenders. By consistently practicing dribbling with cones, players can improve their footwork, reaction time, and spatial awareness on the court. Additionally, these drills can be customized to suit a player’s skill level and varied to keep training sessions engaging and challenging. Overall, mastering dribbling with cones is an essential skill for any basketball player striving to elevate their performance.

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