Best ice hockey passing drills

Passing is a fundamental skill in ice hockey that is crucial for team success. Good passing creates scoring opportunities, maintains possession of the puck, and allows for seamless transitions from defence to offence. To improve their passing skills, ice hockey players at all levels can benefit from incorporating various passing drills into their training routines.

One popular passing drill is the “Dutchman”. In this drill, players form a square or rectangle in the offensive zone, with one player positioned in each corner. The drill begins with a pass from one corner to the opposite corner, followed by a quick return pass. This drill emphasizes quick and accurate passing, as well as agility and positioning.

Another effective passing drill is called “Breakout Passing”. This drill simulates a game situation where the team is in their own defensive zone and needs to move the puck up the ice. Players begin by lining up along the boards in the defensive zone, with a coach or teammate positioned at the blue line. The coach sends a pass to one player along the boards, who then makes a quick breakout pass to another player in the neutral zone. This drill helps players develop their breakout passing skills and improves their ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

The Importance of Passing in Ice Hockey

In the fast-paced game of ice hockey, passing plays a crucial role in creating scoring opportunities and maintaining possession of the puck. Effective passing skills are essential for teams to successfully execute offensive strategies and break down the opposition’s defense. Whether it’s a quick saucer pass across the ice or a crisp tape-to-tape feed, accurate and well-timed passes can be the difference between a goal and a missed opportunity.

Passing in ice hockey is not just about moving the puck from one player to another, it’s about creating space, finding open teammates, and anticipating their movements. Good passers have excellent vision on the ice and the ability to quickly assess the situation to make the right decision. They can thread the needle through tight spaces, lead a teammate into open ice, or execute a backdoor play to catch the goalie off guard.

The importance of passing extends to all areas of the game, including power plays, penalty killing, and even defensive transitions. When a team can smoothly move the puck from their own end to the offensive zone, it puts pressure on the opposing team and opens up opportunities to create scoring chances. Additionally, teams that excel in passing can effectively maintain possession, control the tempo of the game, and limit the opposition’s opportunities.

Overall, passing is not just a fundamental skill in ice hockey; it’s a crucial aspect of the game that can determine success on both offense and defense. Teams that prioritize and develop their passing abilities will have a significant advantage over those that neglect this fundamental skill. By emphasizing the importance of passing and incorporating passing drills into practice sessions, players can enhance their abilities, improve teamwork, and ultimately increase their chances of scoring goals and winning games.

Basic passing drill for beginners

Passing is a fundamental skill in ice hockey that all beginners must master. This basic passing drill is designed to help beginners develop proper technique and improve their accuracy and speed when passing the puck.

To begin the drill, players should form two lines facing each other, about 10-15 feet apart. Each player should have a stick and a puck. One player from each line starts with the puck.

The first player begins by making a crisp, tape-to-tape pass to the player across from them. The pass should be made with the player’s wrists flicking, generating power and accuracy. The receiving player then quickly passes the puck back to the player who made the initial pass. The drill continues with the players passing back and forth to each other.

As players become more comfortable with the drill, coaches can introduce variations, such as having players pass and receive the puck while moving, or incorporating obstacles that players must navigate around as they pass. This will help simulate game-like situations and challenge players to improve their passing skills under different circumstances.

By practicing this basic passing drill regularly, beginners can develop good passing habits and improve their overall skill level. It’s important for players to focus on proper technique, accuracy, and speed when passing the puck, as these skills are essential for success in ice hockey.

Advanced passing drill for intermediate players

Hockey is a fast-paced sport that requires quick thinking, good communication, and precise passing skills. Intermediate players looking to improve their passing abilities can benefit from advanced passing drills that focus on speed, accuracy, and creativity on the ice.

One effective drill for intermediate players is the “Figure Eight Passing Drill”. In this drill, players form two lines at opposite ends of the rink. The first player in each line skates towards the center circle, maintaining a figure-eight pattern. As they approach the center, they perform a quick pass to the player in the other line. After making the pass, they continue their figure-eight pattern and receive a pass from the opposite line, repeating the process.

Another challenging drill is the “Triangle Passing Drill”. In this drill, three players form a triangle on the ice, with one player on each face of the triangle. The drill begins with one player passing the puck to another player in the triangle. The receiving player then quickly passes the puck to the third player, who completes the triangle by passing it back to the initial passer. This drill helps develop fast decision-making and accurate passing skills, as players must make quick, precise passes while constantly moving in the triangle formation.

Advanced passing drills like these can help intermediate players improve their passing skills and become more effective on the ice. By focusing on speed, accuracy, and creativity, players can develop the ability to make precise passes under pressure and create scoring opportunities for their team.

Quick and Accurate Passing Drill for Advanced Players

Improve your passing accuracy and speed with this advanced drill that will challenge even the most experienced ice hockey players.

