Best drills to improve dribbling in football

Dribbling is one of the most important skills in football, allowing players to maintain possession and create scoring opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your dribbling techniques or an advanced player seeking to refine your skills, incorporating specific drills into your training routine can significantly enhance your ability to navigate the pitch with the ball at your feet.

One effective drill for improving dribbling is the “cone weave” drill. This involves setting up a line of cones or markers in a zigzag pattern and dribbling through them as quickly as possible. This exercise helps improve close ball control, agility, and quick changes of direction. As you become more comfortable with the drill, try increasing the speed and incorporating feints and fake moves to further challenge yourself.

Another beneficial drill is the “slalom dribble” drill. Set up a row of cones or markers spaced a few meters apart and dribble the ball in a serpentine pattern, weaving in and out of the cones. This drill helps improve your ability to change direction quickly while maintaining control of the ball. Focus on keeping your touches tight and your head up to simulate game situations.

Key factors in effective dribbling

Dribbling is a key skill in football that allows players to maintain control of the ball while moving past opponents. To be effective in dribbling, players need to focus on several important factors that can help improve their technique and performance on the field.

1. Body positioning and balance

1. Body positioning and balance

One of the key factors in effective dribbling is having proper body positioning and balance. Players should maintain a low center of gravity, which allows for better control and stability. They should also keep their body between the ball and the opponent to protect it and minimize the risk of losing possession. Having good balance helps players to change direction quickly and evade defenders effectively.

2. Ball control and touch

Having proper ball control and touch is crucial for successful dribbling. Players should focus on mastering their first touch, as it sets up the subsequent movements. Controlling the ball close to their feet allows for faster changes of direction and better protection against opponents. Developing a soft touch and using different parts of the foot to maneuver the ball can help players maintain control in various situations.

3. Vision and awareness

Effective dribbling requires good vision and awareness on the field. Players should constantly scan their surroundings to identify open spaces, teammates’ positions, and potential defensive challenges. This allows them to make quick decisions and choose the most suitable dribbling path. Having a clear understanding of the game situation helps players anticipate opponents’ movements and exploit gaps in the defense.

4. Agility and speed

Being agile and fast on the field allows players to navigate through tight spaces, evade opponents, and accelerate away from them. Developing quick feet and agility drills can improve players’ ability to change direction rapidly and maintain control of the ball while moving at high speeds. Speed is also important in dribbling situations, as it can help players beat opponents in one-on-one situations and break through defensive lines.

5. Confidence and creativity

Confidence and creativity are essential factors in effective dribbling. Players should have the belief in their own abilities to take on opponents and perform dribbling moves. Being fearless and willing to take risks can lead to breakthrough moments and unexpected solutions on the field. Having the confidence to try new moves and add variations to dribbling can make a player unpredictable and harder to defend against.

Overall, effective dribbling requires a combination of technical skills, physical attributes, and mental aspects. By focusing on these key factors, players can improve their dribbling abilities and become more effective in games. Regular practice and repetition of dribbling exercises can help develop muscle memory and improve overall performance on the field.

Cone dribbling drill

The cone dribbling drill is a popular training exercise used to improve dribbling skills in football. This drill focuses on enhancing a player’s ability to maneuver the ball around obstacles, mimicking real game situations where players must navigate through defenders.

In this drill, players set up a series of cones in a straight line, spaced a few meters apart. They then dribble the ball through the cones, using quick and precise touches to maintain control. The goal is to complete the drill as fast as possible without knocking over any cones.

Benefits of the cone dribbling drill:

  • Improved ball control: This drill helps players develop better control over the ball, as they must navigate around obstacles with precise touches.
  • Enhanced agility and quickness: Dribbling through the cones requires quick changes in direction and acceleration, helping players improve their agility and speed.
  • Increased decision-making skills: As players dribble through the cones, they must constantly assess the best path to take and make split-second decisions, improving their decision-making skills on the field.
  • Realistic game simulation: The cone dribbling drill replicates game situations where players need to dribble past defenders. By practicing these scenarios, players can transfer their skills to actual matches.
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The cone dribbling drill is an effective training exercise for players of all skill levels. It can be customized by adjusting the spacing and layout of the cones to make it more challenging or specific to certain game scenarios. Regularly incorporating this drill into training sessions can greatly improve a player’s dribbling abilities, making them a more effective asset on the field.

How to set up the cone dribbling drill

Dribbling is an essential skill in football, and the cone dribbling drill is a great way to improve your technique and control with the ball. This drill helps players develop their agility, speed, change of direction, and ball control. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Gather the necessary equipment

To set up the cone dribbling drill, you’ll need a few cones or markers to act as obstacles. Make sure the cones are lightweight and easy to move around. You’ll also need a football to practice with.

2. Set up the cones

Find a suitable space, preferably on a grassy field or any flat surface. Space out the cones at random intervals, creating a course for you to navigate through. Make sure to vary the distances and angles between the cones to simulate game-like scenarios.

