Best drills for in to out golf swing

An in-to-out golf swing is one of the most effective techniques for achieving a powerful and accurate shot. This swing path allows the clubface to strike the ball from the inside, promoting a draw or a straight shot. To master the in-to-out swing, golfers can practice a variety of drills that focus on improving their body rotation, hand position, and overall swing mechanics.

One of the best drills for an in-to-out swing is the “gate drill.” This drill involves setting up two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, creating a gate for the club to swing through. By practicing swinging the club between the sticks without hitting them, golfers can develop the proper club path and feel for an in-to-out swing.

Another effective drill is the “pilot golf swing.” In this drill, golfers imagine holding a pilot’s steering wheel as they swing. This visualization helps golfers focus on rotating their body and maintaining proper hand position throughout the swing, which is essential for an in-to-out swing.

Additionally, the “towel drill” can assist in developing an in-to-out swing. By placing a towel or golf club cover under their armpits and keeping it securely in place throughout the swing, golfers can ensure that they are rotating their upper body correctly and maintaining a connected swing, preventing an over-the-top motion.

By incorporating these drills into their practice sessions, golfers can improve their in-to-out swing and enhance their overall performance on the course. These drills help develop muscle memory and reinforce the proper mechanics needed for an accurate and powerful swing.

Best Drills for In to Out Golf Swing

The in to out golf swing is a fundamental technique that many golfers struggle to master. It involves swinging the club on a path that comes from inside the target line and then goes back out to the target line on the follow-through. This type of swing helps create a draw and adds distance to your shots. Fortunately, there are several effective drills you can use to improve your in to out golf swing and become a more consistent player on the course.

One of the best drills for practicing an in to out golf swing is the alignment rod drill. Start by placing an alignment rod or a club shaft on the ground parallel to the target line. Position yourself with the rod just outside your target line, about a foot away. Take your stance and focus on swinging the club down and through, making sure to stay inside the rod throughout the swing. This drill will help you develop the feel for an in to out swing path and train your body to make the correct movements.

Another useful drill for improving your in to out golf swing is the towel under the armpits drill. Take a towel and tuck it under both of your armpits. This drill will help you keep your arms and body connected throughout the swing, preventing your arms from becoming disconnected and causing an over the top swing. Practice your swing with the towel in place, making sure to maintain the connection between your arms and body. This drill will promote a more in to out swing path and help you hit the ball with more power and accuracy.

  • Alignment rod drill
  • Towel under the armpits drill

By consistently practicing these drills, you will be able to develop a more consistent and effective in to out golf swing. Remember to focus on maintaining the correct swing path and staying connected throughout the entire swing. With time and practice, you will see improvements in your ball flight and overall performance on the golf course.

The Importance of an In to Out Golf Swing

An in to out golf swing is a crucial aspect of a golfer’s technique that can greatly impact their game. This type of swing refers to the path that the club takes as it travels through the ball, starting from inside the target line and then moving out towards the target.

One of the main reasons why an in to out golf swing is important is because it allows for a more consistent and accurate shot. By swinging from the inside, golfers are able to control the clubface more effectively and hit the ball with a square impact. This helps to reduce the chances of slicing or hooking the ball, which can lead to unwanted shots that veer off-course.

Furthermore, an in to out golf swing also enables golfers to generate more power and distance in their shots. When the club travels on the correct path, it allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the body to the clubhead, resulting in a stronger impact and greater distance. This is particularly beneficial for golfers aiming to hit longer drives or approach shots.

To achieve an in to out golf swing, golfers can practice various drills and exercises that focus on improving their swing path. Some common drills include using alignment sticks or a hula hoop to create visual cues for the correct swing path, or practicing with a weighted club to develop the proper muscle memory. Consistent practice and feedback are key to ingraining this technique and reaping the benefits of an in to out golf swing.

Alignment Aids Drill

One of the fundamentals of a successful in to out golf swing is proper alignment. Without the correct alignment, it’s difficult to consistently hit shots with the desired shape and accuracy. Fortunately, there are several alignment aids that can help golfers improve their alignment and ultimately their swing.

A simple yet effective drill for alignment is to place two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground parallel to the target line. One stick should be positioned at the golfer’s feet, while the other stick should be placed further away near the target. This drill helps golfers visualize and practice the correct alignment for their swing.

  • Start by placing the alignment sticks parallel to the target line.
  • Position one stick at the golfer’s feet and the other stick further out near the target.
  • Take your setup and ensure that your feet, hips, and shoulders align parallel to the alignment sticks.
  • Practice making swings with this proper alignment, focusing on hitting the ball towards the target.
  • Repeat this drill regularly to train your body to consistently align properly for an in to out golf swing.

This alignment aids drill is a great way to develop muscle memory and train your body to align correctly for an in to out swing. By practicing this drill, you’ll improve your overall swing consistency and be on your way to hitting powerful and accurate shots. Remember to always check your alignment before every shot to ensure you’re set up for success on the golf course.

