Best angle grinders buying guide

Angle grinders are versatile power tools that are essential for a wide range of tasks, from cutting and grinding metal to polishing and sanding surfaces. With so many options available on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the right angle grinder for your needs. That’s where this buying guide comes in.

When selecting an angle grinder, there are several factors to consider, including power, disc size, and ergonomics. Power is measured in amps or watts, and it determines how effectively the grinder can handle tough materials. Disc size, on the other hand, affects the depth and speed of cuts. Ergonomics is also important, as it determines how comfortable and easy to control the grinder is during prolonged use.

Another crucial aspect to consider is safety features. Look for angle grinders with safety guards that can protect you from flying debris. Additionally, models with anti-vibration handles can help reduce fatigue and improve control. It’s also worth considering the weight and grip of the grinder, as these can impact comfort and maneuverability.

Lastly, think about the specific tasks you’ll be using the angle grinder for. If you’ll primarily be cutting and grinding metal, look for a grinder with a high power output and a durable cutting disc. For polishing and sanding, a variable speed grinder with a disc designed for these tasks is ideal. By considering your needs and the factors mentioned in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best angle grinder for your projects.

Power and Speed

Power and Speed

The power and speed of an angle grinder are two crucial factors to consider when buying one. The power of an angle grinder is measured in watts or amps, and it determines the machine’s capability to handle different tasks. Higher power means the grinder can tackle tougher materials and perform heavy-duty applications with ease.

When it comes to speed, angle grinders typically have a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the RPM (revolutions per minute) to suit different tasks. Higher RPMs are ideal for tasks that require fast material removal, while lower RPMs are better for precision work that requires more control. It’s important to choose an angle grinder with a wide range of speed options to give you flexibility in various applications.

Before purchasing an angle grinder, consider the types of materials and tasks you plan to use it for. If you’ll be working with hard materials like concrete or metal, a powerful grinder with high RPMs will be necessary. On the other hand, if you’ll be doing more delicate tasks like polishing or cutting tiles, a grinder with lower RPMs and a finer speed control will be more suitable.

Overall, the power and speed of an angle grinder go hand in hand to determine its performance and versatility. It’s important to find a balance between the two based on your specific needs to get the best results.

Disc Size and Types

When it comes to choosing the right angle grinder, one important factor to consider is the disc size. The disc size refers to the diameter of the grinding disc that the grinder uses. Different disc sizes are suitable for different applications and materials.

Smaller disc sizes, such as 4.5 inches, are ideal for lighter tasks and for working in tight spaces. They offer more control and maneuverability. On the other hand, larger disc sizes, such as 9 inches, are better suited for heavy-duty tasks and when you need to cover a larger surface area more quickly.

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Another important consideration is the type of disc that the angle grinder uses. There are different types of discs available, each designed for specific tasks. For example, grinding discs are used for grinding metal and removing rust or paint, while cutoff discs are used for cutting through metal or masonry. It’s crucial to choose the right type of disc for your project to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Additionally, there are specialized discs available for specific materials, such as concrete or tile. These discs are designed with specific characteristics to handle the unique properties of these materials. It’s important to select the appropriate disc type to achieve the best results and prevent damage to both the grinder and the material being worked on.

Safety Features

Safety Features

When it comes to using angle grinders, safety should always be a top priority. Thankfully, many angle grinders on the market today come equipped with various safety features to help protect users from potential accidents and injuries.

One important safety feature to look for in an angle grinder is a safety guard. This guard is designed to cover the rotating disc of the grinder and prevent debris or sparks from flying out and causing harm. Additionally, some angle grinders also have a wheel lock system, which allows for easy and safe changes of the grinding wheel.

  • Another crucial safety feature is a kickback brake, which helps stop the grinder rapidly if it senses a sudden stop or jam. This can prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Many angle grinders also have a restart protection feature, which prevents the grinder from accidentally turning on after a power outage or if the power switch is accidentally pressed. This can help avoid accidental starts and potential injuries.
  • Additionally, some angle grinders come with adjustable side handles, which provide better control and stability while operating the tool. This can minimize the risk of losing control and causing accidents.

When purchasing an angle grinder, it is crucial to carefully consider the safety features available and choose a model that offers the most comprehensive safety measures. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe operation to protect yourself and others while using an angle grinder.

Ergonomics and User-Friendliness

Ergonomics and User-Friendliness

The ergonomics and user-friendliness of an angle grinder are important factors to consider when purchasing one. These features can greatly affect the comfort and ease of use when operating the tool. A well-designed angle grinder with ergonomic features will reduce the likelihood of fatigue and strain during extended use.

Look for angle grinders that have a comfortable grip and handle design. A soft grip handle can provide better control and reduce vibration, making it easier and more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. It’s also important to consider the weight of the angle grinder as a lighter tool will be easier to maneuver and control.

  • Choose an angle grinder with an adjustable side handle that can be positioned to the user’s preference. This allows for better stability and control while cutting or grinding.
  • Another user-friendly feature to look for is a tool-less guard adjustment. This allows for quick and easy adjustments to the guard without the need for additional tools.
  • An angle grinder with a spindle lock feature can also be more user-friendly. This feature allows for easy and safe changing of grinding wheels or accessories without the need for additional tools.