3. Start the drill

Begin the drill by standing at one end of the course. Start dribbling the ball with your preferred foot and maneuver your way through the cones. Focus on keeping close control of the ball and using different dribbling techniques such as toe taps, inside-of-the-foot dribbling, and outside-of-the-foot dribbling.

4. Time yourself

Challenge yourself by timing how long it takes you to complete the course. Try to beat your previous time each time you practice. This will help improve your speed and agility while maintaining control of the ball.

Remember to practice the drill with both feet to develop dribbling skills on both sides of your body. This will make you a more versatile player on the field.

Overall, the cone dribbling drill is an effective way to improve your dribbling skills in football. By setting up a challenging course and practicing different dribbling techniques, you’ll enhance your agility, speed, and ball control, making you a more skilled and confident player.

Tips for mastering the cone dribbling drill

The cone dribbling drill is a highly effective exercise for improving your dribbling skills in football. It helps you develop better control and agility while moving with the ball. To execute this drill successfully, it is important to keep a few key tips in mind.

  1. Set up the cones correctly: Place the cones in a straight line, approximately 3-4 feet apart. Make sure they are evenly spaced and at a suitable distance for your skill level.
  2. Start off slow: Begin the drill at a slower pace and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable. This will allow you to focus on your technique and master the movements without losing control.
  3. Use both feet: Practice using both your dominant and weaker foot throughout the drill. This will help improve your overall dribbling ability and make you a more versatile player on the field.
  4. Keep your head up: Avoid looking down at the ball while dribbling. Instead, keep your head up and your eyes focused on the cones ahead. This will help you maintain better awareness of your surroundings and make quicker decisions.
  5. Add variations: Once you have mastered the basic cone dribbling drill, challenge yourself by adding variations. This could include adding turns or changes in direction, dribbling with different parts of your foot, or even incorporating quick bursts of speed.

By following these tips and dedicating regular practice time to the cone dribbling drill, you will see significant improvement in your dribbling skills on the football field. Remember to stay focused, be patient, and continuously push yourself to improve.

Variations of the cone dribbling drill

The cone dribbling drill is a popular exercise used by football players to improve their dribbling skills. This drill involves setting up a series of cones in a straight line or in a zigzag pattern and dribbling the ball through them, focusing on maintaining control and speed. There are several variations of the cone dribbling drill that can be used to add variety and challenge to the training session.

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1. Dribbling with turns

One variation of the cone dribbling drill is to incorporate turns while dribbling through the cones. This can be done by placing the cones in a zigzag or random pattern and adding a turn or change in direction at each cone. This variation helps players practice their agility and decision-making skills while dribbling, as they have to quickly change direction and navigate through the cones.

2. Dribbling with obstacles

Another variation is to add obstacles to the cone dribbling drill. This can be done by placing small cones or cones with obstacles such as mini hurdles or ladders alongside the main cones. Players then have to dribble the ball through the main cones while avoiding the obstacles. This variation helps improve a player’s ability to dribble in tight spaces and make quick adjustments to their dribbling technique.

3. Dribbling with speed challenges

In this variation, players are timed while dribbling through the cones, adding a competitive element to the drill. The aim is to complete the drill in the fastest time possible without losing control of the ball. This variation helps players improve their speed and control while dribbling and allows them to track their progress over time.

Overall, these variations of the cone dribbling drill can help football players improve their dribbling skills in different ways. By incorporating turns, obstacles, and speed challenges, players can develop their agility, decision-making, and control, ultimately enhancing their overall performance on the field.

5 Best drills to improve dribbling in football

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Question and answer:

What is the cone dribbling drill?

The cone dribbling drill is a basketball drill that focuses on developing dribbling skills and control of the basketball. It typically involves setting up cones in various patterns or formations and dribbling the basketball around and between them.

What are variations of the cone dribbling drill?

There are several variations of the cone dribbling drill, including the weave drill, the figure-eight drill, the zigzag drill, and the fast break drill. Each variation focuses on different aspects of dribbling, such as speed, agility, and ball handling.

How does the weave drill work?

In the weave drill, players set up cones in a straight line and dribble the basketball in a zigzag pattern through the cones. This drill helps improve dribbling control, agility, and the ability to change directions quickly.

What is the figure-eight drill?

The figure-eight drill involves setting up cones in the shape of a figure-eight and dribbling the basketball in a figure-eight pattern around the cones. This drill helps improve dribbling control, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to navigate tight spaces.


In conclusion, the cone dribbling drill is a versatile and effective exercise that can be adapted in various ways to improve basketball skills. Whether it’s by adding obstacles, increasing the speed, or changing the dribbling patterns, these variations challenge players to enhance their ball handling, agility, and coordination. By regularly practicing these variations, players can develop better control over the ball, improve their ability to change directions quickly, and enhance their overall dribbling skills on the basketball court. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, incorporating different variations of the cone dribbling drill into your training routine will undoubtedly contribute to your development as a basketball player.

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