Set up a series of cones or markers in a straight line at varying distances from each other. Start at one end and quickly pass the puck to the next cone, aiming to hit it accurately. Continue passing the puck from cone to cone, gradually increasing your speed and intensity.

This drill will help you develop quick decision-making skills and improve your ability to make accurate passes under pressure.

As you become more comfortable with the drill, try incorporating different types of passes, such as saucer passes or hard, tape-to-tape passes. This will further challenge your accuracy and control.

Remember to focus on the fundamentals of passing, such as weight transfer and follow-through, to ensure your passes are both quick and accurate.

Challenge yourself by setting time limits or competing against a teammate to see who can complete the drill with the fewest errors.

By consistently practicing this quick and accurate passing drill, you will become a more efficient and effective playmaker on the ice.

One-on-One Passing Drill to Enhance Ice Hockey Gameplay

One-on-One Passing Drill to Enhance Ice Hockey Gameplay

Honing passing skills is crucial for ice hockey players to excel in their gameplay. One effective drill that can significantly improve passing abilities is the one-on-one passing drill. This drill focuses on enhancing communication, timing, and accuracy between players, resulting in more efficient gameplay.

The drill starts with two players facing each other on the ice, approximately 15-20 feet apart. Each player is equipped with a hockey stick and a puck. The objective is to pass the puck back and forth to each other using various techniques, such as forehand, backhand, and saucer passes. This drill is highly beneficial for developing quick decision-making and improving overall passing skills.

Key Benefits of the One-on-One Passing Drill:

  • Enhances Communication: This drill requires constant communication between players to coordinate their movements and passes effectively. It helps players understand the importance of giving clear instructions and listening to their teammates, leading to better teamwork during gameplay.
  • Improves Timing: Timing is crucial for successful passing in ice hockey. The one-on-one passing drill allows players to work on their timing by practicing passes at various speeds and distances. It helps them develop a sense of anticipation and allows them to make quick decisions on when to release the pass.
  • Increases Accuracy: Accurate passing is essential for efficient gameplay and creating scoring opportunities. Through repetitive practice in the one-on-one passing drill, players can enhance their passing accuracy and learn to execute precise passes under pressure.
  • Boosts Confidence: As players refine their passing skills through this drill, they gradually gain confidence in their abilities. This confidence translates into improved performance during actual game situations, leading to more successful passes and increased scoring opportunities for the team.

The one-on-one passing drill is a valuable tool for any ice hockey player looking to sharpen their passing skills. It helps enhance communication, timing, and accuracy, leading to improved gameplay and increased chances of success on the ice.

5 Best ice hockey passing drills

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Question and answer:

What is a one-on-one passing drill for improving gameplay?

A one-on-one passing drill is a practice exercise designed to improve a player’s passing skills and gameplay. It involves two players facing each other and passing the ball back and forth.

How does a one-on-one passing drill benefit gameplay?

A one-on-one passing drill helps players improve their passing accuracy, speed, and decision-making skills. It also enhances their ability to receive a pass under pressure and make quick decisions during a game.

What are the key steps to perform a one-on-one passing drill?

The key steps to perform a one-on-one passing drill are: positioning yourselves facing each other, starting with short passes and gradually increasing the distance, focusing on accuracy and technique, adding variations such as one-touch passes or using different parts of the foot, and maintaining a high intensity throughout the drill.

How often should one practice a one-on-one passing drill?

To see significant improvement, it is recommended to practice a one-on-one passing drill at least 2-3 times a week. Consistent practice is key to developing and honing passing skills and gameplay.

Are there any variations or modifications to the one-on-one passing drill?

Yes, there are several variations and modifications to the one-on-one passing drill. Some examples include adding a defender to create more pressure, setting up small goals to encourage precise passing, or incorporating dribbling and shooting elements into the drill.

What is a one-on-one passing drill?

A one-on-one passing drill is a practice exercise in football (soccer) where two players face each other and work on their passing skills. It involves passing the ball back and forth between each other, focusing on accuracy, timing, and communication.

How do one-on-one passing drills improve gameplay?

One-on-one passing drills improve gameplay by enhancing a player’s passing technique, decision-making, and ability to read the game. These drills help players develop a quick and accurate passing ability, and also teach them how to anticipate and react to the movements of their teammates and opponents. Overall, these drills contribute to better team coordination and a more effective gameplay.


In conclusion, the one-on-one passing drill is a highly effective training exercise for improving gameplay in various sports. It helps players develop their passing skills, decision-making abilities, and their overall understanding of the game. By simulating game-like situations, this drill allows players to practice their passing techniques under pressure and improve their ability to read the game and make accurate and efficient passes. Incorporating this drill into regular training sessions can lead to significant improvements in gameplay and contribute to the overall success of a team. Whether in basketball, football, or any other team sport, the one-on-one passing drill is a valuable tool for enhancing player performance and team cohesion.

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