The Shadow Swing Drill

The shadow swing drill is a great way to work on your in to out golf swing. This drill allows you to practice the correct motion without actually hitting a ball. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find a clear space where you can swing a club without any obstructions. Stand in front of a large mirror or find a well-lit area where you can see your reflection.

2. Take your golf club and assume your address position. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your weight is balanced evenly between both feet.

3. Begin the swing by turning your upper body to the right (for right-handed golfers). This motion should initiate the backswing and coil your body. Keep your head still and focus on maintaining a smooth and controlled motion.

4. As you start the downswing, imagine that you are swinging the club inside a narrow plane. Try to keep the clubhead inside your hands for as long as possible before releasing it through impact. This will help promote an in to out swing path.

5. Complete the swing by following through with your arms and body rotating towards the target. Make sure to maintain a balanced finish position and hold it for a moment to assess your form.

6. Repeat the shadow swing drill several times, paying close attention to your swing path and body movements. Take note of any errors or inconsistencies and make adjustments as needed.

This drill allows you to focus on the mechanics of your swing without the distraction of hitting a ball. By practicing the correct in to out swing path, you can improve your ball striking and consistency on the course. Take the time to master the shadow swing drill and see the results in your golf game.

Drill 3: Swing Path Gate

One of the best drills to help improve your in to out golf swing is called the Swing Path Gate. This drill helps you visualize and practice the correct swing path to promote an in to out swing.

To set up the Swing Path Gate, place two alignment rods or clubs on the ground, parallel to your target line. Position them slightly wider than shoulder width apart, creating a gate for your club to swing through. The gate should be placed just outside of your golf ball.

Step 1: Start by addressing the golf ball with your club in the center of the gate. Take your normal setup and grip the club.

Step 2: As you swing back, focus on keeping the clubhead inside the gate. This will help you establish the correct in to out swing path.

Step 3: On the downswing, continue to keep the clubhead inside the gate as you approach impact. This will encourage an inside-out swing path.

Step 4: Follow through the swing, making sure the clubhead exits the gate on the outside. This ensures you are maintaining an in to out swing path.

By practicing the Swing Path Gate drill regularly, you will develop muscle memory for the correct in to out swing path. This will help you hit more consistent shots and eliminate the dreaded slice.

Drill 4: Hand Path Training

The hand path is a critical component of a consistent and effective golf swing. A proper hand path helps to ensure that the club is on the correct swing plane, leading to more accurate shots and increased power.

One drill that can help train the hand path is the “Two Tee Drill”. To set up this drill, place two tees in the ground parallel to each other, about shoulder-width apart. The tees should be positioned just outside the target line. Place a ball on the front tee.

When practicing this drill, focus on taking the club back along the target line, ensuring that your hands stay between the two tees. This will help promote an inside-to-out swing path, which is ideal for generating power and preventing slices. Take a slow and controlled backswing, feeling the correct hand and arm position as you move the club back. Practice this motion several times to ingrain the proper hand path.

Another effective drill for hand path training is the “Gate Drill”. To set up this drill, place two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, forming a gate just outside your target line. The sticks should be parallel to each other, with enough space to comfortably swing the club through.

With this drill, focus on swinging the club through the gate, ensuring that your hands stay on the correct path. Start with a slow and controlled swing, aiming to pass the clubhead between the sticks without making contact. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase your swing speed while maintaining the proper hand path.

Remember, consistent practice of these drills will help train your hand path and improve the overall effectiveness of your golf swing. With time and repetition, you’ll develop a more in-to-out swing, leading to improved accuracy and increased distance.

5 Best drills for in to out golf swing

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Question and answer:

What is Drill 4: Hand Path Training?

Drill 4: Hand Path Training is a specific exercise used in golf coaching to improve the golfer’s hand path during the swing. It focuses on the movement of the hands and arms to create a more efficient and consistent swing motion.

How does Drill 4: Hand Path Training work?

Drill 4: Hand Path Training works by having the golfer practice swinging with a specific hand path. This can be achieved by placing a training aid or object in the correct position for the desired hand path. The golfer then repeats the swing motion, ensuring that their hands follow the correct path.

Why is Drill 4: Hand Path Training important?

Drill 4: Hand Path Training is important because it can help golfers improve their swing consistency and accuracy. By practicing the correct hand path, golfers can develop muscle memory and improve their overall swing mechanics.

Can Drill 4: Hand Path Training be used by golfers of all skill levels?

Yes, Drill 4: Hand Path Training can be used by golfers of all skill levels. It is a versatile exercise that can be tailored to each golfer’s individual needs and goals. Beginners can use it to develop proper swing mechanics, while more advanced golfers can use it to fine-tune their hand path for greater accuracy.


In conclusion, hand path training is an essential drill for improving the golf swing. By focusing on the correct hand path, golfers can ensure that their clubface stays square and their shot accuracy improves. This drill can help players develop muscle memory and consistency in their swings. By practicing the hand path drill regularly, golfers can see significant improvements in their overall game. It is a fundamental skill that should be incorporated into every golfer’s training routine. So, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, make sure to dedicate some time to hand path training to take your game to the next level.

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