Considering these ergonomic and user-friendly features when purchasing an angle grinder can ensure a more comfortable and efficient experience when using the tool.

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Price Range and Brands

The price range for angle grinders can vary widely depending on the brand and the features included. Some lower-end angle grinders can be found for as little as £20, while high-end models can cost upwards of £200. It’s important to consider your budget and the features you need before making a purchase.

When it comes to brands, there are several well-known names in the angle grinder market. DEWALT, Makita, Bosch, and Milwaukee are just a few examples of trusted brands that offer a range of options for different budgets. These brands are known for their quality and durability, and are often a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • DEWALT: Known for their powerful and durable tools, DEWALT offers a wide range of angle grinders with various features and price points.
  • Makita: Makita is another reputable brand in the power tool industry. They offer a variety of angle grinders with different power levels and features to suit different needs.
  • Bosch: Bosch is a trusted brand known for its quality and reliability. Their angle grinders are designed to deliver high performance and durability.
  • Milwaukee: Milwaukee is a well-known brand that offers a range of angle grinders designed for both professional and personal use. Their tools are known for their power and durability.

When choosing an angle grinder, it’s important to consider the features that are important to you and your specific needs, as well as finding a trusted brand that offers quality products within your budget.

5 Best angle grinders buying guide

Bosch Professional 1x Cutting guide with Dust Extraction Outlet (for PWS, Ø 115/125 mm, Accessories for Angle Grinders)

4 new from £31.25
10 used from £24.00
Free shipping
as of June 28, 2024 7:54 am


  • 1987947949
  • Item Weight: 0.18 g
  • Model Number: 1 987 947 949

Angle Grinder Adjustable Spanner, Universal 10-52mm Pin Key Wrench Lock-Nut Grinder Wrench with Non-Slip Plastic Coated Grip (Blue Black)

as of June 28, 2024 7:54 am


  • Material: Made from stainless steel with black oxidation treatment for longer service life.
  • Adjustable Angle: The size of rotating nut can be adjusted and adjustable distance is 10-52mm.
  • Non-slip Design: Plastic coated handle, non-slip and comfort, make your work more handy.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The cylinder is not easy to slip or break, making the sliding claw and worm gear close to each other, can be easier to loosen or tighten the worm gear with a wrench.
  • Application: It is suitable for changing the grinding wheel or grinding disc of various types of angle grinder, table grinder, bevel cutter and marble machine and circular saws.

CENPEK Set of 2pcs Angle Grinder Special Safety Cutting Bracket Attachment Angle Grinder Stand and Shield Cover Angle Grinder Accessory


  • Design: Angle mill bracket/Angle mill protective cover. Two pieces a piece, so that you can easily and safely woodworking.
  • High quality metal: made of high quality metal material, high hardness, durable.
  • Adjustable: Angle mill bracket has adjustable knob, adjustable range of 2 to 3CM, can meet different cutting needs.
  • Protection: Angle grinder conversion kit with stand and guard. Easy to use and safe to protect us from injury when working in the woodworking.
  • Easy to install: easy to install and remove. Suitable for any brand of 100mm Angle grinding machine.
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YEYIT 10Pcs Accessories for Angle Grinder Hand Drill Conversion Connecting Rod Grinder Angle Grinder Spanner Flange Nut Cutting Discs Metal Grinding Discs Grinder Tightening Devices Power Tools

as of June 28, 2024 7:54 am


  • [complete set]You will receive 1 x 6mm & 1 x 10mm angle grinder adapter (for most drills), 1 x metal Cutting Discs, 1 x polishing plate, 1 x Pin wrench x 1, 1 x cotter wrench, 2 x Inner 2 x Outer flange nut,10 pieces in total
  • [Multiple sizes] Two sizes of conversion connecting rods, triangular shank design for tighter clamping of the drill, make sure that the pressure plate is tight when working to prevent the cutting blades from flying out, do not stand next to people
  • [Easy to carry] Grinder spanner is small and lightweight, easy to carry and store, can be used to adjust a wide range of angle grinders, and is a good tightening device for grinding machines
  • [Widely used] Hand drill uses an angle grinder to convert to an angle grinder and cutter, suitable for grinding and cutting tiles, iron, wood, stone, metal polishing etc
  • [Material]Angle grinder accessories made of high quality metal, durable and not easy to damage, easy to install, convenient grinder accessories power tools

CENPEK Angle Grinder Holder Include Angle Grinder Stand and Protective Shield Cover

2 used from £6.29
Free shipping
as of June 28, 2024 7:54 am


  • Made of premium metal material, hard and durable.
  • The angle grinder stand holder features an adjustable knob, allows to meet different cutting demands.
  • The protective shield cover can protect you from hurt when on woodworking.
  • The angle grinder conversion tools kit with a stand holder and a guard cover.
  • Used for the replacement of angle grinder stand and protective shield cover.


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